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  1. Seriously, if that wasn't the finish, the sure made one hell of an adjustment to get that music setup rapid fire.
  2. I wasn't meaning you specifically, just that I had been hearing that mindset a good deal. But yes, that match ruled. Also probably Finns best WWE match to date.
  3. How many times can we say Nak didn't have great chemistry with someone before we just start questioning if he isn't adjusting to WWE style well?
  4. Lost in all of our is Nakamura too lazy talking, we have not hit what I think is the bigger question of "Does Nakamura just suck at "WWE Style" Cause save for the Zayn match which was worked very similar to his matches with AJ and Ibushi, and the AJ exchange which is, well with AJ who has past experience with, we haven't even really had moments were he felt like the same epic ring worker he was in New Japan.
  5. Fuck, Samoa Joe was kinda being viewed as past his prime and done because the Nak series was so underwhelming, then he gets called up and feels like an equal to Lesnar and a god damnes star. If Nak couldn't work up the energy or ability to have really good matches with Joe, who will he do it for?
  6. Because WWE isn't gonna buy that a part time guy with no established history in North America is gonna move the needle to anyone yet. Special Attraction is his best role, but WWE ain't doing that shit for someone who draw no interest from casuals or nostalgia.
  7. It still blows my mind they didn't return Rusev as a face. It's almost as dumb as never face turning Bray.
  8. BTW, I'm not saying Nak doesn't have "it" anymore, I'm saying if you mail it in this much on a nation television where a lot of folks might be buying tickets to see you, and you are clearly mailing it in, they might not buy tickets to see you anymore. Basically, you guys are saying he's coasting because he can get away with it. I'm saying, he's not going to get away with it. WWE won't put him in big matches if he's mailing it in, and he's gonna mail it in if he's not in big matches. I predict a catch 22.
  9. BTW, Randy Ortons Mania till now has been baaaaaaaad. Like really bad. Bet he misses working with Harper.
  10. I'm not saying he's better then Nagata or Yoshi, but I'd say he's better then Makabe, Fale, and, imo, Tonga. That's also not going into my slowly building dislike of Ishii trying to kill himself, but whatevs on that one. And your not wrong, and I'm not overly surprised it's happening. But the evidence of him not really giving a shit about almost any match he's been in is too damn high, and I keep seeing excuses for it. Oh, the Joe/Nakamura series was a let down. Joe just doesn't have it anymore. Well, Joe sure as fuck seems to have it on the main roster. Roodes best match this year was with Roddy, someone who I admit is basically charisma less, where as the Nak/Roode series was meh. We have an 18 month sample size of work, more or less, and it has constantly been underwhelming. Matches that should b great are just good, matches that should be good are boring. Thats either a constant lack of motivation, or just a sign he doesn't mix well into WWE style. Either way, I think the WWE move has clearly hurt his career with New Japan blowing up.
  11. Because that doesn't fucking work in the E. You can't completely mail it every fucking month and expect people to give a shit 3 months later. And I've watched good Corbin matches with guys a lot worse then what Nak can do. I'd watch Corbin over multiple guys who are in the G1. Nak only works hard with guys he wants to work hard with. When Punk did that every once in a while, he'd get blasted for it, and Nakamura has basically done that for about 18 months. No more fucking excuses for that bush league shit. Great wrestlers get good matches out of worse people, not drag them down to their least interesting match of the year.
  12. Seriously though, in the entire history of WWE PPV's were does Mahal/Orton Punjabi Prison rank? Even in name its horrible, and it lived up to the anti-hype. Someone find me one worse. Meanwhile, the Usos are starting to cement a claim as being a top 10 tag team in WWE history. Also, first tag team in the E to have multiple great matches as both faces and heels since it was the F instead of E.
  13. Rusev, to me, is just biding time till his contract expires at this point.
  14. Also, the Flag match and Prison match are like the epitome of "making the wrestlers look stupid" matches. Rusev has Cena down for over a minute, wastes time fucking around with tables instead of grabbing flag in winning, which should take about 30 seconds. Spend your entire time worrying about your opponent escaping the Punjabi thingy instead of just going out the other door. Oh, your opponent is trying to climb over the first cage like an idiot? Better stop him instead of leaving out the goddamned unlocked door opposite of him, then waiting for him to come down to be beating the shit out him.