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  1. Corbin breaking the mirror and having that "oh fuck" look was the best. The "Doink" cameo was rather odd as it took me a second to realize it was SUPPOSED to be Doink. At first when AJ opened the door with the coffin, I thought there'd be two. They'd open and be Gallows and Anderson laying inside. Didn't know any other reason AJ to still be wearing the OC shirt since he's the only member.
  2. Ok, I hardly watch anything so I'm not one who should complain BUT...it was driving me nuts listening to commentary that seemed like a second ahead of the action. "And Daniel Bryan (2 count) retains". "Out goes (and over the ropes) so and so". Fast forwarding thru the women's rumble and every time i hit play, someone was botching something.
  3. They got permission; a TNA discussion on the WWE Network.
  4. All of you hating on the Roman Empire need to go watch Impact. Roman is the MAN! And not just any man, SUPERMAN! The guy was PASSED OUT and 3 seconds later was up and took Joe down for the count. All of that while the two best of the best were kicking each other in the balls. Romanmaniacs were running wild tonight! Take them vitamins and say your prayers. Hustle, loyality, and respect, they all build a great empire...THE ROMAN EMPIRE!
  5. Didn't H take the belt off of Rollins and give it to Owens? Shouldn't there be a little animosity there?
  6. Is there anything added that WASN'T on Classics ON Demand? Besides the ECW. It's been how many years and by now I'd figure all of that stuff would have been on here by now.
  7. romdam

    WWE UK

    This is kind of like what was rumored to have happened years ago. To bring back "territories". There was going to be a WWE Mexico, Japan, UK, and others. Each to have it's own champion. Then have one "world" champion. At the time, I thought there was talk of New Japan and AAA. If this is what this UK thing is the start of, that would be insane.
  8. I have no "collections" section that everyone has mentioned. I have 4 rokus and it did appear on just one for 3 days, with no content shown. The section never showed up on the other 3. The one it did show up on, is now gone.
  9. Why are so many 98/99 Nitros skipped? Did they just add them and maybe are not done?
  10. I just got a Xbox one. Do games automatically update? Like if I started playing now will the festival update download? The previous ones as well? I'm not seeing updates in the game section like I did on the 360.
  11. Where do I find these Hall of Fame specials from 1994, 95, + 96??? They are not in the Hall of Fame section or the Specials section. Where are they located??
  12. I am still getting the message for shows. The new 24 show and latest episodes of Superstars and Rivalries the "unavailable message" comes on.
  13. My Roku has no This Week in WWE shows added for 2015. Also, shows that have been added, I get a message "this content is unavailable at this time".
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