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  1. Tucker Poolman of the Jets tested positive. Still, one player among seven teams is pretty good.
  2. Joey Janela has a title match coming up this Wednesday. His win percentage is 45%.
  3. if they run all four lines equally, it's going to be difficult for anyone to match that depth in the North. if the 4th line gets treated like a 4th line, it's not enough playing time for them, Lowry and Appleton have been really good so far this year. My fantasy booking had Wheeler on the 3rd line with Lowry, until he remembered how to play defensively.
  4. This is a strange move. It's a football move for Central Arkansas, with the rest of the good Southland Conference teams going to the WAC, but this only gets the A-SUN to five football playing schools, which is not enough to get an automatic playoff bid.
  5. The North Division featuring a bunch of teams who are allergic to playing defense = FUN hockey.
  6. Not happy with this trade. I understand why it happened (Laine won't sign a deal beyond this year), but I don't like it.
  7. Meh. 4th liner with his asshole dad pulling shit in the background. Not worth the annoyance for a 4th liner.
  8. We have doctors in this thread making proclamations about the severity of the injury, so why not one from his coach?
  9. Striker is the worst. Not on board with this at all.
  10. Stuff I watch: Dynamite Smackdown Impact NXT NXT:UK Random shows the WWE Network airs (watched 1988 Royal Rumble last week, watching a random Raw from 1994 before football starts today). Used to watch Championship Wrestling from Arizona, but the channel that aired it stopped showing it. Edit: Watching ICW again now that it's on the WWE Network, but it's not the same. Lost too many of the guys I really liked.
  11. Refs are playoff ready, they got one out of three replays correct on the Bills touchdown drive at the end of the half.
  12. Buffalo's the second smallest media market in the league, and in the city most prone to shitty weather in January. Pretty easy to see why they are playing first.
  13. I'd say more like 5 or 6 good games, but when there has been 26 games played, that's not a good tournament.
  14. Final standings 170 - Kuetsar (two week wins) 169 - elizium (five week wins) 168 - Hail Sabin (two week wins) 166 - EdA (one week win), APO (one week win) 165 - Joel Martin, FluffSnackwell (three week wins) 164 - dogwelder 159 - Gonzo (one week win) 158 - Dewar (two week wins), AaronMLuke 107 - DangerMark 19 - MavsFan77 9 - cubbymark poor elizium is going to regret the week he missed the early games.
  15. RESULTS High scoring week. My plan of picking against the grain to catch up in the standings was an epic fail. Tiebreaker for the winner. Tiebreaker was winning margin in Arizona-LA Rams, which was 11. 14 - elizium (WINNER, 4 for tiebreaker), Gonzo (3 for tiebreaker) 13 - dogwelder 12 - Joel Martin, Kuetsar, FluffSnackwell, AaronMLuke, Hail Sabin 10 - EdA, APO 8 - Dewar
  16. Very bad weather would help the WFT as well.
  17. No it's not. Hockey Canada and TSN make a shit ton of money off this, so it runs.
  18. NY Jets Miami Baltimore Pittsburgh Minnesota Dallas Atlanta Carolina Green Bay Indianapolis Tennessee LA Chargers Las Vegas Arizona Seattle Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in Ariz/LA Rams - 5 Tiebreaker #2: Kirk Cousins passing yards vs Det - 256 Tiebreaker #3: Total points in Dal/NY Giants - 56
  19. RESULTS Five way tie for first. Tiebreaker #1, more passing yards Rivers (270) vs Roethlisburger (342) cut it down to two, and then total points in Tennessee-Green Bay (54) decided the winner. 11 - Joel Martin (Rivers for TB#1, eliminated), dogwelder (Rivers), FluffSnackwell (WINNER, Roethlisburger for TB#1, 55 for TB#2), Dewar (Roethlisburger, 56), APO (Rivers) 10 - elizium, EdA. Kuetsar 9 - Gonzo, AaronMLuke 8 - Hail Sabin Overall standings 158 - Kuetsar (two week wins) 156 - Hail Sabin (two week wins). EdA (one week win), APO (one week win) 155 - elizium (four week wins) 153 - Joel Martin, FluffSnackwell (three week wins) 151 - dogwelder 150 - Dewar (two week wins) 146 - AaronMLuke 145 - Gonzo (one week win) 107 - DangerMark 19 - MavsFan77 9 - cubbymark
  20. I'm not sure why they waited until bowl season to fire Herman. They must have a massive hire to announce, otherwise they might end up looking dumber than Auburn did with their hiring process.
  21. Great show. Schiavone was as fired up for -1 cracking MJF with the cane as he was for anyone who stood up to the nWo back in the day. Video tribute to finish the night was great. Someone should have tipped off Jericho about the "Big Rig" promo from Dr. Baker.
  22. Sunday, December 3 NY Jets at New England Miami at Buffalo Baltimore at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Cleveland Minnesota at Detroit Dallas at NY Giants Atlanta at Tampa Bay New Orleans at Carolina Green Bay at Chicago Jacksonville at Indianapolis Tennessee at Houston LA Chargers at Kansas City Las Vegas at Denver Arizona at LA Rams Seattle at San Francisco Washington at Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in Ariz/LA Rams Tiebreaker #2: Kirk Cousins passing yards vs Det Tiebreaker #3: Total points in Dal/NY Giants Holy shit did I ever want to throw in a Chris Streveler tiebreaker for this week.
  23. It's to the point that I only watch the medal round. Yesterday's three game aggregate score was 24-1. I slept through the entire Canada game, and I feel like I made the correct decision.
  24. His "thick skin" on display for all the world to see.
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