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  1. 9 hours ago, Jiji said:

    Nick gave us this tho, so he's golden in my books:

    I must've watched that 20 times when that episode first dropped.

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL thanks for this!  I'm listening to this week's Deadlock and they just talked about this.  😄

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  2. On 11/14/2021 at 7:46 AM, Brandon Bones said:

    I was grumbling on the app menu about this whole “IMAX Enhanced” feature.  “What the fuck does that mean?”  

    LOL same here.  I was like, "can my TV do this?"  And then I found the menu that lets you choose which version (theatrical or IMAX) you can watch, and that confused me more.  I think we watched the IMAX verison?  I admit I had been drinking.

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  3. 5 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Not just Hot Coffee...apparently the entire source code and developer comments was included.  Ridiculous.

    I can't say a lot about it because the board is publicly searchable, but I worked for a software company the ESRB paid to help them gather info on how Hot Coffee worked.  I have no idea how the business arrangement came about because it was definitely outside the norm for us, but there we were, helping the ESRB go after Rockstar.  Life is strange.

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  4. I remember my friends and I not understanding video games' development cycles and being equal parts befuddled and pissed off that DDP wasn't in WCW vs the World.  We even browsed through the files on the disc using a PC to see if maybe he was a locked character or something!  Real high tech shit, friends.

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  5. I can still remember the day I bought Power Move Pro Wrestling.  There were ZERO good PS1 wrestling games at the time and the game came out of nowhere...I remember reading its name in the "coming soon" binder at Electronics Boutique.  I picked it up at the mall on day 1 and had to work that night, so I had to tide myself over by reading the manual in the car before work.  😄

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  6. Spent the morning gathering hidden packages in Portland.  I will say the implementation of rain in this games is godawful.  Just the fucking dirt worst.  Apparently, the rain is not a 3D object but rather a 2D overlay over the whole screen.  Regardless, raindrops are not supposed to be thick white rectangles that fall in a perfect pattern and make it impossible to see anything.

  7. It cannot be stated enough what a miserable, soul crushing place that must be to work for.

    Kiss Vince's ass, but not too much, or he'll lose respect for you.

    Fight for yourself, GRAB THAT BRASS RING PAL~!  and gain Vince's respect, but not too much, or you'll be deemed "difficult."

    Petty, schoolyard bullshit and humiliations to keep you in your place.

    Get hired by people who know exactly who you are and what you bring to the table, only to be told to change all that.

    Do everything right, sell lots of merch, get fired anyway.

    We're hearing about mental health from people at AEW.  Can you imagine what personal hell WWE workers are going through?

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  8. On 11/9/2021 at 5:50 PM, colonial said:

    You may remember the "Cannon" guest star megamix on YT a while back, but how about taking it to 11 and doing a 46 1/2 minute montage of every guest star who boarded "The Love Boat" ...



    I need one of these but for Miami Vice because the list of guest stars/people who became something later is incredible.

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  9. 12 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

    As you can imagine, that wasn’t viewed well, wanting to talk to Vince over the result of a match on Main Event that almost nobody would ever see outside of Canada.

    Calling a wrestler petty for refusing to do a meaningless job...

    .....after specifically assigning that meaningless job as punishment.

    Vince: "Go ahead and eat this pile of shit!  It's punishment!" 

    Dorado: "No way!  I'm not eating a pile of shit!"

    Vince: "Why are you so uncooperative?"

    Motherfucker is so petty, no wonder their viewership is free falling.

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  10. On 10/30/2021 at 4:09 PM, D.Z said:

    Messing around with the Pro-Wrestling 2 on PS1.


    Is the the one that’s a Japanese budget version of one of the Yukes WWF PS1 games?

    Listening to Norton on Jericho’s pod has me itching to fire up Power Move Pro Wrestling (King Ogg!) or Toukon Retsuden 3 on my modded PS Classic.


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  11. 1 hour ago, driver said:

    Listened to this this morning and loved it. James and Jimmie are awesome. All of their wrestling episodes are amazing. Buff Bagwell went on Cameo and cut a promo on them because they made fun of his top hat during this episode.LOLZ.

    Speaking of Buff on Cameo, on the latest We Watch Wrestling, Vince Averill bought a Buff Cameo for cohost Matt McCarthy’s birthday and it was insane.  Buff gave out his phone number and dropped such gems as, “ I’d do anything to my fans” (not “for,” “to”) and “ glow in the bask of Buff!”  He was clearly not in control of his faculties for the Cameo and 3/4 of it was Buff wrapping up.  It went on and on.

    He must have said “party your ass off!!  (And be safe)” 18 times.

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  12. Working from home the rest of this week...combo of running/walking yesterday (my legs are killing me as I try to get back into this) and today was freeweight and bodyweight stuff in the basement.  The injury and operation layoff apparently did kill off a lot of my strength, as I could only muster ONE pushup!  I did the knees-on-the-floor style instead 😄

  13. 7 hours ago, killsteve said:

    So the partner Omega could never live up to was Chuck Taylor, right?

    He kept feeling really insecure, worried his moral fiber wasn't low enough.

    5 hours ago, Log said:

    My wife is the best and knows that I love watching AEW on wednesday nights.  She's always great about taking care of the kid stuff if it pushes into that time.


    Same here!!!

    Also, relationship advice shamelessly stolen from Reddit: "Find someone who talks about you the way JR talks about Wardlow."

    JR low key shitting on the "four pillars" branding because Wardlow isn't one of them is certainly a thing.

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  14. 55 minutes ago, NikoBaltimore said:

    I agree with what you're saying but is it possible to at least the censor the F word?  Even in quotes that's not something that should spelled out.

    That is the entire point of why I wrote exactly what I did. 

    If "twinkletoes" doesn't bother people, maybe seeing the other word written out will make them uncomfortable enough to think twice about what they're supporting. 

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  15. 51 minutes ago, Infinit said:

    Fuego 2 is going to be Cody's way to a world title shot.


    OHHHH SHIIIIIIT that's the 4D chess we're always talking about.  He makes you think he's working a throwaway C show comedy deal, but really he's 2021 Midnight Rider.  Just when you think you've got the answers, Cody changes the questions.

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