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  1. I used to be irritated with how revered his ratings were until he broke through the five star barrier making it clear he agreed. I forgot all about him handing out a seven, which remains tremendous. Surprisingly I only count 4 for the Bucks. There's a list on wikipedia with a handy league table of the top ***** earners at the bottom. Appropriately it goes up to 11.
  2. I was thinking that being in five star matches on consecutive days has to be a first, but thanks to rating escalation over recent years this is by my count the fourth time and the second for Ibushi. Speaking of escalation, how's this for a five star rating scoreboard: AEW - 6 The 2000s - 7 Ospreay - 13
  3. 'Near or at the end of their careers' can get confusing in the world of pro wrestling where a career can have multiple endings or cameos extending decades beyond full-time activity. WOR Dave recently described Minoru Suzuki as having the best year of work by a 52 year old in history. I thought that sounded like a cool spin on the wrestler of the year debate format - 'Wrestler of the Age'. Competition would be too crowded in the middle of the bell curve, but working in from the edges might be interesting.
  4. This is great stuff but is spread across many pages (one per week), so not easy reading. And it's chronological so people may not get past the 'tell us about your childhood' material, so I've broken it down a bit. Childhood 'This is kinda embarrassing but I went back to visit Gifu recently, and my old school friends told me when I was a kindergartner I would constantly be trying to lift up girls’ skirts. ' Love life Discovering Pro Wrestling Including his favourite match as a fan. Being a fan 'No, we just wore costumes. I took a sharpie and wrote KENTA KOBASH
  5. Hope this hasn't been posted but I stumbled across the following picture showing some G1 stats for this year's entrants. The bits that stood out to me were EVIL already having a positive win/loss record going in, and 50/50 booking giving all five men who debuted in last year's tournament identical results. Also of interest (to me at least) are the previews NJPW are putting up on their site (like this) showing the singles and G1 singles record for individual match-ups. Every match on night 6 has someone who has yet to beat their opponent in a G1, for example.
  6. Out of context it would sound like the work of some kind of sinister COVID-spreading cult if they weren't so well behaved. Thousands of people attend a public event and at one previously-coordinated point expel the virus into the air with the full force of their lungs and the words 'become the wind'.
  7. I thought the Xbox One name was confusing because of how the Xbox became retroactively referred to by some as the Xbox 1 after the 360 came out (like the 'PS1'). I thought it was some kind of brand reboot to simplify things going forward, but without an Xbox Two why stick the word One after your third of four systems? 'XBox Series' should logically refer to the series of XBoxes that have been released, of which the first one has no name that can refer to it by itself and the second one has a 3 in its name. It's all mental.
  8. Clearing the slate at the end of every year is actually a great way of avoiding WK influencing the booking like it does the G1. In the same way it also enables its crowning to be something of note for the tail end of the calendar when they are usually treading water (sorry tag league).
  9. I had the exact same plan. I don't really do tv so I set myself a target of about one per working day. I'm currently up to episode 23 and there may be another pandemic before I finish.
  10. Infamous 2 popped up in my backlog roulette and a couple of hours in I'm still struggling to not be amused by how Cole the superpowered movieman handles the same as Sly the thieving raccoon. Congrats to Sucker Punch for breaking a twenty year habit assuming the same is not the case for Ghost.
  11. The IWGP so transparently having to change trajectory in early 2019 after Kenny neglected to mention his plans to leave makes it easy to forget how much of a let down his 'me against my friends' 2018 reign was after being so hot chasing and how badly the dome main event was sabotaged. The US expansion could never have existed and AEW turning Kenny's ear would still be looked back on as the point when New Japan's recent golden age came to an end. They've yet to regain that lost momentum.
  12. Best bit was him pointing out that his down-throw was from Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition just to out-dork everybody who thought they didn't need a lesson. Never thought I'd see a Pic-a-Pix Color mention here! It was my pre-bed chill for a bit. First puzzle reveals the picture, then the second is a desperate few seconds trying to work out what the hell the picture is meant to be before the punchline of the game telling you.
  13. They add more characters / modes etc like usual fighting game expansions and mix up the mechanics a bit too. Story-wise they pick up where the previous one left off, but be aware that the story is extensive. Leans into visual novel territory at times. I was intrigued by the story side when I played Calamity Trigger, but when I picked up the second in the series and saw that it takes four hours to 'play' through the canonical recap of Calamity Trigger's story as a prelude to the new one I was happy to skip to the final game. The final game was described as the end of its 'arc', sugges
  14. I can't say Darius Gaiden is in my personal top tier of games, horischmups or otherwise, but that operatic YMO-like soundtrack is enough to cement it in the memory and warrant a return trip down the line.
  15. Doors opened at 4, scheduled to start at 6. Sat down at about 5:20 and just when I was wondering how I best to kill the remaining time Emerson, Lake and Palmer tickles my fanboy nerve to start the show. Had a seat to the side of the video wall so there were plenty of segments that consisted to me of people randomly cheering indecipherable Japanese audio. My consolation was a bit of behind the curtain peeking. Seeing performers moving into position before revealing themselves gave a bit of surrogate performance anxiety, and while most provided bonus selling after disappearing off-camera, o
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