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  1. El Dragon


    Davi isn't very good. I liked Jinny better then Storm honestly. I thought she looked really good. The match was strong, pretty good stuff overall. I liked Xia and Karen's match a good deal. It as a cool showcase, and enjoyed the performance of both.
  2. El Dragon


    So as someone who hasn't seen tons of Purazzo, I came away decently unimpressed. A lot of her stuff just seemed like slower versions of stuff I watched years ago. Was kind of a bummer for me since I keep seeing so much talk about her. Kacy has "female Rey Mysterio" potential to me. Incredibly small, but potential to be the best pure high flyer women's wrestling has ever seen, just off athleticism. Add in natural flexability and early signs being strong on selling, the sky is literally the limit. I really am eager to see how good she can be in 2-3 years. The over the top rope springboard off the 2nd is absolutely crazy to me.
  3. El Dragon


    I'll give Spider-Man full credit for having my favorite version of Mary Jane I've seen in media.
  4. El Dragon

    NFL Fantasy Football 2K18

    My experience in fantasy last year. Have 1st overall pick in my money league. Take David Johnson. Week 1 happens. I hate life. My experience in fantasy this year. Have 1st overall pick in my money league. Say fuck that Running Back shit, take Antonio Brown 1st. 14 team league. Swing comes around, and there are still 2 Running Backs I like! Yay! Let's get this goin! All aboard the Jerick McKinnon train! CHOO CHOO! Oh, and I hate life.
  5. *Pushes all my chips all in* Yeah, this game is gonna take over my life.
  6. El Dragon

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I know I don't comment enough, but I like the Rowell/Anka Runaways so damn much.
  7. After a day it's... Not awful or anything. It's a fine game mechanically and the gameplay is fun. That said, couple things I noticed. ME1 crew and important staff on the Normandy: Joker, Ashley, Kaiden, Chakwas, Pressley, Adams,Garrus, Wrex, Tali, and Liara. ME2 crew and important staff: Joker, EDI, Miranda, Jacob, Kelly, Garnder, Chakwas, Donnolly, Gabby, Mordin, Garrus, Jack, Grunt, Tali, Samara, Thane, Legion. ME3 crew and important staff: Joker, EDI, Kaiden/Ashley, Vega, Traynor, Adams, Chakwas/Michel, Adams, Ken and Gabby, Garrus, Tali, with Wrex, Mordin and Legion having extended runs on the ship with cameos from Miranda, Jacob, Grunt, Samara, Thane, Kirrahe (fuck yeah), and Jack. None of that includes major side characters like The Illusive Man, Anderson, Udina, Parasini, Aethyna, and others. Here is the list of crew members on the Tempest I could name off the top of my head before I played yesterday. Vetra, Peebee, Drak. That was it. There was a giant blind spot that was literally 2/3rds of the crew. The cast didn't make close to the lasting impact the original series did. Also, the Kett are shitty bad guys. Like, very very shitty. Generic as could be. That said? i actually like Ryder a good deal. I think fem Ryder at least makes a really fun main character. She can view everything around her with a sense of wonder, which works. Also, she is young and in gigantically over her head. I like the contrast to Shepard there. If they did one thing right, the character of Sara Ryder might be it. But damn this game just doesn't have enough options for something. Back in ME1 you and Ashley can have a conversation about god, and it gives you at least 3 options about what your character believes, from beleiving, not believing to accepting, to saying believing in god is silly. In Andromeda, they skip the middle option. You know, the one that doesn't make you look like an asshole. That is dumb as hell. Overall, I'm gonna keep playing, but.... Eh. Combats fun.
  8. I have zero idea why, but I've hit the idea of replaying Andromeda now a year later and my attitude for the game tempered. We shall see how it feels.
  9. Oh so many my friend. So so many.
  10. El Dragon

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    I went from looking pretty strong to staring down the barrel of The Room really damn quick.
  11. El Dragon

    MLB 2018 - AUGUST

    Down 3, Bases Loaded, 2 out, Bottom of the 9th, 2 strikes. This is that fantasy scenario you dream of when you are swinging a wiffle ball bat at age 6.
  12. El Dragon

    DC TV Thread

    I'll join in the Ruby discussion to say she was distractingly bad in Orange is the New Black. Especially in a cast with so many strong actors. Basically, her being cast lowered my expectations for the show greatly.
  13. Yeah, this is the one game I see uniting just about anyone I play games with, whether from here or in real life. People are still talking about it at work 2 months out.
  14. El Dragon


    Legitimately got pretty emotional at Meiko coming out. Meiko Satomura in a WWE ring is just such a fucking crazy "how is this happening" type of thing.
  15. El Dragon

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Just wait till HTM beats Christopher Robin on RT and how everyone here will lose their damned minds. Having CR at No.1 is an absolute death sentance to me.