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  1. So Rollins is gonna win MITB two years in a row and only cash in once? Haha, that completely slipped my mind. Back to the drawing board.
  2. I told one of my employees that Brock is going to beat Reigns and go to UFC with the WWE Championship. CM Punk will come out and challenge Brock to a "UFC Rulez" match at the co promoted UFC 189: Summerslam. Brock Wins, but then Frank Mir storms the ring and the two begin to brawl. UFC fighters storm the ring and attack Lesnar, Seth Rollins cashes in and wins the WWE Championship.
  3. This was a tough RAW to get through. I did like the tag match/diva match/tag match happening right after another. That should happen more often, but to matches that don't involve Bullfighters and a Hobo Gospel Choir. I like Sting's reasoning for wanting to take out Triple H. Voice over was incredibly lame though. I LOVE the Wyatt vs Taker build. Bray looking into the urn in sheer terror and then laughing was my favorite part of RAW. Rusev vs Cena should be the main event at this point.
  4. Roman came across great tonight I thought. Very natural. The past week has really opened my eyes to what they see in RR. I didn't skip a lot of this RAW, so that's a change. Rusev looked like Cena's equal and that's amazing. The only match I'm not looking forward to at Mania is Sting vs Triple H (although Sting not talking is the best thing to happen to him since...his match with DDP on Nitro in 1999).
  5. I had this thought at work the other day. Brock pins Cena at the Rumble, Rollins curb stomps Lesnar and attempts to cash in. Randy Orton returns and costs him. Would it be out of the realm of possibility/bad booking for Rollins to whine so much to The Authority that they reissue another MITB Briefcase to him? Then he cashes in on Bryan right after he beats Brock. You could have angles leading up to it where Rollins asks HHH if he's made a decision about what they had talked about in private and in one of the first few segments at Mania (right before Rollins vs Orton) HHH approaches Rollins and says,"Good luck, and what we talked about is in my office". Then build to Summerslam where Bryan regains the title.
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