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  1. Smackdown Is Asian Race Relations - 9/19/2017

    Does me not watching Smackdown for the last month cause it's been shitty count?
  2. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    I wonder how much money you could have made by betting on Cleveland having a better record then the Dodgers at the end of the year.
  3. Fantasy Football 2K17

    David Johnson in a PPR league made that an even more obvious call. My thoughts on the draft were gonna be completely dependent on who was there at the 2/3 round swing, and I felt very happy I was about to sneak in Baldwin and Fournette there.
  4. Fantasy Football 2K17

    So, just wanted some opinions on my fantasy team. I barely pay attention to football, but for a 12 team league, I feel I knocked this out of the park. PPR league. QB: Dak Prescott, Derek Carr RB: David Johnson, Leonard Fournette, Carlos Hyde, Giovanni Bernard, D'Onta Foreman WR: Doug Baldwin, Kelvin Benjamin, Martavis Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Kevin White, Sterling Shepard TE: Martellus Bennett Defense: Steelers K: Phil Dawson I drew first pick, took Johnson, and got lucky that both Baldwin and Fournette were waiting for me at the side swing. After taking Hyde and Benjamin, I jumped on a QB time share by picking Prescott and Carr with back to back picks. I think I did as well as I possibly could have in this position, but not sure.
  5. Seeing Stout posting about Fortifying triggering combos and and what not makes me kinda grin. Just a random note. Holy Fuck, this made me check out the Apex Rating scores. Jesus guys.
  6. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Just don't make Runaways shitty please Marvel.
  7. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    I mean, I'm not opposed to jumping back in a bit, I just can't do it late. Also, I always thought you were the 2nd best pilot in the crew Robert, but that was a couple years back.
  8. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Fair enough, I guess. I usually am a big fan of less is more style workers, but the problem with Roode to me is he's a man who lives absolutely nowhere in terms of what his style is. He feels like a guy who has to be opportunistic. He's never at any point felt like he was the "better man" in a match he's been in to me. And I mean that in a kayfabe sense, not a general in ring work sense. Roode's problem with me is simply he feels like he's pushed too strong to be a cowardly "not really as good as the top babyfaces, just a really good cheater" type of heel, but his size, mediocre offense, and general... thereness kinda prevents him from being a convincing dominating controlling heel. The big problem with Drew/Roode was simple: At no point did I buy Roode as being a better wrestler then Drew, once more, in kayfabe. All of Roode's strengths, McIntrye does better. He hits harder, he has more power, he's faster. The only thing Roode had on him is cunning, and he didn't do anything in the match that made him come across as being particularly clever. Therefor, it just felt like a pretty standard WWE style main event. By no means bad, but by every definition I can think of, no means great. It was a good match. It also followed a show were everything before it to me was great, so that hurt. I find the Gargano/Almas "convoluted and over blown" talking point as odd. The point of the match was that these were two very good wrestlers who hadn't had much success in singles competition for different reasons. Almas's focus hasn't been where it's needed to be, Johnny was in tag work and dealing with a betrayal from his best friend. It was a "These are what these two guys can do when they are on" style of match. And Almas looked great as a still arrogant but more focused heel, and Gargano is starting to climb to the Zayn/Bayley level of great babyface in NXT. Also, I'll disagree on the shirt thing, because if that went another 3-5 seconds, it would have been eye roll worthy. The point was, Gargano knew what that shirt was, and anyone who was paying attention to it did too, and the split second advantage it gave was exactly what Almas needed. Worked perfectly for me. And I'm someone who really disliked Gargano before his NXT run, but think he's been a revelation as a sympathetic babyface in NXT.
  9. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    ....? I mean, no offense, but I thought the Roode/Drew match was the worst match on the card by a decent bit. And I liked it pretty well. But no way I buy it being better then Gargano/Almas.
  10. Me and Gonzo repping that fuck EA bangwagon, I like it.
  11. Still fucking sucks for Cormier. Loses a giant fight, gets concussed, by a drug cheat. And the report is Steroids. So Cormier will always have that doubt over him because a cheater beat him.
  12. So there are reports Jon Jones failed a steroid test, thus solidifying him as the biggest idiot in sports.
  13. SummerSlam XXX

    Feel like Joe or Braun really should have taken the belt tonight. No promise they will remain this hot going forward.
  14. I think I got my rage out of me a while back. I'm done with Bioware for most likely a good half decade now, and have came to peace with it.
  15. To the shock of absolutely nobody. I kinda want to play some ME3 Multiplayer tonight after Takeover just for the fuck of it. See what type of player base it still has.