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  1. WWE is not professional wrestling, by their own admission. Punk was correct in his statement.
  2. I guess your non-answer would make you the Jerry O'Hearn of DVDVR, then?
  3. So, I'll ask again. Anybody know if Jake Roberts is okay? If he has been seen since July, it is not by me.
  4. Apologies if I have just missed him on the B-shows or if this has been covered, but is everything good with Jake Roberts? I haven't seen him (that I can recall) since his interview with DDP and a Dark appearance in July. Also, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I came over to this board from RSPW (if you want to talk wild west) more years ago than I would like to recall, had some nice interactions, had to start a new account seven years ago (lost the original...not banned, just disappeared). Some of the names mentioned when discussing Non-stick and the sleaze thread provided me with immeasurable entertainment, despite their overall divisiveness. There is a place for all voices though, even if some of them just help you confirm that both Darwin and PT Barnum were right.
  5. There must be a huge internal struggle going on right now between super fan TK, businessman TK, and solid human TK.
  6. Yeah, curse Vickie and that nun costume making me feel stuff below the title belt.
  7. So, assuming that Ric Flair will play JJ Dillon to Andrade's Ric Flair, who else rounds out the group? I don't see the Lucha Bros. turning heel, but would be intrigued (as others have mentioned) with PAC turning on the LB and aligning with Andrade. That leaves a couple of open spots. Are there any non-American tag-teams or singles that could be a part of Horsemen International?
  8. The thing is, making a dream cut list is a futile exercise. Because TK is such a magnanimous and kind human, I don't see him cutting anyone (exceptions for behavior (Havoc), travel issues, and health issues). Now, I can see someone not getting their contract renewed when they are up, but TK tends to surround himself with other good humans. Shawn Dean, QT, and Solow are especially good humans and aren't going anywhere, in my opinion.
  9. If the Pinnacle continues after Wardlow turns face on MJF, Cage's weaknesses could be hidden pretty well by becoming MJF's enforcer. MJF could do all the talking, and Pinnacle mostly just does multi-man matches. All Cage would have to do is look menacing and get his shit in occasionally. Sure this sounds like Team Taz redux; but I think Pinnacle is a bit higher on the card, so Cage might be happier with that role.
  10. I correctly predicted Mox, Kenny, Britt, and Pretty Fly for a Wight Guy to win; and I correctly picked Ruby Soho as the Joker. However, I predicted Eddie over Miro, MJF over Jericho (mainly because I wanted an old school territory angle where Jericho comes back as masked Canadian luchador Le Champion), The Bucks to retain, Punk/Darby to be a wash due to interference, and Thunder Rosa to win the Battle Royale. Even though I hate to be wrong, that was one hell of a show. Easily the best PPV I have ever watched as it happened, and possibly the best ever. I was a bit disappointed that Dan Lambert's crew didn't interrupt the AFKABS and QT Marshall match by stomping a mudhole in all parties; but other than that...WOW! Everyone was on their game tonight. I don't see how any CM Punk fans checking out AEW for the first time wouldn't be absolutely flabbergasted at the greatness of the company. I hope a ton of new fans were created.
  11. I have done this in the past and tried again for All Out (money is tight, wanted to pay something and not watch for free), but my VPN wouldn't work. Do you mind if I ask which VPN you are using?
  12. Empowerrr was pretty good top to bottom! The Melina/Deonna match was really good, and I was surprised at how competitive the Kamille/Legit match ended up. Leyla really looked like a star in this one. The tag final was good as well. It is always a delight to watch Kilynn King, and Red Velvet made it through this whole match without making me wince once. The AEW women's division could be rounded out nicely in my opinion by formally signing Kiera Hogan AND by adding Lady Frost to the roster.
  13. I'm afraid they are keeping Black in a holding pattern by putting him against people who are peripherally Cody related until Cody returns. It seems a waste of one of their most talented performers to me.
  14. I'm not ashamed to say that I love the absolute shit out of JD Drake. I'm not going to say he moves MY needle (after having to read about the tumescence of some of y'all after CM Punk's return, your euphemisms may vary), but I thoroughly enjoy everything he does.
  15. I'm sorry to be negative, but I just can't watch Red Velvet without thinking at some point in every match that she is going to injure herself or her opponent with her green bullshit. I hope the experiment ends soon. Everything she is perceived to bring to the table can be accomplished with Kiera Hogan.
  16. Congratulations. You must be one of those sophisticates I have heard about.
  17. I have followed pro wrestling since 1979. I have watched multiple shoot interviews. I read every post in the sleaze thread. I used to sling mud at RSPW. I thought I knew a thing or two about a thing or two. How had I never heard this story before?
  18. The thing is, Punk has been training recently. During the run-up to filming Heels, each star trained with Luke Hawx; and it was mentioned that Punk didn't look like he had lost a step. I would also dare say that he and Darby already have an idea of how this match should go, so the flow should be fine and beneficial to both.
  19. I have followed CM Punk since IWA-MS (as I'm sure many of you have). Tonight was a great moment. Truly special. A CM Punk with a renewed love and energy for professional wrestling is a beautiful thing, and I will be there for every minute of it.
  20. I'll admit to a fair amount of ignorance where UFC is concerned. Were Dan Lambert's back-up dancers "holy shit" or "ah, shit"? The crowd was insane for the near falls in the YB/JE match. Jungle Boy really might be the Ricky Steamboat of his generation. JR was JR tonight. I can't wait until AEW signs Mustafa Ali just to hear JR say "you know, this kid reminds me of Nasir Bholu". Good show overall. Who didn't Moxley call out in that thinly veiled promo? Interesting to see where that goes.
  21. I still see Christian not being the opponent at All Out. It probably won't be Hangman, and it certainly shouldn't be Punk or Danielson this soon, so I'm not sure who he will face.
  22. To people saying that it is a shame that Christian beat Kenny, he didn't. Kenny and the Young Bucks beat Kenny. Now, when he loses the belt to Andrade tomorrow; he should be nice and unhinged and ready to be goaded into giving Hangman a shot at the title.
  23. The Christian vs. Kazarian match from Genesis 2007 and Christian vs. Samoa Joe from Destination X 2007 come to mind.
  24. TK is giving me a nervous twitch. While I would love to see Christian take a couple month nostalgia tour through the Impact Zone, it would not be in the best interest of anyone to have Omega lose the Impact title first. Similarly, I can't think of anyone who believes that Christian vs. Omega for the AEW title is PPV main event worthy. Have AEW booked themselves into a corner? Does Christian lose on Friday and get put out of commission so that they have to go an alternate route with All Out? Wild card question: Does Andrade go over on Saturday? Inquiring minds want to know.
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