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  1. As with most WWE discussion these days, it can only go so far. They don't care, so why should we? Explains the state of the Raw and SmackDown threads lately.
  2. Because it's less about celebrating greatness than marketing nostalgia for people who are in the club. Considering the form the WWE HoF has taken, I'd induct Santino.
  3. I get what you're saying. But it's this HoF. I can see the case for a guy who had a pretty decent main event run in the company it's meant to be the HoF for when they just recently inducted Rikishi. If it was a proper Hall, the answer would be fuck no and please never ask again. But as part of the annual circlejerk for people who are on good terms with the company? *shrug*
  4. That's a pretty solid line-up. Should be a good show.
  5. I thought his '04-'06 run was pretty good. Chalk a lot of that up to a ton of great opponents, but he held up his end in matches and promos too. Considering what we all know the WWE HoF to be, there are worse choices. Maybe play it safe and don't include him hunting border crossers in his highlight video.
  6. Just watched Shayna's promo. I'm a very casual observer of MMA, so I'm hoping someone else can clarify: Just how similar to cage fighting is an Elimination Chamber match?
  7. This was the only match I caught last night, as I randomly tuned in at the beginning and watched it start to finish. Surprised more people aren't talking about that finish. I've complained about Johnny Kickout as much as anybody, but credit where it's due: That was a decisive finish that ended the match at the right moment. Good stuff.
  8. This will be a useful substitute for a couple overused Simpson's gifs.
  9. It's Vince McMahon pissing on what little was left of ECW's maggot-infested reanimated corpse. If Eddie were endorsing it, I'd assume someone hacked into his account. Such a good angle. A shame it was done in service of the evergreen fool's errand of getting Bobby Lashley over as a top babyface.
  10. Those are some happy, active people along the bottom of the banner. Still, a little disappointing this isn't in their marketing:
  11. Surprised to see the big reaction to the Cathy Kelley news. Considering the WWE content I watch, I don't think I've seen her do anything other than hold the microphone for the stars. You've normally got to be in that role for ages or be especially distinct for me to learn your name. Gun to my head, I wouldn't be able to pick her or Charly Caruso out of a line-up. I'm pretty sure I didn't realize they were different people until just this moment. That said, good on her for stepping away. I can't see a lot of room for growth where she is now. Hope she achieves her ambitions.
  12. Every week when I look at the ratings, I'm stunned by how many people watch cable news opinion shows. It's really cutting into NXT's main demo.
  13. Re-watching The Leftovers, and it occurred to me that Justin Theroux would make a perfect Harvey Dent. They'd probably want someone with more name-recognition from movies, and probably someone younger, so it'll never happen. But it'd be great.
  14. At least with Randy, the hate kind of makes sense when every once in a while a story drops to remind us all what an absolute knucklehead that dude can be. I struggle to remember any such talk about either Bella. They also get some of that Michelle McCool style hate, where some people really come after them for the perception that they've benefited unfairly from who their partner is/was. And most of the time, that stuff's expressed very poorly.
  15. I would give almost anything for Khali in AEW, but I don't think he meets the threshold of being an "athletic" big man.
  16. To be fair, it didn't help that the match was just there in the midst of all the usual high-end G1 stuff and it compared poorly. Cody in a cage should be good, but in general there's not enough top-shelf work on Dynamite to make the match look out of place.
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