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  1. 6 minutes ago, S.K.o.S. said:

    Wasn't there a promo on a Rampage with Malakai saying he was moving on from Cody after their 2nd match?  Did I dream that?

    Most definitely was. His error was not finishing the job, brother. Yeah, as fast as I was to get back on the Cody train for a couple of weeks, this stunk. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Bryan said:

    I hope the Archer thing was some kind of angle and not a serious injury, that was very awkward ending though.

    He landed on his head, man. The wrestling business over the last 25 years has rotted our collective brains. 😅

    Could somebody please post the Danielson/Kingston segment when it's online? Apparently Danielson let him have it. 

  3. Most important part. SRS reported that he walked to the back on his own. 

    Cody Codys. Whatever. That match was a mess. I know we're getting a tag and it should be good but I just want these two to move in different directions.

    Dragon/Dustin was really smart. Great match. Easy stuff for Bryan. MJF/Stanger segment was great and they are starting the Wardlow turn. Beautiful. They're also starting the Moxley turn. Everything is falling into place. Good Kenny promo too.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, Casey said:

    Bobby Fish vs Anthony Greene added to the card for tonight.

    There are a lot of wrestling matches booked for this two hours of television. Not many angles/promos I'm guessing with so many who would normally be slotted for them away on the covid ship.

  5. Smart of Pac and Andrade cutting out the opening stuff not just because this is match two between them and they've got the hate going but it was also deep into a 4-5 hour tv taping. Great match and hot angle afterwards. Florida is to Cody what Canada was to Bret, but this time the minority is wrong dammit. 

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  6. 49 minutes ago, SirFozzie said:

    Is it me, or has the last few months heralded a sea change in AEW, where it's not as much "Crazy flippy lucha-styled american pro" to a mix of that, and good old fashioned Hurty strike based wrestling? Some of those shots. Especially "DO IT!" and then PAC, well, did it.


    I swear, at some points, AEW is trying to out New Japan New Japan!

    It's exactly what I've been after. Haven't watched the main event yet but I got to see a cool transition into a TORTURE RACK. Fuck yeah. Disappointing finish to that match aside, Hobbs looked good. I think he's getting better at filling spots between his power moves. Still maybe a bit too much mugging but less wandering around. 

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  7. Rewatching the ending of the Revolution 2020 tag title match and Page hit Matt Jackson with a OWA after Kenny couldn't because of his worked over arm. That will make for an excellent nearfall at Full Gear.  Page tagging himself in and taking out both Bucks singlehandedly while Omega was sidelined is one of the best moments in AEW to date. The crowd didn't even think he could do it by himself so they weren't peaking until the three count. I adore Hangman's arc so far. 🙂

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  8. 7 hours ago, D.Z said:

    He aims to make professional wrestling a major sport again like pre yukes era and the 90's.

    If he didn't do that when the promotion was on fire and he was at his peak physically, what are the chances that happens now?

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  9. 17 minutes ago, AxB said:

    And so, the number of people on the board who know the lyrics to the verses of the Dynamite theme song will rise. Most people don't even realise there are verses, let alone know the words to them. 

    oh it's on youtube and i've listened. it's not very good at all but it's what we have.

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