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  1. 2 1 seeds, 1 combined playoff victory.
  2. Well first off you have to note he’s not beating Pettersson, and generally speaking he’s probably not beating Binnington either. Those are gonna be 1-2 on most ballots. Then it just becomes “Can you buy someone saying Taichung, Svechnikov, or Heiskanen was better then Dahlin this year” I personally say no. But I don’t think it’s absurd to think some people could think so. All 3 though...
  3. I will never be upset by any wrestler that quits this company.
  4. Remember when Mania was setting to seemingly have Harper in a WWE title match at Mania and they didn’t go that direction and instead we had the shit of a Orton/Wyatt feud that killed Bray forever? Good times.
  5. Man, Brightburn isn’t gonna be included at this rate, and that’s a bummer since that feels like the most intriguing one on the list for me personally. I wanna know the other movies involved that 2 out of 3 of Rocketman, Child’s Play, and Brightburn aren’t invited though.
  6. This right here is basically a perfect analogy for me, thank you.
  7. He has been on the Blues 10 years ago, and might now end his career with his number retired. Not positive, but it is in the realm of possibility.
  8. Just happy you aren't one of the fans I'm seeing complaining about O'Reilly diving.
  9. And dismantling them in game 2
  10. I was gonna comment that if it’s only 3 names on a ballot that is completely buyable, but 5? Yeah, that’s crazy.
  11. Basically, my idea wit this was "Let the Jets take the hits, get the scoring chances." The Jets are going to be more physical in this series, but the Blues big strength is in general 5 on 5 play. There big D men hit hard, but we have Colt who instead of hitting just plays an absolutely elite defensive game and does tons to prevent goals. Also, Jordan Fucking Binnington. My god. Really great game though. Playoff hockey is the best.
  12. Without getting too much in the standing stuff, I will point out we have no idea how the setup to Mania went down, or what was told to Sasha and Bayley was advance. There have been tons of reports lately of last minute changes to booking at the last second. Basically, would it really surprise anyone if they told Sasha and Bayley the plan was for them to hold the belts long term to add legitimacy to them and then they told the, they were dropping an hour before? Basically, I have heard so many frustrating things about WWE backstage now I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the talent over them.
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