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  1. Just started playing this game and I love it so far. I have a question thought about weapons and armor though. Should I be vaulting or dismantling weapons and armor when I have no room for them anymore?
  2. Watching this show I'm pretty sure Kofi was never the WWE champion and his whole title reign was just a figment of my imagination.
  3. Two hours just flew by. What a great show. Looking forward to future Wargames match their building to.
  4. I've often thought interceptions that are clearly the fault of the receiver shouldn't count against the QB. They should invent a new stat for that or something.
  5. Bossman had a great career for a guy who started doing jobs on JCP TV.
  6. So whats the deal with AEW and New Japan then?
  7. I was gonna say they probably created the belt just so they had content for youtube and twitter and everything.
  8. The only suitable replacement for PAC would obviously be X-Pac.
  9. Pro wrestling TV should be 60 mins. Less is definitely more IMO when it comes to wrestling.
  10. No one breaks news like Barry.
  11. I'm sure it makes me an asshole but I'm tired of seeing WWE videos touting their charity work. It feels like every show has a video or two of it. In general I find it kind of obnoxious when people feel the need to pat themselves on the back for their good deeds.
  12. I'm really hoping one of these teams goes nuts and offers the Jets a real haul for the #3 pick.
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