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  1. being a rapist and racist arent mental issues hes garbage
  2. i have a problem with antonio brown thinking he's a victim and that the patriots wronged him but i'm also not a shitbag so yeah
  3. antonio brown is such a shitbag
  4. Sometimes it’s like this company wants me to hate them.
  5. His shitty son in law and his useless daughter being in his ear for the last two decades probably hasn’t helped.
  6. It's always okay to be upset with incorrect DuckTales.
  7. Whats the deal with Bob Sapp never being in WWE? I beleive he was under contract with WCW when WWE bought it and cnsidering Vince's obession with size an JR's love of football players seems like they would have went nuts for him.
  8. Should have stayed on the Rockies.
  9. I’m getting real sick of you asking logical questions.
  10. Deadspin is a trash site filled with trash people.
  11. Just started playing this game and I love it so far. I have a question thought about weapons and armor though. Should I be vaulting or dismantling weapons and armor when I have no room for them anymore?
  12. Watching this show I'm pretty sure Kofi was never the WWE champion and his whole title reign was just a figment of my imagination.
  13. Two hours just flew by. What a great show. Looking forward to future Wargames match their building to.
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