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  1. Yesterday I finally FINALLY got a Talon. It made me very happy to have a good Heavy Pistol after so long.
  2. Throw the Rascals Out! 2017 Edition

    Ozzie Smith is arguably the best defensive baseball player to ever play the game. Even as a Cubs fan, he's nowhere close to a candidate for this listing. Lou Brock, on the other hand... That we can talk about.
  3. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    Yeah, who wants a pitcher who has never been worth less then 3.5 WAR in a full season over 2 bad games with a pitching mechanic that probably has easy flaw to fix.
  4. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    This was easily to me the best issue of Runaways since Vaughn left, no hyperbole. Drama, Comedy, actual character development (Molly's growing up!), etc. Rainbow was a great pick to take over the series.
  5. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    And fuck me, it needs to get here tomorrow. Even without much of an action sequence, that finale was basically perfect imo, and makes me desperate for more.
  6. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Aaaaand done. Runaways renewed for a 13 episode second season.
  7. While this is correct, the add ons on that one were such bullshit. Honestly, the entire Star Child thing was god damned bullshit too. Fucking everything after the Quarian/Geth war as pretty much fucking bullshit. It's been half a decade, and this conversation still infuriates me!
  8. If there is one thing in the computer and games forum that is well established now, it's my pure and utter hatred for the ending to Mass Effect 3. Very very few things have made me feel that much rage, and then generally feeling of emptiness once I realized I had put hundreds of hours into my life for me to get.... there.
  9. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    No, but I can punch their head till it explodes. Both are good.
  10. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    I never notice you guys online, but, if you see playing Mass Effect and your on, send me an invite as well. I'll drop some more Mass Effect time for more group stuff.
  11. 2017-18 NHL SEASON: Period Two

    Blues are struggling mightily since Schwartz got hurt. He's the heart and soul of the team at this point. That said, we have won 3 in a row, mostly because Carter Hutton is this years "Career Backup who tries to take a younger players starting role away"
  12. It is. Worth noting, all the endings STILL suck. They just suck slightly less then they did at launch. And holy shit did they suck at launch...
  13. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Starting (very early) to appear that Runaways is getting renewed. Which I was expecting, but, you know, who knows.

    Credit to him for having a pretty good last season before the injury killed him.
  15. 2 1001 UPDATES: Celebrities and Plain Janes

    I am the one person who watched those London/Akio matches, and they were fucking amazing. Paul London from 02 till the end of the London & Kendrick run is one of my picks for most underrated wrestlers ever. I'd rather watch a Paul London prime match then almost any other wrestler ever. Dude was fucking nuts.