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  1. The latest update from Fightful:
  2. Dude has had two of the best matches of the past 10 years against Danielson and Styles. I'm for it. He could beat the absolute dog piss outta Darby all day every week.
  3. Meltzer gave Darby and King 3.5 stars the same week he gave El-P and Ospreay, Cobb and Okada both 4.5 and Muto/Kiyomiya 4.25.
  4. Having little to no plan for people after they drop titles has certainly been a pattern with few exceptions.
  5. He wanted to make Jericho submit again. Then the shenanigans happened. I had little problem with the layout of the match, but the execution of the post-match stuff was bad obviously.
  6. If they are looking for maximum heat for somebody like MJF, it's cheating his ass off to beat Kingston and end his one shot at the top. I can see it now.
  7. lol, he's been using his wife and daughter for about a year now. I also wouldn't use my child's health to get babyface pops but that's just me. Then again, I'm a bitch, I'm the bitch, I'm a bitch.
  8. Are we just talking form in the last few months? If so, then probably yeah, but he's been given a tonne of opportunities to hit it out of the park. He's hit almost all of them.
  9. That's big for crossplay between PC and Xbox. Mic quality is infinitely better on discord than the Xbox app.
  10. Talk about a guy that did not get his. At least we will always have that Lucha Underground death match with Strickland.
  11. Dax is so cringe to me. My friend was watching live and I was about 30 minutes behind. He said you'll never guess what Dax talked about. "His wife and daughter, being the best team ever, and love of this business?" "Pretty much." So corny. Hard pass. I get that it's obviously working but it's not for me. I'm really down on them with the over the top praise they get.
  12. It was Minoru Suzuki who said this iirc. It was in the G1. Basically, he said it makes him stand out instead of being good at everything and relying on that instead of having personality, which Moxley has in spades. He's not wrong. Mechanically, Moxley is really loose and sloppy in a lot of his execution. Most of his stuff doesn't look good at all. I couldn't even look at his Danielson stomps to the head last night. But he's had a handful of excellent matches in just the last few months, is their most over guy after Punk, and has tonnes of momentum so it's working. Suzuki is astute.
  13. What? Why? Does Eddie Kingston rely on athleticism at all? Has he slowed down in any way lately? If anything he is working much better than he did when he was younger, not to mention he's lost a lot of weight freeing up pressure on his joints. Kingston can talk people into the building and buying PPVs for the next 10 years. He's wrestling somebody that is doing that very thing right now. That's his strength. He also wrestles a style like another 50 year old in Minoru Suzuki that doesn't rely on agility at all. Unless he starts to fall apart at the seams, why can't Kingston keep doing his thing for as long as he wants to? The Man loves Terry Funk and other legends that kept wrestling into their 60s. I don't see why a guy like Kingston can't be a top guy for the next 10 years. He should probably be a transitional, feel good champ in the next year though. That's a different story. But even the delayed gratification is part of his story. With his character you should feel a little anxious. I'm not worried about Darby one bit. I think it'll be hard to make him your Guy with the allegations looming over his head and they never addressed them in a meaningful way, not that it's something you say sorry for and move on like nothing happened. He's been TNT champ in a company where winning any belt is a huge accomplishment (well before the last 8 months) and is consistently featured. Brody King needed to win tonight a helluva lot more than Darby. Darby is, after guys like Omega and Danielson, their best and most consistent wrestler, is still over with the fans, and can be elevated at a moment's notice. Brody King won a battle royal outta nowhere, lost a pretty underwhelming title match that the crowd was pretty flat for, and needed to bounce back in a big way. These kinds of wins establish those lost in the shuffle tier guys and make them credible whenever they get their next moment to shine or put somebody over. It certainly seems like we are headed towards a Sting, Darby, Miro vs. House of Black tag which the former will likely win. Kyle O'Reilly is incredibly talented and beating Darby was a clear sign of commitment to him and gave him legitimacy. Both losses counted for something and helped. I get that the Owen was a thank you to Adam Cole, but I think Kyle is the most Owen like guy on the roster and should've won. Would've done him a lot more good than the overexposed Cole. I think there are a tonne of issues with AEW's booking this year but neither Kingston or Darby's booking are among them. They'll both be fine long term and are still moving in the right direction. Don't know how long Sting will be around for and his pairing up with Darby has worked better than I think anybody could've imagined. There's a bit of a logjam in the tag division but I wouldn't be against Darby and Sting winning the tag titles before Sting retires.
  14. I haven't watched the main event but it looks like it went well. Show started with two excellent matches, with Darby vs. Brody being a fringe motyc. Don't think there's anybody who's pulled off better David vs. Goliath matches more consistently than Darby. Top top stuff. Loves the tag match that followed but did not love Wheeler kicking out of back to back piledrivers. Everything else was wonderful sans the producer missing Wheeler slapping I think Trent. They gotta chill on camera cuts. They've been just a step away from Dunne status for a long time. It sucks. Show fell off a cliff after that sadly. That Swerve in our Glory segment was forever and awful. The heaven and hell quality of the show reminded me of year 1 dynamite. They need to get back to year 2 consistency and logical booking.
  15. hahahaha, I ain't going to predict shit anymore after how badly Yan got schooled by Aljo last time but man. hahaha.
  16. God damn. AEW will make a lot of money over the next 15+ years with Garcia and HOOK. Yuta is very good and still improving but he doesn't have That Presence that Garcia and HOOK have. Maybe one day but not yet. That was a great hard sell.
  17. FMW really was the best to ever do it. Just watched a fun Onita/Pogo exploding deathmatch from outside and it looked like it was in an amusement park. That Kingston/Jericho shark week ad is the best promotional material AEW has created to date. Easy.
  18. Are they going to do hella angles to fill up time for the rope to barbed wire switch before the main event? I could see Yuta showing no remorse for Chuck, though I do look forward to Taylor trying to go Leatherface on Moxley and the first exchanges between Yuta and Trent. OR... Does Chuck go big dog style?:
  19. I am a teacher and have the summer off. I spent the afternoon and evening playing the game.
  20. Stray is GOATed. I love that cat so dang much and same with B-12. It's more an experience than a challenge. The mechanics of controlling the cat and the verticality are excellent. The cat, robits, and world have so much character and charm yet they avoid creeping into overwrought sentimentality thankfully, something most media fails to do. Maybe I'm meticulous, maybe I'm just slow, but it took me well over five hours. I don't know how you'd pull off the 2 hour speed run. Maybe one day but it's not a game I want to jump back into right away. Regardless, even if I never play it again (which I don't think will happen), I would've got my money's worth even if it were a full priced game. Love it to bits. A couple of issues, one of which isn't as bad as I thought: 1) The fixation on cyberpunk = dystopian future + technology + Orientalism has gotta stop. Lots of articles written up on the subject and this game is guilty of it big time. 2) For a game that has clear, in-the-open anti-capitalist sentiments, I did laugh when I saw it was published by a company headed by Megan Ellison, daughter of 10th richest person on the planet and who practically owns one of Hawaii's islands. I originally thought it was developed by Ellison's studio, but they only published it.
  21. Would Tony Schiavone spontaneously combust if he couldn't use "buddy" while commentating? Feel like he's coasting a little bit too much the last few months but he's still pleasant to have around.
  22. A timely article on AEW's roster size looking at both the strengths and weaknesses.
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