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  1. On that same note, it's a shame Hugo Weaving has decided he's too good to be in things that are cool.
  2. Alternatively, if you're struggling to come to grips with the passage of time, definitely do not think about this.
  3. No. I'm an idiot because I haven't found time to catch the latest one yet. Even after Chapter 2, Keanu has to rank high on the all time American action star list. Between these, Matrix, and Point Break, he's sitting on a bunch of stone classics. No, I don't rate Speed and never will.
  4. He really did. It was the last thing I'd expect. At the rate they were going, I'm surprised Arya with the sunglasses didn't make it into the show.
  5. Seeing the trajectory of his last few flims' RT scores suggests some potential wisdom and stepping around that particular trap. Also, you ought to get around to both of those flicks since you so clearly want to. Maybe Hateful Eight gets you on the Goggins bandwagon with the rest of us, and Death Proof is short and light by Tarantino standards.
  6. No help whatsoever. That spot is already filled in my May discussion thread bingo card.
  7. I’ve never understood the appeal of people mugging for “reaction videos.”
  8. Hot dogs and handshakes from here on out, brother.
  9. Yeah, I'm gonna need that to come down to at least the Django level.
  10. I know plenty of snobs who sight unseen will rage over that. It has my vote!
  11. I've been rewatching a lot of that era of WCW lately, and you'd be surprised how often Bobby or Dusty would get jumped on for either misspeaking or using a Dusty-ism. It's not as bad as some of the worst Cole and JBL led desks, but there are some rough patches. That team also has a habit of pimping the main event story hard during some pretty good undercard PPV action that gets completely ignored. I'm sure they're produced to do that, but it's still a miss for me. It's a good desk. But there are glaring holes in their game before you even need to pass judgement on Dusty or Bobby's individual merits as a commentator at that stage.
  12. I brought this up a few weeks ago in the 205 thread, and noticed it again during this show: During the cruiserweight match, they did their best to avoid really wide shots from the hard camera. I haven't watched the entire show, but that wasn't at all the case during Styles-Rollins. It's hilarious that they're playing with different camera styles during the cruiserweight matches but it's so minor and so few people pay attention to the cruiserweights. It's a start, I guess.
  13. Bare lady feet on Brad Pitt's dashboard. This really is a Tarantino movie. Olyphant is a better cowboy than Leo could ever hope to be.
  14. Someone heard about Dorff in True Detective and decided he's a hard ass cop type for at least the next five years. I'm just kidding. That'll be canned before the first batch of episodes have all aired. I'm getting "video unavailable" on The Unicorn. Probably for the best.
  15. Lester ain’t tortured. He didn’t get everything he wanted out of the job, but he has a healthy home life and a fruitful hobby. He’s fine.
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