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  1. So while all the talk is about Wyatt, tonight is the night that Hangman comes back and gets Dark Order back on the same page, right?
  2. As great as REDEEM DEEZ NUTS was, let’s not forget that Jericho said that Miro was “a cigarette machine with a head,” which was absolutely absurd.
  3. And see, my friends and I couldn’t stop laughing at that spot because we thought the camera angle made it look like Lashley picked Goldberg up onto his shoulders and ran face-first into the post like a maniac, like he was trying to find a way to get out of having to continue the match and that was his master plan to end it.
  4. The one that made me laugh last night was JR talking about how you “never know what you’ll find on aewtix.com”. I don’t know, maybe tickets? Yeah, probably only tickets. That was almost as bad as a few weeks ago when, during (I think) a Jungle Boy/Darby Allin match, he said that neither would “ever be the biggest dog in the fight” when one of them had to be the biggest dog in the fight he was literally watching and calling that exact moment.
  5. Keeping it in-ring only, Alex Riley is the absolute worst and no one can convince me otherwise.
  6. I actually just ran an entire tournament on Facebook over the past couple weeks to determine the Most OK Wrestler ever. The finals were between The Warlord and Chris Harris, and ended in a tie.
  7. “I ain’t never done what I did” I remember seeing these Dirty Player promos years ago and laughing hysterically then. I’m glad they hold up for comedic purposes now.
  8. I was just coming on to say the same thing that’s been said by others above - when the show went off the air, Gargano was looking directly at Ciampa’s belt. He’s absloutely pretending to be on the same page with Ciampa and will say that he went in the direction of the NA Title like Ciampa suggested to become #1 contender.
  9. My favorite part of this whole thing is the idea that there’s a shortage of Bob Backlund footage.
  10. They have their own dates coming up in some minor league baseball stadiums the first weekend of August. They could easily condense some of the stuff from the tapings for the next couple weeks of TV and then run those three shows as the tournament and show them. It doesn't solve keeping LAX off TV all that time, or the fact that they spent a bunch of money on taping things that would never air, but it would get them out of the immediate mess.
  11. For anyone in southern NY/northeast PA, Xcite Wrestling is running a show at NYSEG Stadium in Binghamton at 2:00 this afternoon. The main is Greg Excellent vs Sean Carr for the Xcite title with Ricky Steamboat as special enforcer, and Joe Gacy is wrestling Colin Delaney.
  12. I think Magnum and Flair trade the belt a couple times and it eventually settles with Magnum. Flair then takes off for New York with Arn and Tully and they have a Horseman run there. Since Flair was a face for a good portion of 1989 anyway, Magnum easily gets plugged into those spots, like feuding with Funk. The Steamboat series doesn't happen, but maybe they run Magnum/Luger for a little while instead. Flair comes back with Arn and Tully, wins the belt back from Magnum, and then things progress mostly the same as they actually did moving on to Sting. Magnum then does the upper card gatekeeper thing for the majority of the rest of his career. Also, Flair in 1988-89 WWF would have been fun. Maybe there's no Megapowers split, and they pick up a third guy to work with Flair, Arn and Tully for a while after the Megabucks angle wraps up. The belt winds up on Flair for sure here, which Hogan then wins back in late 1989 before Flair goes back.
  13. I could see Brock costing Goldberg the match to anger Goldberg into a rematch at Mania. Goldberg can later say that he was done with Brock, but after costing him the belt, he wants one more match with him. Disregard if the match is already announced for Mania, as I don't watch Raw or Smackdown at all.
  14. They probably have something lined up with Orton and Wyatt where something wacky happens to the ring so that has to go last.
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