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  1. DC TV Thread

    We haven't had any discussion on any of the last LoT episodes and thats a shame. It's actually been fun watching people around the internet come around to LoT being the best DC show. BL and Supergirl are good too, but LoT is generally an amazing mix of cool concept episodes, great characters getting actual progression, and and legitimately funny comedy. LoT is the perfect comic book show imo.
  2. It's a new thing that every time I watch some old Mass Effect stuff from the heyday that gets me emotional, I also get angry because fucking EA fucked it all up.
  3. You don't need to, that's the beauty!
  4. #205LIVE

    I kinda love how this show just casually gives us Mascara Dorada vs. KENTA exchanges. That would have felt like a huge deal about 5 years ago, now it's just stuff in a filler tag match. Mustafa Ali's promos are awesome. I want to see him get his title reign as soon as possible. So much so that he's the guy I hope wins the entire thing. Holy Shit that Torture Rack throw into the ring post is one of the best spots I can ever recall seeing. Holy Shit. The main might be hte best match of the tournament. That was good shit.
  5. Fastlane IV - 3/11/2018

    Full credit to them for the main event which was really fun and told a really great story. I kinda like that this time Zayn and Owens are 100% justified. Owens had the match won completely on his own accord. There was no bullshit Zayn and Owens working together stuff, and they both were in positions to win the title clean and Shane screwed them. It's gonna make the 2 on 1 beatdown on Talking Smack feel 100% earned. It was a good show. Not amazing, but good.
  6. The Best Open World Games?

    My listing is probably weird 1. Fallout: New Vegas 2. Skyrim 3. GTA V 4. GTA San Andreas 5. Red Dead Redemption Honorable Mention: Bully, GTA: Vice City New Vegas is just video gaming perfection to me. Took everything Fallout 3 did, did it better, then took everything didn't do hugely great and did it amazing. Yes, it's slightly broken. No, that isn't changing my view on the best Fallout game ever created. Skyrim is just simply addicting as shit. No real details needed. GTA V I'm actuall yranking this high due to in large part to GTA Online. the single player is fun, but I can't say it's the best GTA game if it were not for the online

    Well holy fucking shit, that right there is a match.

    It's almost as if the Rams don't give a fuck about winning and now that Kroenke has his big money stadium he doesn't give a shit anymoe.
  9. #205LIVE

    Both matches were pretty damn great, as is per tradition with this tournament. Buddy Murphy is a freak with that build and athleticism, and he just seems like one of those guys who just "get" wrestling very well imo. I understand why he lost, and it was a in a roll up fashion to protect him a bit, but man he screams Top Heel in this division in 3-4 months. He's basically Tony Nese except he does the little things Nese never seems to get. That isn't to take anything away from Ali, who is also very very good. As is Gulak and Andrews for that matter. God the 205 roster rules right now. More people need to be watching this. We are at the final 4 of this tournament, and no matter who wins, I'll like the pick. If I have one fault with this tournament, I'd make the finals a 4 way because WWE tends to be fantastic at putting together big multiman matches now a days, and those 4 could probably do a special one, and I want all of them to get the Mania payday.
  10. 2017-18 NHL SEASON: Period Three

    Patrick Laine might win the Rocket Richard this year while technically playing on Winnipegs 3rd line. Unfair.
  11. The Board Game Thread

    God I missed DnD. My DM had set my group in search of a crime organization that is starting to hassle local buisnesses, and kill owners who wouldn't pay their prices. Failing leads, I mention that since one of the members of the party is literally the daughter of the the person who runs the merchants quarters, and my character was very very new to the city, that the best recourse is take one of the abandoned buildings, re-purpose it as a bar, and pretend that I'm now in charge. We decide to name the bar "The Bait Shop", with the tag line "Were you go to get your gills wet."..... all the while being on the opposite side of city from the docks. We run for one day of shitty service (we almost forgot to buy cups), before said organization drops in to try to ambush us, but we catch them off guard. The best part was playing as a Bard and using Dissonant Whispers on a man with the Whisper being "Welcome to the Bait Shop...." and then doing it another with "Come to get your gills wet" I love DnD.
  12. 2017-18 NHL SEASON: Period Three

    *tries to ignore the Blues blowing a late game by looking at pictures of Jordan Kyrou and Robert Thomas while mumbling "Soon.... Soon.........."
  13. 2017-18 NBA: SECOND HALF

    That might be the most watched death of a person since Kennedy.
  14. #205LIVE

    Roddy and Kalisto might be the 2 best wrestlers in this tournament (Though Gulak and Gallagher make it interesting), and while not everything in it clicked 100%, I'd love a series between these two. Roddy gets under rated as a base due to his small size, but him vs. quicker flyer types he can break is always fun.
  15. 2017-18 NHL SEASON: Period Two

    The St. Louis Blues subreddit is refocusing their discussion from hockey to actual Blues music. I think it fits.