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  1. Aside from a banging AiC track, I remember that soundtrack for Screaming Trees' "Nearly Lost You." And then it reminds me of the best Screaming Trees story. They had a pair of brothers on guitar and bass and both were, um, dudes of size. Real members of Team Beefy. Apparently they were dancing/moshing while playing and accidentally ended up hitting a Bossman/Akeem attack on the lead singer, just squashing the smaller dude between them. He understandably declared a moratorium on dancing after that.
  2. In my mind, I honestly can't remember Reality Bites and Singles as two separate movies, though imdb swears they came two years apart.
  3. Mil is frantically trying to explain that Kerry has tied his Walkman headphone cable into his bootlaces, but Kerry barely understands English, much less Spanish, so he's fucked. This is the perfect example of WWE overdoing and dumbing down everything. Like telling a joke and beating the punchline into the ground because they assume the viewers are idiots. Making a haunted doll actually scary looking is the exact opposite of how you're supposed to do it. It's fucking boneheaded. Go look up pics of the real Annabelle doll. The whole point of haunted doll stories is that it's something that wouldn't normally scare the shit out of a kid. That's why it's scary, for fuck's sake. My kid would throw the Lily doll out the window on night one.
  4. Hell yes, Alex Kane. I'M CLOCKED IN AND YOOOOOUUUUUUU ARE ABOUT TO GET ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OF THIS WORK. LOL @ MLW. I just saw Bobby Fish signed with them? At this rate, MLW is about as solid as the Wrestling Retribution Project.
  5. I got lucky -- Sling DVR'd it as part of the Dark Side series. One fun fact from the show that I didn't know: Jerry McDevitt was introduced to the WWF when he was hired by Jim Neidhart. I always assumed McDevitt was just always their in-house counsel, who'd defend the company and wrestlers when needed. Neidhart hired him as his defender after too many drinks/drugs on a plane led to acting out, which led to some rough federal charges. What's funny is that I remember that story being covered in PWI, which is really weird for that time. Also, McDevitt isn't their in-house counsel. He works for a law firm.
  6. YES! Thank you. That is the exact article saw that discussed this term in the first place. Nice.
  7. We’re Matrix 2 & 3 already planned or were they made after the first one did so well? I ask because I keep assuming 2 & 3 were so heavily philosophical and highfalutin’ because the Wachowskis got really far up their own asses believing too much of their own hype after the first became such a phenomenon, but that’s not such a nice thing to just assume so I’d like to know what the deal was. There was just such a shift between what the first one was (a fun sci-if Kung fu action movie with an interesting gimmick) and the other two, where the action was secondary to the high minded, convoluted philosophy stuff.
  8. Somebody help me out. There’s a slang term for these quickly shot, straight to streaming, usually action or sci-fi movies, that always feature a pretty big star in decline looking for a quick payday (mostly Bruce Willis, lately, but I believe DeNiro has done some, too). They’re shot pretty quickly and it’s obvious the big name only spent a few days on set. Anybody know the term for these?
  9. Guys, just a heads-up that the new season starts this week with "The Plane Ride from Hell." There's a good preview special on Vice with Jericho sitting down with the producers, previewing the season and giving some good background info on past and upcoming episodes.
  10. How can they call this "PPV quality" when not a single 50+ retired wrestler is suiting up?
  11. I really liked how the evil twin tumor took over and turned the chick into John Wick. As a guy who loved the first 3 Insidious movies and the first 2 Conjurings, I sincerely hope Malignant was supposed to be a joke. Because it was garbage.
  12. Flair coaching the Wingmen about exposing themselves to unwilling women, how to drop racial slurs, and the best ways to scam Highspots out of money, just really getting into it as the Wingmen exchange panicked glances, would be some sweet edgy, postmodern humor
  13. Things I don't want: Cancer Bills I didn't expect Ric Flair managing a new Horsemen knockoff group
  14. And traveling so much that he literally added days to the year.
  15. Sorry. One person argued for the first point. My god this place is fucking tedious sometimes. I can summarize this whole argument: @Greggulator: AEW didn't explain Suziki as well as I would have liked @NoFistsJustFlips: but they did explain him. Here's how they did it @Greggulator: but they didn't explain it the way I think they should have @NoFistsJustFlips: but they did explain him. Back to step one. Repeat. Something it's taken me 3-4 dumb arguments here to realize...after you've said your piece maybe twice, you're just banging your head against the wall and you should probably just give up. No explanation or justification is enough for either party here.
  16. I think there's a happy medium between: Newcomer shows up for a one off match and AEW doesn't explain shit and, furthermore, doesn't have to. Learn about wrestling, you fucking noobs. AND Newcomer shows up for a one off match and AEW explains everything in great detail multiple times throughout the show, as if they're assuming their whole audience suffers from brain trauma and can't retain facts. I don't think anyone is arguing for either of these. BUT I also think AEW found that happy medium already so I have no clue why we're still litigating this.
