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  1. The bright side of Punk leaving would be it opens up a gigantic hole for guys like Miro and company.
  2. Brutal, massive L if Punk is fired or quits. How do you even run a show in Chicago after that? How is it unclear who started the fight? In what world can you publicly say the things Punk said and there not be some confrontation?
  3. Tuchel seems to start off well and then burn bridges.
  4. I mean MJF and Caster will likely say something. Cranky Jericho and Mox may make a comment about it as well having to come in on their week off.
  5. Nah I don't think that should happen.
  6. What is the end game with Sting and Darby? They keep winning.
  7. A friend told me that story from Cody's appearance on jericho's show and I couldn't believe it. Who comes out and calls themself the locker room leader?! Did he get a little tin star to put on his chest too? Lmao. Booker's reaction was perfect.
  8. Swerve had a performance of a lifetime in that match. He drove the drama before the match and turned up the heat during. The slip off the second rope felt organic but if the point of the match was to make Bowens a super sympathetic face in peril, it had to have been planned, right? Omg is it a wherk or a shoot?! SRS save me!
  9. It's really not hard to see Punk's arrival either directly or indirectly leading to Cabana leaving the promotion. You really don't need leaks to put 2 and 2 together there. Pretty sure everybody here was thinking it could be a possibility. Think it was the Bucks that got him the ROH gig after the fact.
  10. Yeah but even when you do pull the trigger it often doesn't work. That was one crowd that was super into them. Who knows how other cities feel? Seemed like magic and if he's running back a rematch I imagine the Acclaimed are going to win.
  11. How do you not take any action after you suspended Kingston for pie facing Guevara recently? Yeah, you got to fill Arthur Ashe but that would be brutal. Punk already showed zero respect for his employer for putting him in an incredibly awkward situation. If Khan asks him to move on, you think worked up Punk listens? If Khan shuts the scrum down you don't think Punk would just keep ranting off stream to the journalists? Sapp, Meltzer, and Alvarez have all denied Elite guys leaking the Cabana rumours to them specifically and I believe Sapp was the one that broke that story. Maybe they were the ones that threw it out there among talent but they didn't leak it to those three.
  12. Latest from Fightful. More we hear, the likelier it sounds to me that Punk is done. Re: Fish, he filmed himself giving groceries to a homeless person to put himself over. That is scumbag material and a huge red flag so nothing surprised me after that.
  13. There is zero chance Steel doesn't get punished, so I guess this all leads to nothing but Punk fucking off. Lmao, great.
  14. Fightful sharing what WWE talent have to say. Interesting stuff and less the Nelson Muntz response I was expecting: So they are saying they've heard (presumably from friends in aew) that it is not a work. They're right for calling out Khan for not stepping in but I get the feeling he doesn't want to offend Punk-sama and risk things getting awkward in the public eye. 100% agree with the last statement too. This could be something that brings AEW to the next level I was just saying was likely impossible.
  15. If I'm Khan, I'm immediately pivoting to Punk and company vs. The Elite. They gotta do whatever they're doing w MJF ASAP before this dies down. Grand Slam is the 21st. That feels like an eternity, which is why these worked shoots or harnessing shoots into works is tough with twitter. It'll be old news by then.
  16. You're going to talk that good shit and not expect to get hit?
  17. Have you seen Ace Steel's eyes? He's got the eyes of a man who will bite you no regrets.
  18. Danielson has a history of those disappointing matches on shows that are too long. I remember a really boring Styles match at the outdoor rumble that also had a great Asuka and Lynch match. He should know to shave time off his matches in those situations. Maybe jericho would overrule him but it didn't happen with Moxley or Styles either.
  19. Way too long and not the type of match the show needed at that point. I thought it sucked. No Garcia resolution either. Hard fucking pass. Danielson is 1 for 3 on ppvs this year, as I thought the Moxley match was much the same as last night. Edit: I will say that it is king sized of Danielson to eat a loss so Garcia can go on and be the one to beat Jericho.
  20. Re: the elite being nu kliq... they're the good guys this time. Fight me if u disagree. What is Omega's contract status? Isn't he a free agent in January? And the Bucks re-upped last year long term. I am sure he'd like to stay with them but I could see him peacing out if this gets worse before it gets better. I watch where he goes. I'd still watch aew but certainly not like I do now if Omega is elsewhere.
  21. I am working on getting my pc up and running again tomorrow, so I sincerely apologize for the url instead of embedded tweeet but I reckon at least one person around here will appreciate the prophecy of Brother Cody. https://twitter.com/slate_s42/status/1566809486538448896?t=RH1ZZDCPU7qJOg_Ls-KAYQ&s=19
  22. Not sure how you carry forward with CM Punk as a babyface after that. We will never have to hear another awe shucks, do you still love me promo. If he does embrace being a heel, though, it would actually be funny if he still did the pandering but to massive boos this time.
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