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  1. I have a list of Supergirl complaints I cant get into right now, but if you can tell me what Kara's story ark was this year outside of a relationship with Mon-El that felt very OOC for her, I' might consider season 2 something other then a massive drop off from season 1.
  2. It really is something that the generally accepted list of best Arrowverse show to worst last year (Flash, Supergirl, LoT, Arrow) basically flipped over this year. Save LoT still being better then Arrow.
  3. It was sizably behind Styles/Owens, Zayn/Corbin, Ziggler/Nqk, and even PoPo/Usos in my living room.
  4. Hahahahahahaha
  5. I personally loved our Salarian Architect Strike Team/Band.
  6. The guy fucked up Kentas fucking back kick. I thought Roode was awful tonight.
  7. It doesnt need it, no, but any title match on a show with Gargano/Ciampa on it is going to feel completely secondary as long as Roode has the belt.
  8. I now want Ciampa to run fucking through Roode, to set up Gargano/Ciampa for the belt.
  9. Can we talk the beauty of Gargano taking that ladder shot of death for Ciampa, only for Ciampa to do that post match? Or that this goes all the way back to there damn CWC match when Gargano lowered the knee brace, then raised it back up because he didnt want to hurt his friend? A year in the fuckin making.
  10. Owens Jericho wasnt a heel turn though. Owens was a heel already.
  11. They literally just made Ciampa the No.1 heel in NXT with one angle. The fuck were you expecting?
  12. So, name the last heel turn done that fucking well?
  13. Got to play about 5 runs on Silver with Stout yesterday. I failed to extract the last two which sucked. I will say my proposed Chargeless Vanguard is much more tailored for the Human then Krogan. Nova and Shockwave work much better in combo then Nova and Fortification. Got the Scorpion yesterday, and this, all is well.
  14. Basically, they just had a year of adjusting to there team image kinda adjusting would be my guess. Kind of like the Kings when they won the cup, if you were paying attention, it was pretty clear Nashville was a lot better then a typical 8 seed. Honestly, they were a tougher draw even before they got hot then Minnesota or St. Louis would have been for anyone, save for Jake Allen going stupid like he did round 1. I have no problems with Nashville, and hope they dismantle resident California team people don't really care about much and the winner of NHL Golden Team/Resident "Canadas" Team that really every other Canadian teams fans are hoping get swept.
  15. I find the idea that Owens is an "other worldly" good worker very questionable as well. Outside of the Cena/Owens series (which was one good match and then realizing they only had that one good match) the listing of really good things were I thought Owens was really good in the match that don't involve Sami Zayn is about 0.