  17. Found Vince's account. Seriously, though, as others have already said, it's not his moveset. It's his lack of any kind of presence or charisma. Cage's high point was shit like mid 2010s PWG, where it was amazing to see a big guy doing flippy shit and crazy highspots and there was no need for promos or character. Get in, do a flashy match, get out, see you next month. He's exposed pretty badly by TV wrestling. I think we can retire "needs to learn to work like a big man," for the most part. For me, it's up there with "I can't suspend my disbelief watching these small guys." Things are different now, guys are more talented and better, and I don't think there's this magic weight cutoff where everybody above a certain size needs to be Lex Luger or Sid. Except Luchasaurus.
  18. Two dudes who better be thanking the Lord Jesus Christ every day that they got more of their moms' genes are Hook and Cody.
  19. Can I get some decent wrestling podcast recommendations? I recently stopped my F4W/WON subscription because I'm cutting costs and paying off debt. The only one I've recently looked into that I like has been We Watch Wrestling with Matt McCarthy and Vince Averill. What I like right now so far: the aforementioned We Watch Wrestling, Wrestling Anonymous (Colt), Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling What I tried and didn't like too much: Deadlock (too many inside jokes for me to get into, they seem like a bunch of young stoners enjoying it more than I am), Post Wrestling (I just can't get into dry recaps with little to no personality). What I'm really just not into: Anything longer than maybe an hour and 45. Even that's pushing it. Like I heard Between the Sheets is decent but, holy shit, some episodes are like SIX HOURS long. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  20. 76 year old man has idea that was old 86 years ago. Film at 11.
  21. Other things that came to mind... Baker's "catering" insult was stupid. In general, I can't stand worky shooty bullshit. It's not on the level of, "I SAID...DID YOU FORGET YOUR SCISSORS" but it's up there. Enjoyed Don Callis' Kirk Lazarus Starter kit. Nick Jackson out there looking like a Bajoran while Matt rocks the Malcolm X glasses. JR has no idea what "Ruby Soho" is so he references a country song from 55 years ago. I'm still fully behind the fact that babyfaces on this show actually have friends outside of their tag partners, especially Riho and Statlander saving Ruby. We complain about the trope of booking your main event during the opening promo, as in, "what would the main event have been if these guys hadn't faced off in seg 1?" But that happened here tonight. We had a Danielson promo on the schedule with 20 minutes left in the show. How, in kayfabe, would that have worked out if he hadn't decided to confront the Elite during their segment?
  22. You know how you come back from time off and you or your boss joke about giving you a raise because, while you were gone, everyone realizes how much stuff you do and how everything was tougher while you were out? TK needs to give Excalibur 10k more per year because holy fuck was the announce team bad without him directing traffic, calling the match, and keeping everything on track. We had three AARP members all doing color commentary and it was a chore. Hey, MJF reverts back to cheap heat and smarky bullshit. If you have to call out how you're good on the mic, then you probably aren't. That segment was terrible. 1999 Bubba Ray Dudley called to say "bro, dial that shit back a bit." Honestly, was there no stunt granny to push over? This guy sucks. You can't spell "I'm just really fucking overrated" without MJF. Am I in a bad place today or was this show not great? Jamie Hayter jobs and is the most ineffective heater ever. Let's review: Hayter debuts. Beats Red Velvet in a bad match where she probably should've eaten her up. Gets run off by Statlander. Loses to Statlander in a 2-on-1. Loses to Ruby. Damn. Even Big Bubba got to no-sell some chairshots TV before jobbing to Dusty around the horn. After seeing the Malakai Black recap video, I remembered that he debuted in men's running shorts and damn, I'm glad he switched that up quick. Dustin, in his promo last week, really missed an opportunity to revert to Goldust and drop the movie quote, "HE WANTS YOU, MALAKAI!" As mentioned, damn, they went long and had to rush at the end. Between Schiavone going into an auctioneer cadence promoting upcoming shows, and then cutting off Suzuki's theme, they needed to work that shit out better. Still loving the short promo packages throughout the show. Great way to focus on guys without having them in matches or promos every week. Loved Team Taz being booked as also-ran punkass bitches. "Keep our names out of your mouth" "Uhhhhh, I never mentioned you WTF?" Looking forward to and Elite/Mt. Rushmore split, hopefully. You can't have a Horsemen with two Flairs and two tag teams. I'm sure more stuff will come to mind but I wasn't crazy about this one.
  23. What's funny is how long Jarrett's stink lasted. Looking through the history of TNA's title, Jarrett was only in the championship picture from 2002 to 2006 and never held the title after the association with the NWA ended. But we think of TNA, we think "career midcarder Jeff Jarrett's vanity promotion" even though the company had more years without him than with him. That old chestnut about first impressions and all that. If AEW were truly comparable to TNA, Cody would have been the world champion four times already and fans would be begging for him to go away.
  24. i don't give a fuck i just want to enjoy a wrestling show for fucks sake gaaaahhhhhhhh I mean I guess if you'd rather talk about how your local steakhouse is doing and worry over whether they can draw the casuals who just want to eat at McDonald's then, cool, you do you, but I just want to eat a fucking steak in peace. This is why we can't have nice things, guys. AEW consistently puts out entertaining shows and people are still going to go all concern trolling pearl clutching about how it was a weak show or how they're not drawing the casuals or whatever and I'm getting a god damn aneurysm just thinking about this trifling bullshit. ps no diss
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