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  1. 50 minutes ago, Happ Hazzard said:

    Did Ross Hart ever wrestle in Stampede? Only match of his I've ever seen his he and Owen vs Fit Finlay and Rocky Moran in England, and I've heard Bret refer to him as not having been a wrestler. I know Dean never wrestled, Wayne only refereed that I know of.

    BJ Annis married into the family and I've heard him described as a bodybuilder who wrestled occasionally which makes me think he was pretty bad. 

    Ben Bassarab was another in-law, he wasn't really bad, just unremarkable.

    Ross has just under 100 matches listed on Cagematch, Wayne has 20. I don't remember seeing either of them work.

    Bassrab was okay. Did an All-Japan tour, had a few WWF matches as well. Once he got divorced from Stu's daughter, he was pretty much done in Stampede.

    Can't recall any BJ Annis matches either.

  2. FGCU's women's team was the only game I got wrong in the women's tournament today.

    Men's bracket is very bad. If Wisconsin wins, I get 21 correct. Since the bracket already sucks, this means I am pulling for Colgate.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mister TV said:

    For the gamblers out there what bets did you make? I took the Rams -4, Kupp scoring first points, Kupp first TD and Stafford MVP.

    Went with a same game parlay. Rams -2.5, total over 48.5, Kupp anytime touchdown and OBJ over 63.5 receiving yards. 100 bucks if it hits, off a free wager.

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  4. On 1/27/2022 at 4:29 PM, Tabe said:

    And I can answer my own question:

    Chicago has been top 10 in points just three times since 1996: 2nd in 2013, 2nd in 2006 (Super Bowl year with Sexy Rexy at QB), and 9th in 2018.  In that same span, they've finished 25th or lower in points 12 times (nearly half the time).

    How the heck were they 2nd in points with Rex Grossman putting up 3200 yards with 20 picks and a rushing attack that averaged under 4 yards a carry and 120 yards a game?

    Devin Hester had six kick/punt/missed field goal returns for touchdown that season, and the defense scored three times.  Almost 15 percent of their points came on plays that didn't involve their offense at all.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    A lot of people suggested Buffalo should have made them return to burn a few seconds. Easy to say now though.

    I saw people theorizing they should have done the squib kick. Problem with that is the clock doesn't start until KC touches the ball, and if they are properly coached, they grab the ball and take a knee immediately. which takes one second off the clock, so they still have enough time to run two plays, call two timeouts and kick the field goal.

  6. RESULTS!!!!!

    No tiebreakers needed.


    10 - Gonzo

    9 - AaronMLuke, Dewar, APO

    8 - elizium, Joel Martin, EdA, Hail Sabin

    7 - Kuetsar

    6 - dogwelder


    Final standings

    173 - elizium (two week wins)

    171 - Kuetsar (one week win), Gonzo (five week wins)

    167 - APO

    165 - dogwelder (three week wins)

    163 - EdA (two week wins)

    161 - Joel Martin (two week wins)

    160 - Hail Sabin

    159 - AaronMLuke

    155 - Dewar (three week wins)

    96 - FluffSnackwell

    7 - Sir Fozzie


    Congrats to elizium for taking the crown! Honourable mention to Gonzo, for winning FIVE weeks.

  7. If the Raiders don't get that final first down, I don't think they try the long field goal, and let the clock run out.

    Ben has to go get the crap beat out of him one more time next week. Good for him, I guess, but they aren't winning that game unless Mahomes goes on COVID reserve and can't play.

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  8. Kansas City




    NY Giants




    Green Bay


    New Orleans

    Tampa Bay

    LA Rams

    New England


    LA Chargers


    Tiebreaker #1: Total points in Chargers-Raiders - 52

    Tiebreaker #2: Matthew Stafford passing yards vs SF - 275

    Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in NYJ/Buff - 28

  9. Results

    Tie for first place this week. Tiebreaker #1 was more passing yards between Mahomes and Burrow, which went to Burrow. Both people tied for first picked Burrow, so the second tiebreaker was needed. Tiebreaker #2 was total points in Minnesota-Green Bay, which was 47.

