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  1. Robert says "Dragged me to Victory" when general he was top 2 in scoring in the vast majority of our silver games. And that's after a bronze maps were our groupings were so strong we borderline felt bad for our enemies at various points. This is kinda an obvious statement, but there are like 2 different ways to gauge levels of difficulty in this game No.1 Are you playing on Gold, Silver, or Bronze No.2 Are you fighting Kett, Remnant, or Outcast. I'm honestly starting to think Kett on Brone is harder then Outcast on Silver.
  2. God SuperHot is the fucking best.
  3. GIF

    Is this a Gangsta recognizes Gangsta moment? Cause it seems like it.
  4. I'm still playing single player, yes. Just this weekend I decided was a Multi-Player weekend for me.
  5. I have officially maxed out everything bronze in the game. Now I have to do the same with silver... which might be even more annoying since most uncommon stuff in this game seems kinda shitty too.
  6. Sooo, if you guys don't know yet, they introduced 2 new Multiplayer maps. And they are doozies. I've found myself on both of them multiple times today and hooboy.
  7. For what it's worth, I'm totally on Phil's side on this one. I also thought it was incredibly easy call, for whatever it's worth.
  8. So, note for any Xbox players over the next couple days: If you see me playing multiplayer and were wanting to play, I'm more then willing to jump into a game with you guys. God knows it's better then dealing with rando's
  9. Things I learned in MEA multiplayer yesterday: 1 I may be crazy for not putting any points into Singularity for my Human Adept. But Pullwaving is just so fun. 2 Upgrades go up to 10 now. So that will slow my buying everything speed a tad. 3 In the most stunning news of all, the Disciple isn't shit. My favorite Shotgun I've unlocked so far. Decent play on Vanguard builds.
  10. That's basically a bunch of very even stats and then some ones that are kinda pointless that heavy lean Laine. I mean, Laine should probably win, but that wasn't the best argument.
  11. Sometimes you know the game is just messing with you. I'm starting to get my characters up to level X, except the Female Human Sentinal, arguably my "best" character, who I have up to level 14. For what I'm playing a lot right now Human Sentinal: Level 14 Asari Adept: Level 11 Human Vanguard: Level 10 Human Adept: Level 7 Human Soldier: Level 6 Krogan Engineer: Level 5 Angara Insurgent: Level 4 I'd love to add more tech skills into my run through, but the Engineer and Infiltrator builds are just so... meh.
  12. I say something, it's in literally my next pack.
  13. Been playing a lot of multiplayer these last few days. Got my Female Vanguard at X now, and most of my human characters are catching up with her. All my bronze guns are X now, so going in the right direction. Getting comfortable on Silver now, which is helping the bronze unlock speed. Once I've gotten everything I want from Basic packs, will be moving on to unlocking everything from Advanced. ... That said, would really like the Krogan Vanguard at SOME point game.
  14. To continue the mid 90's Indians thing, and I know the reason why they didn't win the series in 96 can just be listed as pitching, but here is a listing of position players who were on that team. Sandy Alomar Jr, Julio Franco, Carlos Baerga, Omar Visquel, Jim Thome, Albert Belle, Kenny Lofton, Manny Ramirez, Eddie Murray, Jeromy Burnitz, Brian Giles, Jeff Kent. I'm curious were that ranks all time on "most position player talent on a baseball team" ever.
  15. I'll give WWE tons of credit for making an escape cage match were the Escape felt like a satisfying finish. That might the first time I've seen that in a very long time.