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  1. Definitely not Garnett.
  2. If titles mean nothing then Wilt is the greatest player of all time and no one is close.
  3. He's done. There not gonna upset the locker room for a guy in random tag team.
  4. They payed him in meatballs. Kinda of a no brainer.
  5. Whoever is booking Elias and Corbin to go almost 20 mins should immediately be fired.
  6. It makes me happy that Mick still likes and watches wrestling.
  7. I wasn't really paying attention but was there an actual reason everyone was trying to get the briefcase after the match ended?
  8. Yes I'm sure Cody's drawing power is forever ruined for having a competitive match with Joey Janela. How does someone have to look exactly to have a competitive match with Cody Rhodes?
  9. Why are people so hung up on Joey Janela? His role in AEW has generally been to lose to others and occasionally wrestle a hardcore match.
  10. Nothing says exciting television like Seth Rollins and Drew McIntrye setting at a desk in an empty building.
  11. Sheamus bulling Cole makes him a babyface IMO.
  12. Montez Ford is awful. Like really, really bad.
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