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  1. HOOK now has Road Warrior no sell powers.
  2. I saw mention of a NYE fight for Tenshin and wasn't sure what was going on. Lol.
  3. Tenshin vs. Takeru set for June in a neutral ring. Tenshin was set to retire from kickboxing in April but this will instead be his last fight, allegedly.
  4. I imagine the opening segment is most often the highest viewed, right? If they're back to the west coast delay on tbs I guess we should see the show doing a million more often again. Rampage spoiler: My cat puked and woke me up so here's a random thought baked on 5 hours of sleep: catching up on Rampage from last week and it occurred to me that when Team Taz inevitably has to go babyface because of HOOK and if you wanted to keep Starks heel, he'd work well with Scorpio and Ethan Page. Sharp dressed men by ZZ Top would have to be their theme. Been too long since somebody used that as a wrestling theme. They probably shouldn't do the Team No Respect shuffle even though it is awesome. Starks is so cool that he'd be a great babyface though.
  5. Word was Omega was set for multiple surgeries, with some thinking possible double shoulder surgery. Guy's list of ailments was ridiculous and there's little doubt that he wasn't feeding Meltzer that info directly. February seems like a stupid fast turnaround and I'd rather he heal up than come back too soon, but that was the estimate Meltzer threw out there in November. They'd probably have a rough timeline of his return and while it does seem like it's being set-up for his return I dunno. Those Sting quotes warm my heart. I remember his HOF speech ending with him hinting at more and then just disappearing. This has been a storybook run so far.
  6. Rizin NYE show has some good stuff on it. Semi-finals and finals of the bantamweight GP, plus Souza defends his lightweight title, and Rena in action. Not nearly as exciting as the usual due to talent leaving and the difficulties in bringing over foreign talent, but I'll give it a go.
  7. It's the straps adjustment that really accentuates his muscle titties. edit: shouts out to Powerbomb Symphony as a finish name. Fantastic stuff and my body is very ready for his inevitable face turn. We gotta be close, right? Is Punk beating MJF and the tantrum that ensues the breaking point?
  8. Is the west coast live or delayed on TBS come January, or do we not know yet?
  9. I'd love to see Bret as one of the judges. It's been too long since he debuted the AEW world title belt. Bring him back.
  10. Oh man, that Silva/Pereira fight is going to be violent. The top reply to the Pulev/JDS tweet sums it up. Sad.
  11. It's interesting Orange went from the most organically over act in the company in front of live audiences to Jericho leeching/"putting him over" and then transitioned into a seemingly half year program with Matt Hardy, whose character is a leech but is generally far more giving than Jericho, in which Hardy won with shenanigans and they just kinda moved on even after OC said it wasn't finished (I suppose they could do the AEW thing where they rekindle an old rivalry sometime next year and that would be fine). I really enjoy Hardy's act but that was too long and the wrong guy went over in the end. There were a few weeks where they needed to give Kenny a credible challenger on PPV and the triple threat ruled but it's a little disappointing to see where they've gone with Cassidy. Not sure what his ceiling is but he feels like he hasn't reached it yet, though maybe it's lowered after this, imo, fumbling. Doesn't feel like Cole is losing anytime soon and more like he's being saved for Hangmin, so probably another loss with interference for OC. Hope I'm wrong because Cole has been so impressive in AEW so far that I think he could easily be heated back up for a title challenge, though he and the Bucks lost their last program too. I'm interested to see where they go here, tho a bit concerned too. Sure, Orange is and will still be over with a loss here of course but it does feel like they are missing something with him. Does anybody think Rose wins? Even if they don't have Jade make the final, Rosa vs. Ruby is a way more intriguing match than Rosa vs. Rose (though it did deliver big time in the tournament earlier this year). Malakai vs. Griff feels like it will be angle heavy. They teased a breakup of the Blond(e)s and Brody King joining House of Black. There's also Julia. Pillman is a better heel going off that bit of MLW where he was with Teddy (who is currently not in jail according to the twitter account), but overall has not been able to live up to the hype yet. Griff has gotten far less time to shine but usually does well when given brief time in the spotlight. I hope he does well here. Six-man tag is going to be breezy and really fun. Dream team should win.
  12. Every time I watch a Khalidov fight I have his walkout music living in my head rent free for days after. Da da da daaaa. Pour one out for the legend.
  13. We aren't ever seeing the end of this pandemic.
  14. Parnasse regains his lightweight title largely on his striking but he did well to survive a standing guillotine attempt in the middle of the fight and even controlled quite a bit of the fight on the ground. Good performance. Soldic hit Khalidov with such a nice judo throw in the first round I could hear Taz call it the "El Camino, bro." Soldic looked to be too fast and strong for Khalidov. He also kicked Khalidov in the dick. Vicious knockout after Khalidov started to recklessly come forward after finding some success with the lead right. Kept throwing it over and over even after Soldic clipped him. Soldic, with his back on the fence, bounced off and threw everything he had into a left hook haymaker while Khalidov leaned into it. Extremely brutal hammer fists to the unconscious vet. Yikes. Soldic is horrifying, man. I still think he could do some serious damage in the UFC. While he's traditionally fought at welterweight in KSW, he moved up to middleweight and looked bigger than Khalidov by quite a bit. Middleweight is pretty bereft of legitimate challengers. I could see him being at #3 or #4 in terms of skill in that division. Only guys I think are legitimately better than him right now are Adesanya and Whittaker. He's got a 72" reach, same as Costa even though Paulo is a couple inches taller, so I don't think size should be a big deal for him. Think it's time for him to make the jump now. He's 26, so he's in his athletic prime, he's still getting better as a fighter, but he's a physical freak and his power is horrifying. Edit: Video evidence better vid The sound of that left hook. Caposa saying Khalidov hadn't been knocked out since his first fight. He's fought 44 times since then.
  15. How many bad calls can this one referee make? Holy shit.
  16. Meerschaert looked done until that choke. Par for the course but good for him. Great year and a wonderful birthday present.
  17. Bret should've followed that advice because he and Perfect had notorious goofy, puffed out frizzy hair halfway through their matches. Hangman has that too. I have long hair and same thing happens to mine. I've started using leave-in conditioner after showers and it does really keep your hair wet for a long time. I imagine Roman Reigns uses half a bottle before his matches.
  18. If the ratings are any indicator, it doesn't seem like there are too many people who have really stayed on board after the initial increase from Punk and Danielson. I wonder if some regular viewers from the first two years stopped watching for some reason. I know we aren't supposed to care about ratings but I find it super odd that they're low even after adding two legitimate stars. They did something like ~30k more viewers for this year's Winter is Coming compared to last year's and apparently the demographic swayed older than usual. What's going on?
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