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  1. Yeah but we know it's not going to be Rosa because she's occupied with Martinez now and likely to be the one to dethrone Britt, which doesn't feel like it's happening anytime soon.
  2. Great idea except this was the biggest babyface move of Sid's career and he didn't go far enough.
  3. I get that we just got an incredible world title match for free on Wednesday but maybe don't do this: if tonight's card is what we ended up with. Also, Jim Ross came back fired up and last two shows he's been very subdued. I can only begin to imagine how difficult his battle has been and that would explain it but I don't think I've ever heard him more sedated than tonight.
  4. So if they're pulling the trigger on Wardlow fucking up MJF soon, no way they do the same story with Hayter at the same time. But Hayter is the only credible and immediate challenge to the title that Britt hasn't beaten and they're building obvious tension despite how tonight ended. Britt has kinda cleared out the division of interesting challengers minus Jamie.
  5. Riho is great. One of Britt's better matches to date. Missed the opener but Starks and Sydal was what you'd expect. Good but forgettable.
  6. Yeah, I really hope the next show is 2 hours and more clash-like. Like a named Dynamite basically. This feels pretty random now other than Riho and Britt.
  7. If we give back The Last Battle of Atlanta can we get footage of this? Vince and Biff doing shirtless pushups in Vince's office with the t-rex skull on the wall and ACDC blasting.
  8. Why you guys gotta be weird?
  9. There's not a tonne between them but I think I like the Riho match a bit more than the Shida matches. Deeb really stretches and lays into Riho and because of her size and selling it looks devastating. Hot crowd too and cool visual with the setting sun in Daily's Place.
  10. The Atlas move was like the cleanest Orange Crush ever.
  11. I will forget everything from this show in about 40 minutes minus HOOK murdering QT and a real bummer of a replacement match. Dustin is a legend but your quarterly special feels like a mid tier Rampage now. Clash this ain't. Having 100 people on the roster and a lot of rods in the fire should lead to something more meaningful than this as a replacement.
  12. Do you know how many cats there are in America, Frank?
  13. I would be down for a bull fight hoss division with a 5 or 10 minute time limit.
  14. Didn't the ratings start to drop when they went live on the west coast and it has been an uphill battle to hit 1 million since?
  15. The rating should be better than what we have seen lately because the west coast is no longer live.
  16. What's up with that by the way? There was some cheering on the new year's eve RIZIN mma show and then I was watching some K1 on YouTube and the crowd is going wild during the main event of the December show.
  17. Slight Rampage spoiler but more bad news on the injury front:
  18. And how Danielson had less energy. Excalibur or Tony did a great job highlighting how he didn't have the energy to skin the cat when he did it near the end of the time limit draw. One thing I would've liked was a bit more selling from Danielson after the deadeye on the floor. Felt he got the upper hand way too quickly after that.
  19. To avoid being an overly negative prick, the stuff with Jade's daughter was very nice indeed. The headbutts were such a great touch. They all looked vicious, they played up Danielson's history of stupid headbutt shit and his brain trauma, they were on the night after Shibata's first full return to pro wrestling, and most importantly they were all worked. Better still, they fit the narrative of two hard headed sons of bitches trying to outdo each other in a good old fashioned, no-nonsense wrestling storyline.
  20. I don't think they'd have the entire tag division ready to go out to the ramp had the titles not changed hands plus it seemed like nobody fuckin' knew what was going on with Fenix until later on. Maybe that ending was improvised but I don't think the outcome was. I'm not seeing it with Ruby. She's fine but not particularly good in the ring. Jade's not an easy assignment but I haven't seen a performance from Soho that has really won me over at all so far.
  21. Which is unfortunate, because their last (first) match that they showed clips of with Giannis freaking out was the absolute kind of spotfest you'd want out of these two teams. Ugh. What a bummer but the most important part is Fenix's arm. Can't believe that nobody noticed even after he was dramatically pointing at his left arm. Two replays and it took the doctor a while to get over there. I have no idea how this works but I would imagine his arm popping out at the elbow is better than an actual break, right? Edit: The Christian stuff can wait. I'm glad they didn't paint Jungle Boy as a loser again. He needed the win and the titles needed to change hands. Maybe we get a more subtle updated version of him hogging the glory like he did with Edge's King of the Ring Stanley Cup.
  22. First and foremost, excellent title match. Hangmin was determined not to wrestle the same match and came out guns a blazing. Really smart stuff. That said, this show drove off a cliff after that. The MJF and Punk back and forth was probably the best they've had because it didn't overstay its welcome and I'll take a Wardlow squash every day of the week. Everything else was a pretty big miss. Fenix's arm and before that the match being another Lucha Bros mess of a match. Jade isn't ready and is overexposed. Not her fault at all and I understand wanting to feature her prominently but 90% of what she does is unnatural. Like the knee selling is cringe inducing. Jericho is at his absolute worst right now and I need Kingston to shut him the fuck up. Lights go off in the main for no reason. What was that ending in the Pillman match? Hart sporting a different demeanor but no real progression in the narrative. This show pissed me off too much for one featuring a classic world title match and a Wardlow squash.
  23. Triple H has no allies left in WWE other than Michaels (*spit*) and Stephanie, right? That man is being frozen out. I want to see Cody vs. Triple H co-headlining with Danielson vs. Punk for the title at Wrigley lol. Let's go. Do a Wrestling with Shadows or 24/7 on bringing it together. "You see, I think it makes sense for me to get the win first, then I'll return the favour later." *Lionel Hutz escapes into retirement after squashing Cody*.
  24. Danielson has all the options in the world for a UWF stable: Hideki Suzuki Tim Thatcher Jonathan Gresham Li'l Danny Garcia Lee Moriarty Among many others. If you'd like to have Regal be their Tully, that would be swell too.
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