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  1. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I mean, that last one was a self swipe more then anything.
  2. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Honestly, my feelings are strongly influenced by two things. 1. The RWBY Villians mostly suck and are uninteresting, so the more centralized the plot becomes to deal with them, the less interesting the show tends to be. Ruby's story arc basically is the center plot, and that's been one of the main things that haven't done much for me. As said, Weiss dealing with her shit and Yang dealing with her shit have been the highlights of the show for me, and I'm kinda dreading them falling back in with Ruby and becoming more side characters again. And 2. I feel like as much of a disservice Season 4 did to basically all of the RWBY team (and it was one for every single one), no one came out looking worse then Ruby, who went through complete hell in Season 3 and then was still smiling and cracking jokes in season 4 when everyone else got more serious. It was hurt even more by the fact that the Title Character of the Show played 4th fiddle on team RNJR, which is even more not helped by the fact that while I don't mind Ren and Nora (and Season 4 was far from the lowest point Jaune's had on this show, even though I'm still not crazy about him), there's no way she should be playing background to them. So, overall, the RNJR story has been a weak spot on the show for me. Maybe not as weak as the Menagerie storyline, were Blake manages to be the least interesting part about it, but still. We can certainly agree that Yang (And Weiss, imo) have been the highlights of the season so far. Episode 4's ending was the most hyped I've been for this show in a long time.
  3. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    From what I understand it, Monty had the story setup written down and saved for up to season 7 I do believe already. I can't promise how much they went away from it though. Montys death (once we talk about it past the fact that a really talented artist died just as his vision got started, and that's horrible) is actually an interesting line to draw in RWBY's history. Monty did some things very well: Tremendous and clever fight scenes, having a great idea on how to design characters (a large part of what sold me on the show was the character designs. Even if the animation wasn't amazing, all of the main cast is more or less perfect in terms of unique and awesome looks, especially Ruby, Weiss, and Yang), and basically knowing how to keep people invested: One of my favorite Monty things is that every major character in RWBY in the first couple seasons had a costume that had pockets clearly designed in it, for convenience for cosplayers. That's such a minor thing but really clever in marketing yourself to that fanbase. That said, there are some things that were clear flaws as well. Monty wasn't a great story writer, and that led to many problems in the first couple seasons. RWBY kinda has struggled, imo, to figure out it's identity. In Season 1 & 2 it was mostly a teen drama with some awesome fight scenes. The problem is most of the teen drama stuff was centered around a character a lot of people didn't care about, and that fell flat. Also, it's a show that sold itself to people through it's trailers, which featured really really fun fight scenes. The Red, White, and Yellow trailer were mind blowing 5 years ago, and there were only 3 legitimate fight scenes in the entirety of season 1. Now all 3 were cool as shit, but that's over about 20 episodes. That's a lot of weekly episodes without the thing that sold the show, basically. Also, Monty was... flighty. He loved the rule of cool, and would push things just because "Well this is an awesome character design, so we are gonna use this character a bit" with no real plans for the character themselves. His love for side characters at points hurt some of the main characters progression. But once Monty passed, things had to shift. Nobody else in the company can make fight scenes like Monty, and honestly, they haven't had a fight scene touch one of Montys true best since (Though Volume 5 Episode 4's fight scene, imo, comes close), so they had to focus to the story, and it's been mixed results so far. They basically changed from a teen drama to a full on straight anime style adventure, and... I'm still not sure that was the right call. I think the main plot could have used a couple more years to develop, but here we are. Season 3 was okay, Season 4 was not. Season 4 they tried to change how they animated things and basically took way too big of a bite to chew on, and many things felt rushed and poor. The good news is, Season 5 so far has felt like a significant step up from 4, at least in parts. Without going into spoilers for those who haven't watched it, I've really enjoyed the Yang and Weiss story arcs, have been "eh" on the Ruby one, and the Blake one has just been there to me for a while. And rant over.
  4. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Boy is that not a problem I have anymore...
  5. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    As a big time RWBY watcher, it has it's flaws. The first 2 seasons do a good job, imo, making you give a bit of a shit about the characters and some of the fight scenes are outstanding, but the animation is not great. Season 3 and especially 4 the animation got fixed but the story and fight scenes lacked. The fight scene thing is easy to figure, what with the shows creater and fight scene master Monty Oum passing away between seasons 2 & 3. Basically, every season of RWBY has had something wrong with it, but I still enjoy watching it a good deal. Mainly because both Weiss and Yang are just the best, and 2 of my favorite characters in general at this point.
  6. I've hit that happy point in my gaming life were I'm cool just playing older games, because the video game industry as it stands right now is broken. I've just been going back and playing Fallout 4, Mass Effect 3 (Multiplayer still up and still gets players!), and stuff.
  7. DC TV Thread

    *pokes head in* LoT is still amazing. *leaves again*
  8. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    Fucking god damn it. RIP
  9. Fantasy Football 2K17

    Sign me up on the "Greg Z saved my season" parade. I'm about to be 6-3 and he has been a gigantic reason why. He's offset me having Fournette in my lineup in games he didn't play twice.
  10. 2017 NFL: WEEK NINE

    *looks at fantasy team in dismay*
  11. 2017-18 NHL SEASON: Period One

    Blues are still pretty darn hurt, but are still playing pretty darn good: 9-2-1 to start the season, with a very quick 7 point lead in the central. Big game between what have been probably the 2 best teams in the West tonight. Blues/Kings should be fun. Good measuring stick game for the Blues.
  12. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I thought Season 3 Arrow was pretty putrid honestly... Not as bad as season 4, but woof. Anyway, in significantly more fucking awesome news.
  13. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    My worse case with something like this was I was walking to work at 5 AM a year and a half ago. I ran across a street, and my ipod fell out of my pocket. I realized what happened, and got ready to make a run across the street again to pick it back up. Only one car was passing so, you know, what are the odds it gets ran over? Well, in retrospect. The odds were 100%

    Back Injury

    That is potentially a series changer, and has me much more optimistic about this series. And I was in the "well, they won a series, that's a good run this year" mindset.