    13 - Dewar (WINNER, 44 for tiebreaker), dogwelder (42 for tiebreaker)

    12 - EdA, AaronMLuke, Gonzo, Hail Sabin

    11 - Joel Martin, elizium, APO

    9 - Kuetsar


    Overall standings

    165 - elizium (two week wins)

    164 - Kuetsar (one week win)

    161 - Gonzo (four week wins)

    159 - dogwelder (three week wins)

    158 - APO

    155 - EdA (two week wins)

    153 - Joel Martin (two week wins)

    152 - Hail Sabin

    150 - AaronMLuke

    146 - Dewar (three week wins)

    96 - FluffSnackwell

    7 - Sir Fozzie

  10. Saturday, January 8

    Kansas City at Denver

    Dallas at Philadelphia

    Sunday, January 9

    Pittsburgh at Baltimore

    Cincinnati at Cleveland

    Washington at NY Giants

    Chicago at Minnesota

    Tennessee at Houston

    Indianapolis at Jacksonville

    Green Bay at Detroit

    NY Jets at Buffalo

    New Orleans at Atlanta

    Carolina at Tampa Bay

    San Francisco at LA Rams

    New England at Miami

    Seattle at Arizona

    LA Chargers at Las Vegas


    Tiebreaker #1: Total points in Chargers-Raiders

    Tiebreaker #2: Matthew Stafford passing yards vs SF

    Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in NYJ/Buff

  11. Tampa Bay



    New England

    Las Vegas

    LA Rams



    Kansas City

    LA Chargers

    San Francisco



    New Orleans

    Green Bay



    Tiebreaker #1: more passing yards - Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow - Burrow

    Tiebreaker #2: total points in Min/GB - 44

    Tiebreaker #3: Odell Beckham Jr. receiving yards vs Baltimore - 44

  12. Week 16 results

    Tiebreaker for first. Tiebreaker was winning margin in Pittsburgh-Kansas City, which was 26.


    13 - Kuetsar (WINNER, 17 for tiebreaker), APO (10 for tiebreaker)

    12 - elizium, dogwelder, AaronMLuke

    11 - Joel Martin, Gonzo

    9 - EdA

    6 - Hail Sabin

    2 - Dewar


    Overall standings

    155 - Kuetsar (one week win)

    154 - elizium (two week wins)

    149 - Gonzo (four week wins)

    147 - APO

    146 - dogwelder (three week wins)

    143 - EdA (two week wins)

    142 - Joel Martin (two week wins)

    140 - Hail Sabin

    138 - AaronMLuke

    133 - Dewar (two week wins)

    96 - FluffSnackwell

    7 - Sir Fozzie

  13. Sunday, January 2

    Tampa Bay at NY Jets

    Miami at Tennessee

    Atlanta at Buffalo

    Jacksonville at New England

    Las Vegas at Indianapolis

    LA Rams at Baltimore

    Philadelphia at Washington

    NY Giants at Chicago

    Kansas City at Cincinnati

    Denver at LA Chargers

    Houston at San Francisco

    Arizona at Dallas

    Detroit at Seattle

    Carolina at New Orleans

    Minnesota at Green Bay

    Monday, January 3

    Cleveland at Pittsburgh


    Tiebreaker #1: more passing yards - Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow

    Tiebreaker #2: total points in Min/GB

    Tiebreaker #3: Odell Beckham Jr. receiving yards vs Baltimore

  14. Results

    12- elizium (WINNER)

    11 - Gonzo, dogwelder, APO, Hail Sabin, AaronMLuke

    10 - EdA. Kuetsar

    9 - Joel Martin, Dewar


    Overall standings

    142 - Kuetsar, elizium (two week wins)

    138 - Gonzo (four week wins)

    134 - EdA (two week wins), APO, Hail Sabin, dogwelder (three week wins)

    131 - Dewar (two week wins), Joel Martin (two week wins)

    126 - AaronMLuke

    96 - FluffSnackwell

    7 - Sir Fozzie

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