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  1. Clearing the slate at the end of every year is actually a great way of avoiding WK influencing the booking like it does the G1. In the same way it also enables its crowning to be something of note for the tail end of the calendar when they are usually treading water (sorry tag league).
  2. I had the exact same plan. I don't really do tv so I set myself a target of about one per working day. I'm currently up to episode 23 and there may be another pandemic before I finish.
  3. Infamous 2 popped up in my backlog roulette and a couple of hours in I'm still struggling to not be amused by how Cole the superpowered movieman handles the same as Sly the thieving raccoon. Congrats to Sucker Punch for breaking a twenty year habit assuming the same is not the case for Ghost.
  4. The IWGP so transparently having to change trajectory in early 2019 after Kenny neglected to mention his plans to leave makes it easy to forget how much of a let down his 'me against my friends' 2018 reign was after being so hot chasing and how badly the dome main event was sabotaged. The US expansion could never have existed and AEW turning Kenny's ear would still be looked back on as the point when New Japan's recent golden age came to an end. They've yet to regain that lost momentum.
  5. Best bit was him pointing out that his down-throw was from Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition just to out-dork everybody who thought they didn't need a lesson. Never thought I'd see a Pic-a-Pix Color mention here! It was my pre-bed chill for a bit. First puzzle reveals the picture, then the second is a desperate few seconds trying to work out what the hell the picture is meant to be before the punchline of the game telling you.
  6. They add more characters / modes etc like usual fighting game expansions and mix up the mechanics a bit too. Story-wise they pick up where the previous one left off, but be aware that the story is extensive. Leans into visual novel territory at times. I was intrigued by the story side when I played Calamity Trigger, but when I picked up the second in the series and saw that it takes four hours to 'play' through the canonical recap of Calamity Trigger's story as a prelude to the new one I was happy to skip to the final game. The final game was described as the end of its 'arc', suggesting that if sales kept up they would've kept on going through to games eight / twelve and God help you if you were planning to keep up with all the novels / animes / VN tie-ins to get the full picture.
  7. I can't say Darius Gaiden is in my personal top tier of games, horischmups or otherwise, but that operatic YMO-like soundtrack is enough to cement it in the memory and warrant a return trip down the line.
  8. Doors opened at 4, scheduled to start at 6. Sat down at about 5:20 and just when I was wondering how I best to kill the remaining time Emerson, Lake and Palmer tickles my fanboy nerve to start the show. Had a seat to the side of the video wall so there were plenty of segments that consisted to me of people randomly cheering indecipherable Japanese audio. My consolation was a bit of behind the curtain peeking. Seeing performers moving into position before revealing themselves gave a bit of surrogate performance anxiety, and while most provided bonus selling after disappearing off-camera, one of the Bullet Club guys (I think Hikuleo) chose to simply stand and repeatedly crotch chop to fucking nobody. Hadn't seen Aussie Open before but they looked good. Odd to see Sanada come out for the title challenge after the show, both because that matchup has been done and because he came across as a clear second hand to Naito in the earlier match where they were tagging. Terrific to see everyone get good reactions. Found out quickly I didn't need to explain who the big names were because they come across as such live even from a distance through swag alone. I'm not much of an emoter when watching wrestling, but I was grinning through the main event seeing Minoru Suzuki: Superface geeing up the crowd. Adding to the specialness of the match was the fact that googling for reactions today makes it seem that thanks to same-day competition no one outside the building watched the thing. I missed the 'if you hate Boris Johnson clap your hands' chant but 'Fuck You Brexit' came across loud and clear. Had a guy behind me contributing entirely appropriate commentary in the form of sweary responses to vicious strikes and a JR style 'stop the damn match' rant about concussions in the middle of KENTA / Ishii (KENTA was out of it for a stretch in the middle, and was hospitalised afterwards). Also fun going with a New Japan newbie who thought the policy was to put the good wrestlers on first, which I think was due to Juice / Ibushi coming across great and Ospreay being their favourite performer of the night. They found ZSJ/Tanahashi 'boring' and was firm in the view that ZSJ didn't know what he was doing and needed more training.
  9. Suzuki is Palpatine now.
  10. Archibald making a reference to this show a couple of weeks ago reminded me that this show existed and I grabbed a couple of tickets , so big thanks to them. I think when the show was announced I couldn't think of anyone who I could go with. Turns out the answer to that question of who would attend pro wrestling with me is my girlfriend who doesn't know what pro wrestling is. First live wrestling event for me but seeing as I've followed New Japan since 2003 this seems like the time to start sampling the atmos. Not sure how well the main event and Zack's tekkers will translate to the cheap seats I'll be in but needless to say I'm thrilled with the names they're bringing over. Taguchi, Tanahashi and Suzuki were on the first full New Japan show I ever saw!
  11. And one of Tenzan's title wins was an accident!
  12. Salads

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    YMMV on whether this counts but I had Omega down as the one man Okada didn't need the Rainmaker to pin with the title on the line thanks to the first fall in their 2/3 match. Looking back it was the same hold used then as the one to pin Jericho, so it wasn't completely out of nowhere. I like to think it was an intentional callback of some kind, though not one AEW would brag about. I call it the Winnipegger.
  13. If you are not a fan of Kenny, Ibushi signing means a clearer route to 'Ibushi: IWGP Champion' without Mr Creative Control casting him as a supporting player in a never-ending autobiopic. If you are a fan of Kenny, Ibushi was signed as the most realistic bait of getting him to come back. New Japan have got two dome shows to fill next year, and someone really wants to have a match against Ibushi there.
  14. Varies wildly on an individual basis Wii U end, unhelpfully. - Bayonetta ran way better on Wii U than PS3 which isn't saying much, and has cosmetic but cool Nintendo-themed extras. An example: choose the Samus costume and guns turn into her arm blaster, panther within turns into morph ball (with bombs when you jump that do small damage) and you can wiggle the visor on or off at any time including cutscenes. - Haven't played Arkham City on any format but have the Wii U version lined up because I'd potentially value the gamepad features more than peak performance like I did with Deus Ex. - I'd steer clear of FIFA Wii U as it is exhibit A of EA not having a good relationship with Nintendo. A lot of Wii U releases were either bare bones or late ports with everything thrown in and I think in general sports games tend to be the former. I don't recall any Pro Evos on Wii U but I have a Wii port in my backlog because the idea of a big studio making a football game that plays completely differently to every other big studio football game of the last twenty-five years AND being good is something I can't ignore when they're stacked up on shelves for 'please rehome' prices. Wii remakes of games on rival home consoles in general will always be fascinating to me. They're like an alternate timeline where the PS2 never died.
  15. Exploiting AI is usually the most effective tactic in the single player of the few MK games I have played, so escalating that to an SNK boss at the end goes down better with me than it does in most actual SNK fighters. My not-so intensive contribution to the Final Fantasy discussion is that I'm currently playing VI and it's a heap better than VII IMO.
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