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  1. Is there any particular reason why they're not running Becky v. Ronda?
  2. Oh fuck it trade him to the Jazz. That's punishment enough
  3. For Lawful Jr's birthday we have resubscribed to New Japan World. We haven't watched since Wrestle Kingdom, which we were somewhat disappointed in. Anything we have to watch before G1 starts?
  4. I just want the Nets to be petty and trade KD to a traditionally horrible franchise like the Kings. Who in the East has been terrible for like 20+ years? Magic? Wizards?
  5. So for Lawful Jr.'s birthday, we've resubscribed to Peacock. Anything we've missed from 2022? We haven't watched hardly any WWE in 2022, except for the occasional Walter / Gunther matches v. Roderick, v. Bron Breaker, Smackdown Debut, and v. Ricochet.
  6. What about Kuminga Moody and Wiggins for KD
  7. Rockets reportedly interested in Mo Bamba. But why?
  8. There may be up to six more lawsuits to be filed. I think the only thing they can do is an indefinite suspension for one year, wait for things to shake out. Remember, him paying out money to settle those 20 cases isn't an exoneration.
  9. John Wall got bought out and is going to sign with the Clips. has any player ever been bought out and a) signed another big money contract, b) won a championship with their new team? Can’t think of any off the top of my head.
  10. I think I'm fine with the finish of the Fatal Fourway. Why wouldn't Jay White take advantage of his little buddy's legit injury and cover him if there was no one else around to stop him? That said, him being champ does diminish my interest in NJPW in ways Okada and others wouldn't. I wish we could've gotten the Hangman v. Okada match that was teased, even if it was a clean loss to Hanger. Jay White is a net negative on the mic, and his performance on the media scrum was off-putting and kinda lame, especially with the terrible catchphrases. I have no idea what's going on with the US championship, and frankly, wish they just kept it focused on Will v. Cassidy, and not even bring up Juice Robinson. Like JR said, let's focus on what's actually happening in the ring. Which was my MOTN. I have no hangups with Ospreay and generally pretty happy with him even if he's a twat sometimes on the internet. Everything was great and most matches were excellent. Also Thunder Rosa's paint and Aztec Warrior entrance gear was God-Tier. Fantastic and the derivation from the typical half paint was probably one of the best I've ever seen. Really also played into some of her facial expressions during the match. Best PPV I've ever seen and watched through.
  11. Good. Indefinite suspension. Make him reapply every year. Hope them girls can force him to go to trial. Hope more girls come forward. Hope our DA, who apparently is considering prosecuting abortions of all things, grows some balls and reconsiders criminal charges. A no bill is not an exoneration. I've had cases that have been to multiple grand juries before they indicted. I hope it's at least 5 years before he sets foot on a real football field.
  12. WOOHOO! Second time the Astros no hit the Yanks in their stadium. Fuck the Yanks!
  13. So, KD back to Golden State who says no?
  14. Rockets win the draft, hands down. And will continue winning with the Nets burning down for the next few years
  15. Vegas has Paolo going #1. I assume they think the Rockets trade up? As long as the Rockets end up with one of Jabari / Paolo / Chet at 3 I think we’re fine. I don’t think 17 or 26 are going to be difference makers. I’m not scared of Chet’s frame. He’ll live in Houston. He’ll have plenty to eat. But then again, if the price of moving up is 17 or 26, get the one you want.
  16. That’s pathetic. At least you don’t have to pay him now?
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