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  1. Everything should be shorter. Nobody has time for multiple-segment Seth Rollins matches. The longest matches should be 15 minute Ironman bouts. And they should be rare.
  2. Saturdays on the GameTV is not new news. They've been there for quite a while now. Of course nobody ever knows where Impact is airing these days, so I see how it could be confused for news. A ton of "Impact in 60" features also air in the afternoon pretty much every weekend.
  3. I may actually watch something that's been collecting dust in my Netflix watchlist. Wow.
  4. Despite having almost no memory of that movie, I'm pretty sure that post is sarcasm. But I genuinely can't tell.
  5. Haven't found one of him with Singh yesterday, but this exists:
  6. Michael Giachhino will be working on The Batman.
  7. Really though, after blowing so much cash on Linda's senate runs, I doubt he'd bother with president. Much cheaper to just buy a cabinet position or ambassadorship.
  8. They're both Northeastern con-men who feel slighted because the establishment doesn't take them seriously. They're both known for trash TV. They both love steak and ketchup. They're basically the same person, except Vince would probably have a nervous breakdown if he was weak enough to eat a slice of chocolate cake.
  9. "I'm not bitter." - Jim Ross PSA: If you @ him, he'll 100% read it.
  10. Hilarious and sorrowful in equal measure. Maybe the best thing Danson's done on this show, which is saying something.
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