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  1. Being a Naito fan must suck. Lol.
  2. Oh for sure, I’m not discounting the possibility that there’s a scam at work here. It’s more the certainty and the logic being employed by some that I take issue with.
  3. I'm not sure it describes the theories so much as the people who are most prone to partake in conspiracy thought.
  4. Pretty sure the socks are meant to make him seem more human.
  5. Have I?! Where else does one learn that the Prime Minister is Fidel Castro's son?
  6. It's even a step beyond that. EVERYTHING is confirmation of the theory. Wayfair releases half-assed statement denying it -- Of course they'd deny it! Just what a human trafficker would do! Mainstream media largely ignore loons shitposting online -- Media blackout! They're hiding something! Some items get taken down, either to avoid further harassment or for some other purpose -- They're scared, we're over the target! There's literally nothing that can burst that bubble for some people. It's wild. If I were presented with reasonable evidence to suggest this were a real thing, I'd happily reconsider my position. I'm mostly just disturbed by how easily people, some who I used to think were reasonable, will buy into something.
  7. Omega claiming that Mox can't beat him in a sanctioned wresting match and goading him into a title match is definitely a way to go. Maybe have Page build some singles momentum first and feel like Omega jumped to the front of the line when it wasn't his turn. Omega would definitely make a more credible challenger than Lee or Cage. Sorry for the fantasy booking there.
  8. I've got Souled Out '98 on in the background and I just finished Nash vs the Giant. Best bit is after the finish with the botched powerbomb where Giant gets dropped on his head and neck, Hogan is mugging to the camera and says "I taught him that move!" Just... *chef's kiss*
  9. It's East vs East for interleague. So it's possible Stroman gets his chance.
  10. Cardona and Myers in Impact would probably give them more room to breathe than the AEW roster, if they were interested in that sort of thing.
  11. Cardona is a longer name than Ryder. That's undeniable.
  12. I guess this remains kinda true. Last week, Aubrey and Marcus Stroman were getting into it and were SJWing and Karening one another. Here's the important tweet from the dust-up that spun-off into further drama: Turns out Randal Grichuk liked the tweet, which resulted in a slapfight today between Stro and Grich. I won't post all the tweets, but they include: Stro implying that Grich is a racist Grich saying the story Huff told is known in the Jays system Stro calling Grich an underachiever who talks shit behind his teammates back Stro bringing up Grich pressing Tim Anderson about a bat flip (?) Stro denying the weight room story Grich wishing Stro have a good day, to which Stro responded by wishing Grich have a splendid day -- All very mature and cool and in no way backhanded Alrighty then.
  13. Vince will be spared as he doesn't strike me as the type who's going to follow up and read the replies.
  14. Depends on which part. Absurdly expensive shit, redundant products, and price jumps when you enter something in a text field might raise questions. But as far as I can tell, that's about all these people have found. From there, it seems they're working backwards from a conclusion they've already arrived at. The unfortunate-looking pictures everyone's pulling up by plugging in stock keeping unit numbers on the Russian search engine seem suspicious. But it's only grabbing those results based on the text from that Tom Hanks instagram photo that everyone's adding to the SKUs. This seems to be because three of the letters from the Hanks post in that particular search engine are grabbing photos from shady sites that would otherwise be filtered out on other search engines. If you change the SKUs or just type in any random alphnumeric with those three letters, people are getting similar results. So those results almost certainly have nothing to do with Wayfair. The connections people are drawing between product names and specific missing children are also tenuous. It seems all they're doing is connecting any single name on an expensive product and then searching for a missing child whose first or last name matches it. The problem here is the unfortunate fact that there are so many missing children that it means you can do this with pretty much any name on a product, meaning the process of these amateur sleuths is proving nothing. 40,000 children went missing in Canada alone last year, the large majority of which are categorized on the government's website as being runaways or for unknown reasons. That number becomes enormous when you consider the numbers everywhere every year. These people pointing to specific missing children is them cherrypicking from an unfortunately massive sample and trying to make the fit their narrative. And considering the real people behind those children they're singling out, the parents who could be traumatized by seeing their son or daughter dragged into this paranoid fever dream, what they're doing is incredibly tasteless and irresponsible and flies in the face of the good they think they're doing. But once again, certainly nothing to do with Wayfair. To put a bow on the last two paragraphs, if I'm ordering a specific trafficked child then why does the Russian search engine yield so many different results? And why can nobody connect the specific missing children with anything on the Russian site? If these people would stop breathlessly seeing elite pedos around every corner and think this through, what they're suggesting doesn't really make a lot of sense or prove anything. Some people seem to think they see things in company logos that signal trafficking of some kind, but it's also tenuous. I'll engage with that if they can show me more interesting proof than straight-up big-brained Pizzagate nonsense. So, what's to be gained from having this trafficking operation so out in the open? No clue. Maybe we can tie satanic panic into this and assume it has to do with lesser magic. Fuck if I know. What does Tom Hanks have to do with this? No fucking clue. And I spent way too much time yesterday trying to unpack it. The spray paint on the road he photographed could mean any number of things related to utilities or some other infrastructure purpose. I'm not seeing anything there that really makes sense of Tom's place as one of Q's big villains. Anyway, throw some tenuous connections to Soros and the Clintons on top because those always offer definitive proof of wrongdoing in these circles. Don't think about it too hard. Sorry for going into all of that. But I'm not a fan of how uncritically so many people eat this stuff up. It's dangerous for so many people to be living in complete alternate realities, some compelled to take dramatic (and even violent) action against their perceived villains. And this weak Soros-is-Palpatine LARPing does nothing to help the cause of actually fighting sex trafficking, which they purport to be staunchly against. But yeah, there's definitely some overpriced junk on Wayfair. Some of it's probably just placeholder listings. I'll give 'em that.
  15. AFAIK, it's just an assumption people have made since they shelved Blood & Guts and have been perceived to have been in a holding pattern. Not sure Tony and the EVPs would agree with that perception. In fact I doubt they would.
  16. It's a fair frustration. But between him and some of what Grichuk's been tweeting, it's clear that even at this early stage there's probably limited buy-in from the players with regard to what the Quarantine Act compels. If they're already kicking up a bitch like this after about a week, I'm not excited to see how the situation will devolve over the course of the season. Taking this issue from the other side, I'd like to see the government actually drop the hammer when push comes to shove. I'm doubtful.
  17. Those Wayfair truthers don’t really seem to be good at thinking.
  18. He said “bad impressions.” If I take your post as written, are you suggesting it’s possible that as much as 53% of us are capable of GOOD inpressions? And why am I tugging on this thread?
  19. Since many of us are kind of feeling that they shouldn't be holding too much back for the return of a proper live audience, how would people feel if they went with MJF like they'd been hinting?
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