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  1. MJF wants more money. I don't think he has a problem with his push. But, yeah, MJF should be the one to beat Punk based on their history but they have so many world class athletes that it's not a big deal if MJF isn't the one. As others have stated, if you're going for MJF getting nuclear heat, he needs to cheat his ass off or fuck over Kingston in some way for the title. 

    As for big money matches, I still feel like it's Punk vs. Danielson and you could do a stadium, though you may need some help filling it up with NJPW or something. Ibushi vs. Omega. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Dog said:

    Has Brody King always been this good? He took that super yoshi tonic like he's done it a thousand times before.

    No, he was definitely not this good. I am so glad he learned or somebody told him to cut the cutesy agility spots out of his repertoire. Also, Darby can make damn near any big man look great so I am gonna hold off on massive praise on king until he starts doing well with people other than Allin. I didn't like the Mox match but he's still come a long long way from one of the worst matches I've seen in PWG (bola vs PCO). 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    I was expecting it to be Danielson so when Punk’s music hit my jaw totally dropped and I marked hard. Good lord that pop was deafening. And then the stare down. PPV sold on that image alone.

    Really neat fake out by announcing Danielson is in the building and he was the obvious choice to make the super save after the first round of cavalry was taken out. 

    Saw a tweet saying Jericho is having one of his best years and whole I think the character stuff hasn't been that great he has had four of his best matches of his career in 2022. That was an incredible turning back of the clock. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, christopher.annino said:

    That ending was visually incredible, though, with the chain and Brody's selling/body language/perfect drop and spin into the coffin which slammed shut on it's own. Like, you could do take after take of that and never have it look as fucking GREAT as it did 

    Definitely a strong finish but man it felt like the timing on all the sting and Malakai stuff was way off. Took me out for a minute, which is disappointing because Stinger always adds to matches. 

  5. Holy fucking shit that post match angle was FANTASTIC. Octopus got his money's worth on that pop alone. Ross sounded sincerely enthusiastic for the first time I can remember in ages. Awesome opener and main event. Tornado was a bit sloppy but fun and effective. Thought most everything in the middle was a massive drop off and just stunk. That happens too often lately, hot opener, boring middle section, good main event. 

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  6. Pretty much the perfect match. The psychology and selling is off the charts. I like one of the Sting/Vader matches and '91 WarGames on that level too but we're just talking Steamboat. '92 WarGames with Steamboat should be in the conversation for best Steamboat matches tho. It's not top 5, probably not even top 10 but I always dug the Tenryu/Steamboat match from AJPW in '84. Same with the Luger sprint from GAB '89. 

    I'm ashamed (uh oh lol) to say that I've never seen the Slaughter/Kernodle vs. Steamboat/Youngblood cage match. Is it as good as the hype? I always wanted to watch it in context of the feud so I kept putting it off. 

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  7. 13 minutes ago, (BP) said:

    It’s curious how tentative they’re being with Jade while they’ve spent over a year letting Britt and Rosa get exposed regularly. 

    Feel like there are levels here. She's done well when her boundaries are pushed a bit and almost always overdelivers but she is not in the position to go 15 minutes I think. 

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