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  1. Don't they present themselves as pretend tough guys? The worst offense of them being presented as tough guys was probably going toe to toe with Butcher and Blade in that backstage brawl match. But B&B are JTTS, even more so back then.
  2. Sadness indeed. I loved his movies.
  3. They also dropped the Full Gear poster and it will likely change but I did not see Hangmin. Cool choice to lean into the final fantasy crossover appeal and run with airships theme. Setzer signs everywhere in Minnesota.
  4. In trying to find out more, apparently one of the racist/homophobic hecklers has been going to shows and doing shit like that for years, but it's hard to know. Wears a lucha mask. Not going on a limb to say this is obviously fucked up and terrible.
  5. I don't see those posts anymore thankfully. Holy shit how is that acceptable?
  6. I think it's very different with Cody. I don't think anybody believes Cody is a bad wrestler or completely write him off like so many do with Omega and the Bucks. It's more a frustration or disliking of how he presents himself and his seemingly tone deaf bullshit, but the more we hear and see the more likely he's been playing us. Even if that is the case, maybe people will not appreciate it and still dislike him and there are still flaws 4D chess and all. He was, as he likes to say, undeniable in that first year of AEW. He was the hottest babyface they had and praise was close to universal.
  7. Man, Joshua was an easy target getting hit with how many lead lefts throughout the fight? Incredible head movement and footwork. Beautiful fight from a man who moved up from cruiserweight against a powerful heavyweight.
  8. Compare the finish of that match to the finish of Wednesday's match.
  9. With Liverpool. I knew Luther was a good one. Big blah guy.
  10. I agree that Dave's ratings are a bit silly but wrestling wasn't very good from about 2006-2010, so I can see why there weren't that many 5 star matches during that period. Edit: but to lean back towards them being silly, he gave Kensuke vs. Nagata 4 stars. That match was damn near perfection (wrong guy went over, brother). I'd say the Danielson match probably slots in around the 10-20 range for me in Kenny's list, probably in the 15-20 range.
  11. He had me in the first half... That's some good deadpanning.
  12. First big show in a while. I'm excited for this but probably won't be able to watch it live. Main event is very intriguing and Dan Hooker & Marlon Moraes aren't even on the main card. I really hope I'm wrong about Moraes being shot but he used to be able to take a lot of damage and keep going. Looked very vulnerable and he's never been a defensive or cautious fighter. The way he goes for power shots puts himself in harm's way often.
  13. TYB. I get mesmerized by the fucking corner graphics. I'm an easy mark.
  14. It did not look like Danielson helped with that at all. Kenny just muscled him up with no effort. He's not as cut as when he won the IWGP title in 2018 but he's probably stronger. Rewatched the match this morning and while I initially thought they may have leaned a bit much on the chops early on, it absolutely makes sense with those two for two reasons imo. One, Kenny knows he cannot hang with Danielson on the mat, so while he did little flourishes here and there early, he did not want to roll with Dragon. He also knows how slippery that sum'bitch is for applying holds as we saw with numerous counters, particularly for the dragon suplexes. So lowest risk was strikes. He thinks he can outstrike the smaller man but really his bread and butter is the knee and that's a late match move. He's added those jabs that look way better than the overhand punches he used to throw, but he's still not the striker Danielson is. So Danielson relies on the kicks and his striking versatility to match and win the strike battle. Two, this match was built on ego. Who is the best in the world? Since 2005, there has not been any purer of a test in wrestling than extended chop battles. While this didn't break down into Sasaki vs. Kobashi, its essence lives on. And while there is one more violent way of showing dominance, the headbutt exchange, I'm glad they didn't lean this way too heavily. Instead, they used some headbutts as desperation moves like when Kenny knew he had taken too long to get up for the top rope dragon suplex and he needed to soften Danielson up, or in the last 10 seconds when they were trying anything to be the last man standing when the bell rang. Fucking awesome stuff. Great match is even better on a second viewing. I agree that was the best the commentary team has performed in a big match. They knew how big of a match this was for the company and for these two and it showed. So I've watched the match twice but I must've missed it both times. When does Dragon say "I've got 'till 5!" at Turner? Speaking of Turner, they must've been throwing in a lot of audibles because the ref was going back and forth communicating a lot. I know some of that is time but it looked like there were times Omega would tell him something and he'd relay it. Like early on when Omega pulls Turner into the corner opposite Danielson. I think AEW is really just starting to hit its stride, despite having some great stretches throughout (that one stretch right up until the pandemic, early return of fans shows). I don't think it's hyperbowl () to say it's going to rival '96-'97 Nitro, 2014-2018 NJPW, '97 and '00-'01 WWF, early-to-mid '90s AJPW, mid '80s Mid South, early '90s WCW, etc. in terms of enjoyment. None of those promotions were perfect during those stretches by any means. I don't get why people often say "AEW is not perfect but..." Like no shit. No promotion has ever been perfect. AJPW wasn't sustainable with its escalation of violence and relied way too heavily on its pillars, NJPW books tags and juniors like dog shit and there are some annoying nuances with its style I don't love, WWF was super top heavy, Nitro was often a mess (wild, fun, and chaotic but not always), Mid South could be plotting at times but fire other. As I was saying in the star ratings thread, I don't think AEW has peaked in its ability to churn out classic matches like NJPW, but that's not what they're going for. They want to entertain, progress stories and characters, and keep giving you a reason to tune in, throwing in sporadic massive matches like yesterday. It's sustainable, two hour shows almost always fly by, and it often feels like the right mix of chaos and control.
  15. I think many, myself included, were thinking we'd get the company's biggest number last night and they also lost out to Raw. I can see why it's disappointing but that cable stat is pretty massive and the rating itself is great.
  16. I am sure he stole this from Thurston without crediting but I couldn't find it in Brandon's tweets on the rating.
  17. I was hoping we'd get some MJF and Darby outta this. Time for The Pinnacle to get back together. Darby beating MJF would be a good time for the Wardlow turn too.
  18. When AEW folds in a few months, Khan is going to host 2 Weeks, a very bad podcast.
  19. #blessed I had to google Singh. Doping ban? He was meant for wrestling!
  20. The first time I saw Danielson live was at a small school gym at an ECCW show in the Vancouver suburbs. This was during his cape heel phase but about half the audience in attendance was there for him and we cheered and applauded as loud as we could. That same smile breaking through his "tough" exterior shone there as it did last night. Guy just loves pro wrestling and it's so pure. Love him to bits and it's still surreal for my two favourites to be locking up in front of 20k on national TV in a real alternative. Pro wrestling is great and a huge escape from the hell hole we are in.
  21. Nice "subtle" dig ya dink! but I agree. Cody is working us marks like we are not used to being worked and it is definitely not the same as Cena.
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