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  1. Rhodes to the Top renewed for multiple seasons?!
  2. So long as it's not Ospreay I will be fine. I do not foresee NJPW giving one of their top guys the okay to be in another promotion's dangerous match, so I'm not too worried.
  3. Did Anthony Henry get better in NXT or did I always just watch him on the nights where he'd do indie epics rushing through moves with no presence prior to that developmental stint? Was a very good match.
  4. She took the advice to heart.
  5. I forgot Deadlock calls Cody's Kudome Valentine the "cop caller." Money.
  6. She got hooked up with a job and is going to produce her shows. So for now it doesn't seem very likely. Hopefully one day they can bring her over. She's fantastic.
  7. Heels and faces are so passé in 2021.
  8. I will go back and watch from start to finish but from what I saw taping Rampage after Dynamite sucks. Crowd sat on their hands for Nick and Danielson. They gotta get Dark and Rampage on their own night ASAP. I get that they save a shit tonne of money this way but it really dampens my enthusiasm for the show.
  9. Well, if he gives his employees actual employee status then we can talk.
  10. Almost assuredly. AEW's format is leaning into their opener being their true main event and it makes a lot of sense. Fans can't sustain the intensity they bring to big matches early on so just get to the good shit right away. This is true even more so when they do Dynamite & Rampage tapings. Better to get to the big match ASAP before the crowd loses its steam 3-4 hours in.
  11. We got the shuffle at least. I really enjoyed it but it did make Onita come off way better than he should have.
  12. Interesting. Oh yeah new month! Next time.
  13. Would sooner go to a show for Rina than Moxley tbh. How often is she going to tour America?
  14. And you can watch for free. Three trial months until January. Hell yeah. I thought the old universe had most if not all of their backlog up? Searching for Generico he's only got 4 matches.
  15. Thank you. Haven't watched Dark Side yet but apparently Kudo wasn't even mentioned by name ("women talent") last night?
  16. He's had plenty of dull misses of promos in AEW though. This was his first home run in a long time.
  17. Still thinking about Arn and his glock. Like, he made us all move on from him slipping and looking like an old man last week real fucking quick. "I'm Arn Anderson and all that that implies," is such a great follow up too.
  18. The thing with AEW is they mostly book like a traditional American promotion but the firmly established hierarchy is almost AJPW-esque. So when Darby finally beat Cody after losing to top guys over and over it felt like a big deal and even then it was him catching Cody with a flash pinfall because Cody was a complacent champion. It was far from decisive. MJF beating Jericho a bunch is probably the biggest wins any of those four had gotten up until last night. So, you don't get many upsets in AEW and while it makes things a bit predictable there is usually some excitement in seeing the underdogs progress and how close they can get. Jungle Boy was about as close as you can get last night with Cole. He's not far away and yeah he needs a win. I thought he was the guy to beat Miro but they went with Sammy, which is interesting. Sammy's been stuck in the IC/Pinnacle feud as a tertiary figure. He beat Spears in a great match not long ago but hasn't been up to much. I could see MJF being the one to skip the TNT or tag title and win the world belt. I thought he'd be the guy to beat Hangman but now I don't think so. Miro is such a fire act right now, I'd lean his way. They could also throw us a curveball and pivot away from Hangman at this stage. They may have listed four pillars but they've got so many guys who could overcome any of those four in short order. Starks and Hobbs are the most obvious candidates, though Hobbs is 30. Dante is just scratching the surface. Moriarty and Garcia. There are older guys who could really become players too. Once Lucha Bros drop the titles, I'd like to see them go separate ways. Evil Pentagon and tecnico Fenix. Wardlow is 33. There are older fringe main eventers they could put steam behind and be massive deals like Andrade and Pac. Miro is da God of this shit. Hangman is coming back. I'd love for Bray, Steen, and Zayn to join the fray too over the next 4-5 months but if they don't AEW will be just fine. Better yet, Hook hasn't even wrestled a match.
  19. Confirmed confirmed. Beat makes me think I'm about to hear "oh my God, Becky. Look at her butt!"
  20. Maybe. I know they post quite a few unreleased themes too. Would be interesting if they leaned that heavily into their homage gimmick.
  21. Okay, so Arn rejects Cody's literal interpretation of last night's promo and Cody is left asking why not me like Will in Fresh Prince, giving Cody his Emmy nomination.
  22. You guys are overthinking this. Now, my real concern is Cody shooting Malakai to win back Arn and then Malakai turns into a demon. Lucha Underground would have done it.
  23. Hilarious manifestation of a t shirt. I feel like Arn's promo was the boomer face version of the Lambert shtick.
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