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  1. MM17

    I know, that was the joke. But seriously, those Cena/Styles matches might be my least favorite matches in the time period. At least after the 1st, which was legitimately pretty great.
  2. MM17

    And thus my argument is made
  3. MM17

    Can do worse then second place.
  4. MM17

    7 hours and 0 posts for the finals. That's... a pretty good indicator on how obvious this result was. I'm not voting anyone over Revival, that includes Styles. Styles is the best guy in the world at a style I generally hate. He is the best at it, and had some great matches, but also had some matches I hated. The Revival was great or amazing in every single big match they were in.
  5. I mean you could do that, but you are gonna be maxxed out at all your main skills by level 30. I'm at 35 and haven't even wrapped up my 3rd planet yet.
  6. I might need to go into detail on my builds at level 35 when I'm not at work. I will say, if you aren't using any biotic abilities, you aren't playing this game to it's best potential. Try to come up with 4 builds was my thing. One for high numbers of low level enemies, one for bosses, one for close range, one for long. Thats the best way to play it imo.
  7. Why Pistols are OP as fuck in single player: My character only has points put into Pistols, which seems like a weird call. But, with my Pistol Only build, I currently have an elite SMG (Hurricane), a borderline Shotgun (Talon), and a Grenade Launcher (Scorpion) all without going over my weight capacity. Feels good man.
  8. You are not. There are tons of Easter Eggs all over this game. Yesterday was teh first time Multiplayer really felt like GTAV type of good time, were even if we were losing, we were having a ton of fun. That said, they do really need to rebalance weapons in multuplayer. Nothing does the damage it feels like it "should"
  9. Up to level 27 now. Now at "Pioneering Scientist" on my Explorer rank. Done some loyalty missions. They were pretty fun. I feel like I've done tons, and I've only settled 2 of the worlds so far. This game is the best.
  10. I find the negative Liam attitude sad because his loyalty mission is one of the most enjoyable things I've ever played in a Mass Effect game.
  11. This thread really does make me so happy. Just hit level 20. Really enjoying the story. Really enjoying the characters. Really enjoying the gameplay. Fuck the reviewers. I love this game so much.
  12. This is gonna be a weird one for me, but now my thoughts on the game now that I'm level 15 and getting kinda far into it. -Something I never thought I would say, but... At present, this is sitting as my 2nd favorite Mass Effect game behind 2. And that is much much closer then I anticipated. It has plenty of warts, but not only is this still "Mass Effect" it has everything I fell in love with Mass Effect 1 for (The space Exploration, namely), but it's all significantly better this go around, while having the best combat of the series. I got home at 9 yesterday more tired then I could describe. I ended up playing till 3 AM. -My character is also at the decently high level club at 14, though unlike most, I'm putting points all over the place. I'm playing a true "Explorder" if you want to think about it that way. I've got Barricade, Turbocharge, Trip Mine, Throw, Annihalation, Backlash, Singularity, Lance, Overload, Incinerate, Tactical Cloak, and Invasion all in my "shit to do" arsenal. I love the "you aren't set in one build" character set up. -I'm starting to rapidly realize what works in Multiplayer is group tactics for the most part this go around. Just did a Bronze that went absurdly smoothly cause all of us were playing with some form of Biotic and were sticking together, primieing and detonating. -This might be my favorite type of tasks in an RPG game in a long time, cause everything actually does have an impact. Who fucking cared if this creepy farmer gothis creepy ram back in DAI? This time I'm rehabiliating entire worlds.
  13. So apparently they are releasing a new multi-player character tomorrow. It's a Krogan, and he has a Hammer
  14. I need a better headset cause my current one is awful.