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  1. Finally get to the end game of this angle?
  2. Feel like MJF should associate himself with winners and not those guys, but it's a neat idea in theory.
  3. Larry Z gets slept on too often. Zbyszko vs. Masa Saito in the Tokyo Dome from 1990 for the AWA title is one of the outta nowhere great matches. Had no expectations and they had the crowd eating that shit up by the end. Smart wrestler. I'm excited to watch his Dangerous Alliance run. He had some great TV title matches with Regal in '94 I want to say, too, right? I remember watching them after somebody here posted them and put them over strong, rightfully so.
  4. What do you mean by "was"? Buy Morphoplex now!
  5. One of the rare Dynamites where everything either met or exceeded the hype. It's usually the sneaky episodes that rock lately but this was a big one and it delivered. Great stuff and that Mox/Takeshita match smoked the Kingston match from last week. Fantastic stuff and I think I liked it damn near as much as I did the tag. Wardlow doing the cartwheel was mindboggling. He had a few moments where he looked a little awkward bumping because of the size disparity but that was really fun. Bless Chuck for cheating with a chainsaw.
  6. James Darnell, aka cmpuls3, putting all that Deadlock Patreon money to good use I see. I should check out the Yamashita/Takase match from last month.
  7. But could they do it in Chocopro Square on a Wednesday morning?
  8. Moxley/Takeshita and Wardlow/Orange two juicy matches. They've been rehabbing Cassidy lately so I'm surprised he's being thrown to the wardog without any build, but I guess that's the nature of most TNT tv bouts.
  9. I was wondering what the end goal is here. Logically, MJF will probably come through the crowd and jump somebody or steal a mic or something. But then what? How do you reintegrate him back into the fold in a way that makes sense, doesn't abandon his complaints, and would make sense from the fans' perceptions of Khan's point of view? I would hope that they'd have that stuff planned out in advance, but it's definitely a tough one. His main targets in the shoot were Tony Khan being a mark and not paying him and the influx of former WWE wrestlers. Does he target them? Why would Tony Khan the character pay him more money?
  10. Isn't this the mentality that led to Punk returning a week after leaving with the title at MitB? The whole point of the worked shoot is that they are making it seem like he's gone gone so it'll be a big shock when he returns. If they were building him up in any official way, would that not defeat the whole purpose of him being seemingly let go? There's no perfect way of doing this stuff and the risks are almost always higher than the rewards but I'd rather them show restraint and patience than to rush it or build it up in a way that doesn't make sense.
  11. Other than being handsome, nothing about Kaito's presence screams ace or star to me. He comes off like a nerd. Japanese promotions are down bad right now. Best guy outside of NJPW is a JTTS in AEW for the time being.
  12. They gotta get these prospects away from Matt Sydal. Dude is one of the worst promos ever to make it onto national TV. Stop it, please! Man peaked when he broke through the door to find his girlfriend with Syxx in WSX. Syxx left Sydal laying lmao.
  13. Sometimes I feel like you can overstate your opinion to make a point and while I don't hate quite this much, this wasn't good and a huge disappointment. I think it's safe to say that when Kingston gets to work a Japanese opponent, his pew-roh-ree-sue fandom comes out way too much and it's hideous to watch. I'm fine with the odd delayed selling but none of it was earned, none of it was even really sold that well, and it didn't make sense. It was the wrong idea to fit that much stuff into such a short match. Like others have suggested, with more time to breathe, it would help a lot but I still don't like Kingston's "Japanese" tendencies. Felt even more disappointed by the Ishii match tbh. Maybe I don't want to see Kingston vs. Akiyama after all. Edit: Kaun and Toa are wonderful.
  14. OC's used it as a falsie throughout his AEW run, just not in every match thankfully.
  15. I understand why Orange uses the punch for a finish but the deep impact DDT is such a gnarly move that people shouldn't be kicking out of it, particularly if they sell it like Nese did. edit: forgot "deep"
  16. Why are they giving Yan such tough fights? She's a good fighter but Esparza, Rodriguez, and Dern is ridiculous.
  17. Fair. Nobody buys him for a minute, so there's no real drama but his mechanics are so great and he bumps like a man with a death wish that it doesn't really matter that much. Super fun main event. Can't wait to check out Kingston and Takeshita later tonight. Those Kingston/Jericho stips are so rad.
  18. Whoa now. Hiromu is in the US at the end of the month for a NJPW of America show. Praying we get to see him with Mr. Sting, as that would be precious.
  19. Alls I know is we deserve way more of that guy dancing to the ring and doing slick llaves.
  20. The boys are back in town.
  21. Austin Gunn is such a magnificent cartoony '80s heel with his over the top bumping and feeding. If you can't find a consistent spot for a very charismatic bump machine that makes his opponents look good then get fucked. Austin Gunn is #1 on my AEW power rankings followed by Hayter and Rush. Colton could use some of his brother's charisma but he's got some real nice bounce in him. I think he may be a better face than heel long term. I've been saying it for months but Austin is Buff Bagwell 2K22. Bless him. Felt like there was some more juice in Assclaimed before the turn but I'm glad we got what we got. "What are we going to do now, father?" lives rent free in my head. I hope they don't drop the leave it to beaver promos.
  22. And Bandido while we are at it. Just give Bandido vs. Lee vs. Fenix 15 minutes. All spots no build.
  23. This broke my heart. Most shocking turns in wrestling history youtube.com
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