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  1. Nah, MacDonald will pull out a month before.
  2. EliteXC takin' over! Other new fights announced:-Rory MacDonald vs. Robbie Lawler at UFC 167 (that won't happen) -John Lineker vs. Phil Harris in Manchester -Jim Hettes vs. Mike Wilkinson in Manchester -Ryan Jimmo vs. Jimi Manuwa in Manchester
  3. Yeah, this is just lazy matchmaking. Henderson in his last two fights hasn't looked so great, just stalking forward with his right hand cocked and headhunting. Of course, 90% of folks are going, "THIS IS AWSOME! PRIDE RULZZZ!"
  4. Vitor Belfort vs. Dan Henderson II on November 9th in - you guessed it - Brazil!
  5. That makes his refusal to continue in the tournament (because of a toe injury) all the more better. Sure, he escaped Bigfoot for Brock, but it all eventually caught up with him. And Brock was off a year plus after losing the title and had been severely ill (to the point he withdrew from the JDS match, if you believe that story).
  6. I was talking pre-UFC, which is what I thought you were talking about. As for beating Lesnar, uh, well...okay. It makes you a contender in Dana's eyes I guess.
  7. Bellator keeps digging its own grave. Doug Marshall is out of his title shot against Shlemenko. So what do they do? Give the title shot to Brett Cooper, who just got KTFO in his last fight. And, yes, this is a week removed from Bjorn mocking Dana for giving Chael a title shot off a loss.
  8. This is wrong on so many levels as well. Overeem had no merit to justify being a contender. Since moving to heavyweight, he spent years fighting easy fights to build up an impressive looking record. His one top 10 fight pre-UFC (Werdum) had him looking like garbage. The only thing of note was winning K-1 and that is a totally different sport. Fact is, Lorenzo, who personally signed him, got hypnotized by his big muscles.
  9. The show averaged 1.71 million viewers. That might sound low, but this is a channel on its first day so that is pretty good. It will be interesting to see what the next one does as it is less stacked.
  10. I feel bad for Hall as the Dana TUF Curse put huge pressure on him. Just give him Josh Samman next, please!
  11. OSP vs. Donovan result GIF: http://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/large/801004829.gif?1376773567
  12. I actually went to see this show live in Norfolk last night. Hadn't followed TNA since 2003 or so (same for wrestling in general) but went on a whim with a good friend who also liked them back in the day. Anyway, it was a really fun show that flew by. The company kept things flowing and it never dragged. A bunch of new folks/groups I'd never heard of (Aces & Eights, Magnus), but a lot of old familiars (I was surprised to see AJ Styles doing an emo gimmick now). As a huge MMA fan, it was totally bizarre to see Rampage and Tito there. The best match was definitely I've always been a fan of the X-Division guys and they brought it.
  13. I like how the UFC and Fox confused the fuck out of their audience with the move in starting in November 2011. Now it is 18 months later and they are like, "Let's do it again!"
  14. Bellator has officially jumped the shark. Shit is embarrassing.
  15. Diaz only wants undeserved title fights nowadays.
  16. LOL! Diaz would never accept that fight.
  17. The male cast half of TUF 19 has been revealed. Nope, don't know a single one outside of Cody Bollinger. Male Bantamweight Fighters Christopher Beal (7-0), 28, Somis, Calif. Cody Bollinger (14-3), 22, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Louis Fisette (6-1), 23, Winnipeg, CAN Rafael Freitas (6-0-1), 29, Albuquerque, N.M. David Grant (8-1), 27, Bishop Auckland, ENG Tim Gorman (9-2), 30, West Des Moines, Iowa Anthony Gutierrez (4-0), 22, Lee’s Summit, Mo. Emil Hartsner (4-0), 23, Luberod, SWE Joshua Hill (9-0), 26, Binbrook, CAN Chris Holdsworth (4-0), 25, Woodland Hills, Calif. Patrick Holohan (9-0-1), 25, Dublin, IRL Sirwan Kakai (9-1), 23, Coconut Creek, Fla. Daniel Martinez (18-4), 28, San Diego, Calif. Matthew Munsey (4-1), 26, Hollywood, Fla. Lee Sandmeier (9-0), 30, Knoxville, Iowa Michael Wootten (6-0), 24, Liverpool, ENG
  18. In other Bellator news, the last few episodes of FIGHT MASTER are being moved to Thursday post-TNA. That is where it should have been from the start, but the geniuses at Spike felt it could stand on its own.
  19. So, expect Eddie to flop to the ground after one punch?
  20. OH jeez: http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Daily/Issues/2013/08/12/Media/FS1-Carriage.aspx Just five days before the launch of FS1, Fox Sports still has yet to cut deals with at least three of the four biggest distributors: DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable. The three distributors said they are still in discussions with Fox to carry the channel, which launches Saturday. Distributors that do not cut a deal for FS1 by Saturday will continue to carry Speed, though it will be a stripped down version of the motorsports channel. Fox Sports provided the Tribune listings service with the programming lineup for Speed for the first nine days after FS1's launch, and it features a mix of re-runs and paid programming. In the week after FS1 launches, Speed will open primetime at 8:00pm ET with shows like "Faster Than," "Car Science" and "Pumped." The 9:00pm hour has shows like "Drag Race High," "Stuntbusters" and "Wrecked." The 10:00pm hour has shows like "Pinks," "Speedmakers" and "Hard Parts." Primetime for Aug. 17, when FS1 launches, will feature re-airs of "Pumped," "Wrecked" and "Hard Parts." Fox Sports has little reason to make Speed a high-quality channel after Aug. 17, since it wants distributors to agree to take the more expensive FS1. Distributors pay around $0.23 per subscriber per month for Speed, according to figures from SNL Kagan. Fox is seeking $0.80 per subscriber per month for FS1 initially -- a rate that would increase to around $1.50 toward the end of the multiyear carriage deals it is seeking.
  21. It is still unclear whether Cox Communications in my area will get FS1. We have Speed, but apparently Fox is asking cable providers for new fees to get the channel.
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