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  1. Liv Morgan was the MVP of the women's chamber match.
  2. Really good show with a flat ending. Ronda vs Sasha was probably my MOTN. I could do without the silly comedy stuff and stupid feet not touching the floor elimination saves. If you lose contact with the ring at any point you should be fucking eliminated no more of this laying on your back bullshit with your feet in the air. I thought Dunne looked like he belonged out there and would love to see him on SDL.
  3. I was wondering who the hell Brock was facing at Mania if he beat Stroman at the Rumble. I guess they hold off on Brock vs Braun until Mania(which should be their first ever singles match but whatever).
  4. Boston turned in one of the worst shooting performances of all time. I'm a lapsed NBA fan who only watches the occasional playoff/finals game, but this new style of jacking up 100 3's isn't my thing. It's especially bad when they aren't going in. Lebron could take any East team to the finals. I'd be pretty surprised if Golden State doesn't win game 7 vs an injured Chris Paul, and then go on to stomp this Cavs team.
  5. What does any of that have to do with the tv contract?
  6. It's amazing the lengths some people will go to to avoid giving Vince credit. A show with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Shinsuke Nakamura as the featured stars just inked a billion dollar tv contract. Let that sink in for a minute.
  7. It's obvious at this point they've adopted the NFL brand over individual superstar philosophy. It goes against what were used to seeing in pro wrestling, but it's working for them so far.
  8. In 1997 WWE was fighting for their survival against WCW. In 2018 they have no competition, and are coming off their most profitable year ever.
  9. I'll just insert this instead for all the people hoping to get rid of Vince. For the full year 2017, revenue increased 10% to $801.0 million, the highest in the company's history. Vince ain't going nowhere lol.
  10. Why would anyone care about Roman? He lost at Mania, and proved he can't walk the walk when it counts the most. They killed him dead with that booking decision. He's just another inferior full timer.
  11. Bryan was out for 3 years and the crowd resented Roman the whole time. He has nothing to do with Reigns' shortcomings at this point. I agree that a heel turn would be best for Roman right now. However, they have to update his look, music, and gimmick for it to work. If they leave him as is a heel turn won't mean a thing. I think the Roman Reigns character is just a boring gimmick at this point.
  12. What a bizarre fucking show lol. At least i wasn't bored(until the main event that is).
  13. Asuka vs Charlotte Alexa vs Nia Ronda and Steph's tag match women's battle royal
  14. 2007 Cena got a good match out of Khali he hasn't looked so hot himself lately.
  15. I'd be hyped for Cena/Taker if Taker didn't look so shitty last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.
  16. Liv and Sarah are such an odd duo to put with Ruby. Billie and Peyton wouldn't have been a perfect fit, but they already have built in chemistry as an act and as a tag team that Liv and Sarah don't. Billie is one of the few women who can match up physically with Charlotte, and Peyton has star potential imo.
  17. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Mandy, and Sonya are on the main roster while The Iconic Duo is in limbo. Do they just draw names out of a hat for call ups now?
  18. Trish and Beth Phoenix should come back. Trish vs Sasha has to happen you can't just tease that shit.
  19. I had a bigger problem with all the close ups on Gargano's face than I did with his selling. You don't need to zoom in that close after every spot.
  20. Yeah I get why they did it because Almas probably needed the clean win. Plus I like the story of him having Gargano's number. I just like the story of Gargano having the belt won only to have Ciampa cost him, but it worked out well.
  21. I liked the tag title match, and think both teams did well. Dream and Ohno was pretty rough. I'm not seeing sure fire future world champ in Dream like a lot of people seem to be. There was a bunch of chinlocks and sloppy looking offense from Dream in this. I thought the finish to Ember/Shayna was well done. It did have that Brock/Mir 1 feeling where the inexperienced fighter was dominating, but made a mistake and got caught. Mauro is really grating on me at this point. Man Gargano is lean he looks like he weighs about 170. Main event was incredible. I don't know where it ranks, but it's on the shortlist for best NXT match ever. I think i would've had Ciampa cost Johny the match while the ref was distracted with Candice and Vega, but that's nitpicky. Great performance from both guys. I'm hoping for some Almas vs Styles matches on SDL later in the year.
  22. This is a part of the thedailybeast article. "Later, the Papa John's employee, William Wells, and the other salon customer that McMahon had chatted with that day were able to pick him out of a photo lineup. McMahon’s accuser, however, could not identify the wrestling chief as her attacker, the documents show." The woman making the allegations couldn't even ID him so I don't see much coming of it.
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