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  1. Same. Stephy was super green but thought she did well in her role as underdog babyface so I'd love to see her get a chance to develop. I don't know if Mercedes Martinez has popped up anywhere yet but she'd be a good addition.
  2. Kinda interested to see how their long term prospects go for each one of the pillars
  3. Interested to see who they bring back. If they are filiming in LA Keta Rush is a possibility, I'd like to see Reina Reyes and Stephanie Slays again
  4. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/32395472/former-ufc-star-junior-dos-santos-set-pro-wrestling-debut-planning-boxing-match-next
  5. Quite a while it seems. I think even during the NWO era him and Terry Taylor where responsible for a lot of the undercard
  6. ALEVA BLISS IS ALL ELITE! Got a kick out of Excalibur saying Shida did the deal on the Falcon Arrow. I think one of the problems with Cody is he wants to play this hyper-patriotic character which is just so out of touch with the current zeitgeist. We just got out of Afghanistan after 20 years that type of attitude is what got us stuck in those forever wars. Agree with all the comments about Rick Knox and the Bucks. They no sell and then expect much larger men to sell for them. And The Elite act like Buddy Ryan's polish punt formation where he would run 13 guys onto the field
  7. Did someone in WWE see this and give the poetry gimmick to Heidenriech?
  8. Didn't this kinda come up in the old school questions thread and the answer was Colonel DeBeers?
  9. I think they could certainly make their own version of Mix Match Challenge work
  10. The one thing I like about the Bruce Prichard one is that he usually gives the company line it can be interesting to get a look at the thoughts from inside the company. Probably the closest we will ever get to a VKM shoot interview unless he writes a memoir
  11. Say what you will about the tenets of National Sociailsm at least its an ideology...Now Malakia Black he's just a nihilist
  12. I feel like a solid one hour of pro wrestling is wonderful, 2 is pushing it and three is jazz. took me quite a while to "get" OC, to me his hands in the pockets and shitty legs kicks are like a prime Anderson Silva dropping his hands and sticking his chin out. Its a way to frustrate his opponent and get them to make a mistake by luring them in.
  13. Didn't he use term Black Family during the promo he cut on Rosario Dawson? Anyway did Cash's shirt say Fear The Resthold?
  14. Cody also talks about his role as EVP of Talent
  15. I'm pretty sure FTR mentioned The Pinnalcle in their promo and all members of the Inner Circle have been wearing their cuts
  16. I dont see this going well for God
  17. I mean one they've seen Big Dick Tony how you expect to keep them down on the farm!
  18. I guess Tony Khan has money but he doesn't have Geico money...
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