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  1. Yeah, UniMas shows it with Spanish commentary. They have streams for past episodes on their website too.
  2. Dailymotion or torrents, like everyone else on the planet who isn't in the tiny section of the population who get El Rey. There's a streaming service called Sling TV that carries the station but again, it's only available in the US (I think).
  3. THIS WEEK ON LUCHA UNDERGROUND Aero Star breaks out his signature move, Striker calls it a "trust fall dive" Konnan telegraphs the turn that's probably coming next week SUPER HARD while Puma nods along. Oh, and the main event is the most gory lucha brawl in the history of the show.
  4. More Cowboy Cuerno in general would be great. I remember being confused at the start of that segment in Dario's office, like "wait, when did they get a cowboy-themed luchador?" but nope, it's just Cuerno killing it as usual.
  6. LU status: still hella rad who toped it better? who wants some :airquote:unique opportunities?:airquote: (and probably three more straight matches between the flashiest midcarders on the show) who's ready for CAGE and Ricochet in a no-DQ setting? and most importantly WHO THE FUCK KIDNAPPED BLACK LOTUS
  7. lucha underground is a rad show that all of you should watch but you already knew that
  8. finally caught up with this week's LU oh hey there aero star I thought you'd never show up drago vs cuerno: still my favorite feud on the show main event had some next-level spot-fu but... NEVER MIND THAT SHIT THOUGH HERE COMES CAGE
  9. Presenting: Maybe Sasuke's dumbest bump ever and also some other stuff from BATTLE OF THE GODS AND THE TURTLES like the Brahman Bros doing their thing TURTLE POWER more Sasuke madness and ... dolphins?
  10. Maybe Pentagon's off camera somewhere breaking a bunch of arms and snuffing out all the candles. Seriously, those hype / backstory clips they do for guys are fantastic. And most of them are immaculately lit too!
  11. It's an ANCIENT AZTEC TEMPLE OF LUCHA, why would you want that set brightly lit?
  12. if you aren't watching lucha underground then WHY THE FUCK AREN'T YOU WATCHING LUCHA UNDERGROUND TORNILLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LADDER MAAAAAATCH why yes that's a buster keaton ladder spot what of it
  13. Sexual assault is serious business and it usually doesn't involve two professionals working together and doing their job, which is entertaining dumb idiots like us.For future reference, is sexual assault during a pro-wrestling match. The twenty dumb comedy spots in any intergender match aren't. Would you say Joey's tag partner should end all her matches by addressing the ladies in the audience and telling them that it's all fun and games being a heel but hey, grabbing a dude by his junk and suplexing him is not cool in real life? Should Tommy Dreamer, who I just saw wrestling Joey & C
  14. Her making light of sexual assault by willingly participating in a meaningless spot, in a form of entertainment no one takes seriously, that seems to be handling it in comedic fashion, with her getting zero immediate revenge. Oh man, she's getting zero immediate revenge on the sleazy heel in the five seconds that the gif shows of the whole match?! SOMEBODY CALL THE INTERNET OUTRAGE BRIGADE
  15. hey there brian cage haven't seen you in a while please show me all the rad new moves you've learn- oh dear
  16. Because the ref's reaction and failure to catch it with his foot cracked me up. What can I say, I'm easily amused. lol ok champ
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