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    NJPW Dominion 2019

    YMMV on whether this counts but I had Omega down as the one man Okada didn't need the Rainmaker to pin with the title on the line thanks to the first fall in their 2/3 match. Looking back it was the same hold used then as the one to pin Jericho, so it wasn't completely out of nowhere. I like to think it was an intentional callback of some kind, though not one AEW would brag about. I call it the Winnipegger.
  2. If you are not a fan of Kenny, Ibushi signing means a clearer route to 'Ibushi: IWGP Champion' without Mr Creative Control casting him as a supporting player in a never-ending autobiopic. If you are a fan of Kenny, Ibushi was signed as the most realistic bait of getting him to come back. New Japan have got two dome shows to fill next year, and someone really wants to have a match against Ibushi there.
  3. Varies wildly on an individual basis Wii U end, unhelpfully. - Bayonetta ran way better on Wii U than PS3 which isn't saying much, and has cosmetic but cool Nintendo-themed extras. An example: choose the Samus costume and guns turn into her arm blaster, panther within turns into morph ball (with bombs when you jump that do small damage) and you can wiggle the visor on or off at any time including cutscenes. - Haven't played Arkham City on any format but have the Wii U version lined up because I'd potentially value the gamepad features more than peak performance like I did with Deus Ex. - I'd steer clear of FIFA Wii U as it is exhibit A of EA not having a good relationship with Nintendo. A lot of Wii U releases were either bare bones or late ports with everything thrown in and I think in general sports games tend to be the former. I don't recall any Pro Evos on Wii U but I have a Wii port in my backlog because the idea of a big studio making a football game that plays completely differently to every other big studio football game of the last twenty-five years AND being good is something I can't ignore when they're stacked up on shelves for 'please rehome' prices. Wii remakes of games on rival home consoles in general will always be fascinating to me. They're like an alternate timeline where the PS2 never died.
  4. Exploiting AI is usually the most effective tactic in the single player of the few MK games I have played, so escalating that to an SNK boss at the end goes down better with me than it does in most actual SNK fighters. My not-so intensive contribution to the Final Fantasy discussion is that I'm currently playing VI and it's a heap better than VII IMO.
  5. NJPW has been booming while using broadly the same result-conscious booking they always have and the Elite will be familiar with that so they could easily cherry pick what they thought would carry over. But with wins and losses not mattering being a common complaint towards WWE in recent years the simplest interpretation is probably as a 'yeah, we're not going to be like that'.
  6. Saw Tony Khan pop up on the front page of BBC News today because he told a Fulham fan to go to hell on twitter. Best part is, the tweet that prompted the response was an extraordinarily civil 'Leave my club please'.
  7. For reference, Tanahashi on Strong Style: http://yottsumepuroresu.blogspot.com/2014/05/njpw-hiroshi-tanahashi-talks-about.html He's not a fan.
  8. Patience usually pays off with NJPW a hell of a lot more than the competition because they have a good record with long term booking and there are examples of results getting fan blowback at the time that retroactively turned out fine. This doesn't really apply to the years-long neglect of the tag division. Giving the tag titles its own 'division' of teams assembled from singles nearly-men to make room for a trillion singles belts is one of the Americanisms I never wanted. With the swelling of talent vying for the top of the card pre-assembled into factions you'd think a stronger set of tag titles would be a no-brainer.
  9. Apologies if this is in bad taste, but I was always amused by the reference to the male performer as 'The Big Guy' in this review of Sunny's porn appearance and against my better judgement that tweet bought it all back.
  10. Looking at Tanahashi's photo I'd say he's already succumbed to his genetic destiny by becoming a grumpy vet and is hiding it from his fans with the power of his hair alone. There's a wig-snatch double turn in there for sure.
  11. Thank you for reminding me of Toru Yano: hot amateur prospect and the confusion accompanying his subsequent career path.
  12. I'm hoping he will be - low-impact bouts for his opponents, singles submission school for the young'uns, style deviation for the fans and I'd imagine a booker's dream when it comes to pulling off random-ass G1 results. It's been a while since they've had anyone in the Nishimura role.
  13. Frantically pounding on bongos to fury-smack a giant ape around on screen is the kind of gratification I dream of whenever I'm button mashing for a torture attack in Bayonetta. I've no interest in the New Play Control version.
  14. Inadvertently saw the new year in playing Ninja Gaiden Black. Could be worse.
  15. Just googling Stranglemania 2 gives that clip as the first result. 'Lemme tell you something. When you get powerbombed your knees aren't supposed to fucking touch the ground.'
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