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  1. TK is giving me a nervous twitch. While I would love to see Christian take a couple month nostalgia tour through the Impact Zone, it would not be in the best interest of anyone to have Omega lose the Impact title first. Similarly, I can't think of anyone who believes that Christian vs. Omega for the AEW title is PPV main event worthy. Have AEW booked themselves into a corner? Does Christian lose on Friday and get put out of commission so that they have to go an alternate route with All Out? Wild card question: Does Andrade go over on Saturday? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. He needs a manager. Maybe an odd couple type pairing? How about Jungle Boy and the Nature Boy?
  3. While Danzig has had a few good cover tunes, this one is just too far out there for my palate.
  4. Apologies if this has already been posted. More of an awesome cover than a weird one, but still.
  5. First time checking the roster portion of their website, apologies.
  6. Hey, save that stuff for the hardcore thread. I don't need to see that level of violence without warning.
  7. Going to AEW's website to see if Caster was still listed was fruitless, as they haven't updated affiliations or roster in a while (but do update records). However, I was shocked to see that Stu and Uno are 10-0 in trios matches. For the life of me, I can't remember them in that many trios matches. I guess the fact that they are listing trios records lends credence to the notion that they are about to introduce a trios title. While that would be a welcome addition, I would still love to see a TV title that is required to be defended on either Dynamite or Rampage every week...kind of a continuation of Cody's open challenges for the TNT title.
  8. She just mentioned that her non-compete with WWE is about to run out (it was super long for some reason), and she couldn't see herself not being involved with professional wrestling.
  9. I would bet money that Renee Paquette joins the Dynamite booth.
  10. Refresh my tired old mind. I remember reading a recap of a Cody Rhodes media call a few months back where he said that Rampage was going to have a separate and distinct roster from Dynamite. Is that still the plan, was that ever the plan, did I just have an EWR dream where I made that decision?
  11. I was cringing at the first couple of minutes of Juvi/Jericho, but then they gelled into a nice match. As others have mentioned, top rope Judas Effect looked really good. No way Leyla Hirsch goes over Kamille, but that will be a fun match. I don't understand the AEW Women's Division. Just give them their own weekly YouTube show so they can get some visibility and reps, then have a big match on Dynamite or PPV. Eddie Kingston is as much a fan as he is a competitor. Seeing him mark out for David Crockett and Sting this week was beautiful (as was him showing love to Nolan Huber on his way to the ring). Black looked awesome in the main. I complain about a lot of Cody in-ring stuff, but there is no denying that he puts people over hard when called upon (Black, Darby, Brodie). Miro is awesome at every aspect of pro wrestling. He made me believe Big Shotty might have a chance...that is saying something.
  12. It is indeed Virgil Riley Runnels, Jr., feared long range shooting threat.
  13. Apologies if this has been shared before, but anyone have a guess on the identity of #50?
  14. If WWE was willing, I am confident TK would let Jericho be inducted into the HOF even if he was still with AEW.
  15. Does anyone else feel like the trials of Jericho seems kind of like a farewell tour? Matches he never got a chance to try...opponents from the past...? I don't mean to suggest that he is leaving the company permanently, but I could see him losing the MJF match where the stip was "Loser Leaves AEW".
  16. It seems Super Porky NEVER lost the charisma.
  17. Yeah. My favorite part of my exchange with him was when he told me to "detach from the political theatre and try to think objectively". Fairly talented wrestler, but certifiably koo koo for Cocoa Puffs.
  18. Not my goal...love the mods...really...except for that one really pretentious dude. I just wanted to know the answers to my questions and wanted to say that Austin Aries is a bit "out there", in my opinion. I will gladly mail fast acting BC powder to the mods if they would like.
  19. Holy Buzz Sawyer! I have been engaging in a "discussion" on Twitter with Austin Aries as regards his feelings about vaccines. This leads me to a couple questions. How many vehemently anti-vax wrestlers are there? Are wrestlers required to submit proof of HIV or Hep C status prior to appearances?
  20. Shit...two in a row. I am in danger of becoming a John from Cincinnati fan...quick say something positive about Cody Rhodes in-ring.
  21. This is literally the first post of yours that I have enjoyed, but man, that's quality stuff.
  22. Does anyone know if the stipulation for SCU was that their losing meant they could never team in AEW again or could never team again anywhere, period?
  23. I knew Starks was going to be cheered, but I didn't realize it would be so overwhelming. He really does ooze charisma like no one since the Rock. Tommy End/Malakai Black had the crowd in the palm of his hand as well. Really awesome crowd, not snarky or smarky in any way. Really enjoyed the Magical Girl return. She is everything Riho should be, imho.
  24. My PC in my home office works fine with this site, using Brave browser and default theme. However, every other PC in my house refuses to allow navigation from page to page within a thread. Each PC that doesn't work also uses Brave browser and default theme. I am at my wits end, as I have checked every setting within the browser and everything is the same on every PC. Any suggestions?
  25. Not saying JR is racist, and the Hobbs/Butch Reed comparison is fine and valid; but JR referred to Hobbs on a Dynamite past as "quite articulate". As someone who has lived in the South my entire life, I recognize that as a low key racist comment predicated on the fallacious notion that blacks are generally inferior to whites, and it is surprising when a black person is capable of speaking adroitly. So, JR is either low key racist or a product of his times. The Guevara/Hernandez comparison is a head scratcher, certainly. Either way, to me, renewing his contract is not good business; however, Tony Khan is a freaking saint and an old school fan, so he will keep JR around until the wheels come completely off.
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