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  1. I think for a company that sort of runs on what would it look like if PWG had national TV and money to an extent, I'm more impressed with how fun and logical almost everything is about the shows than I am how many classics and snowflakes they get. I thought they'd have more high end matches at this point to be honest, but because they're predominantly a tv company, they book for sustainability over anything else and it works 100%. It's anti NJPW in some ways. Guys don't go out trying to have the best match constantly. Instead many matches serve a purpose beyond that and I didn't think the company would be like that. It's smart. So even on shows like last week's dynamite where none of the matches were great imo, everything clicked and it was a tremendous two hours of wrestling. The sum is greater than the parts often with AEW tv. The company is fantastic at giving us just the right amount of stuff that they always leave the audience wanting more but we feel like they've given us quite a bit and we can see there's more to come. Omega/Danielson a perfect example. What they gave us ruled, but we know there's more to come and when that comes there's Hangman chilling. It's anti WWE too. Things feel special constantly because they don't throw away big matches and rarely do I feel it hurts the show. There was that one dynamite about a month ago that sucked real bad but that's incredibly rare.
  2. Good call on the Rocky ending. Omega did tweet "there ain't gonna be a rematch" so you nailed that and I missed that reference as I haven't watched Rocky in over a decade. I don't recall the LED ramp at all. I like the shorter ramp tbh and wouldn't mind them keeping it around full time. Edit: beaten to it by seconds.
  3. Yeah, I still think the Bucks vs. Omega and Hangman is the company's best match but as far as singles goes, it's this or Cody/Dustin.
  4. It was surreal to see those two in the ring together for an actual match. Then you had a rabid audience and Danielson couldn't stop smiling. I love pro wrestling. I'd have to watch the Rhodes brothers singles match to see if this is better but it's 1A and 1B in my books. That was a more emotional story-driven match, this was different, as it should be. I think the emotional weight will come in sequels, with more stakes, and earned emotional weight.
  5. As people were going goo goo gaga on twitter, Omega only goes for the Phoenix Splash when he feels at risk emotionally. It's his safety blanket and yet he never hits it hah. Love that shit. Full credit to the crowd, Arthur Ashe Stadium, and the set-up from the AEW crew. The audio mix was perfect. John Silver and many others in the building saying it was the loudest crowd they ever heard.
  6. Cody is a great pro wrestler and he's going to harness the fact he's incredibly frustrating in a good way I think. I'm excited to see where this goes. Hopefully Cody standing tall, triumphant, and showered in boos, lol.
  7. God damn it, I love this company. Omega and Danielson are my favourite active wrestlers and I think they're the two best since the '90s. This was NJPW Omega and a true return of the American Dragon. They gave us so much, where I feel pretty confident in saying that was the best singles match in company history, yet at the same time it struck me as a sneak peek of what is to come. I need an hour match on a named TV show before Hangman beats Omega. They could go 2 out of 3, iron man, no time limit. It doesn't matter. Two masters still in their prime (yet beat up, particularly Omega right now) that have fantastic chemistry. If I had one major complaint about AEW's generic style it's that it leans a bit indie/American for my likings. If we get more matches with this intensity, or that of Miro/Darby, that's the sweet spot imo. If you're only working 2-4 times a month you can afford to go a li'l harder. I don't want NJPW in America but I'd love if they skewed towards this intensity more regularly. Cody is the most extra wrestler on the planet and Levels of Cody is the perfect breakdown for it. Thanks for that. I couldn't fucking believe Brandi no sold Black, but I guess I should know better. At least Black won. Cody should never beat him. Black has the look, presence, entrance, he's a great talker, and unique in the ring. He's going to be as big of a star as they want him to be. Can't wait for Black vs Danielson and Punk. Surprised Stanger won. I blame FTR's sartorial decision. You trying to throw the man off his game by wearing the colours of a faction whose asses he kicked for two years? Main event was good fun but a bit disjointed. Not sure if Ruby gassed but I can't imagine the nerves and how draining that must be. Adrenaline (in my soul) is a motherfucker.
  8. Cody is going over so fresh and so clean. Just go in with that mindset and it won't hurt so badly.
  9. Light the fuse, bring the boom. Sight lines at Arthur Ashe are hard to beat.
  10. Don't non-title AEW matches have a time limit of 20 minutes?
  11. Tommy End or whatever he's going to be called. All we know is that this isn't the same man whom Excalibur wrestled in Dusseldorf.
  12. Re: TSN. It's fucking ridiculous. Its been almost two months and it doesn't seem like it's happening. Yeah they got the CFL on most of their channels at that time but one channel was playing PFL and another random archival bullshit. Dynamite does at worst decent numbers and should be gaining viewers with the roster additions. Why wouldn't they want another show that will bring viewers? And at what point do Turner executives think about moving Rampage out of such a death slot?
  13. His name is Black and his non existent faction is House of Black and he is the devil. Should he wear Tommy Bahama or a dollar store devil costume?
  14. I actually think he's being too transparent about his shtick and it will defuse a lot of the hate. But not in a good way rather it'll create apathy.
  15. In what world is Lamar Odom cleared for a boxing fight? Darkest timeline. All 15 people who order that need help. Meanwhile you got Canelo weaving his head outta the way and firing back with a counter (was it a slap?) at the press conference yesterday. Now that's awesome.
  16. Omega/Danielson has to go the time limit, right?
  17. Gaea's youtube channel is a godsend. Cool match, thanks for posting! That shove off the ladder KAORU takes at the end, yikes.
  18. Wardlow's world reminds me of one thing and one thing only: I'm not right.
  19. Was this latter day Kawada? I have a hard time thinking of bad Kawada matches but I haven't seen a tonne of late '90s AJPW beyond the bigger stuff. Did watch quite a bit of post split Dangerous K and he was pretty spectacular for the first 4-5 years at least.
  20. Kayla Rossi is going to be special and that moonsault stomp onto the chair was spectacular. God damn, man. Match was really fun but Janela did way too much at the end for a guy that's losing. Sure, it's a blood feud but how you gonna do a Spanish fly and two piledrivers when brother has to kick out? Come on. Rest of the match was really good and definitely agree with the consensus of this being Sonny's best match in AEW. Janela's too. Kingston gonna get choked out by Wight if he doesn't dial it back, lol. Paul and Tony are giving him all the room in the world but even Eddie's gotta know he's pushing it. edit: Yeah, I laughed at Excalibur burying babyface Brian Cage. Guy is not well liked it would seem. Oh well. Back to Impact or sign with ROH after he finishes up this run.
  21. "Crowd is here, about to blow Waitin' for me to start the show Out the curtain, lights go up I'm home"
  22. Let's go Portland! Do it up! He can take a private jet to LA on off days.
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