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  1. Anyone else seen this? https://www.operationsports.com/college-football-revamped-ncaa-football-14-mod-gets-major-update-on-console-and-pc/ I have read it a couple of times and still can’t figure out whether I need to try and install this
  2. Keep wanting to try the Villainous games. Family (wife and son, who do not ttg) loves disney and Marvel so holding out hope the games might hold their interest...
  3. I actually have a complete copy of the original HeroQuest board game. Didn’t age very well tbh.
  4. Speaking of Gloomhaven, which really is the best, Frosthaven has 18 days left on KS FYI Finally got around to backing about 10 min ago myself...
  5. Haven’t confirmed myself yet but apparently WOTC is releasing D&D (AL mostly) content on their website for free to provide entertainment during social distancing time. about to check it out - saw article on io9... article claims a nice mix has been released already with daily additions...
  6. Those minis do look incredible, but $1000? Damn. That is approaching Kingdom Death pricing... Zombicide 2nd ed. is also up on KS.
  7. KS just ended with an incredible amount of minis to choose from now.... I am concerned I might be in for like $400 lol
  8. So Carillo is taking an avalanche Ganso Bomb from The Invisible Man right?
  9. I’m still trying to figure out why Hogan has 46-DDs in that screenshot?
  10. UGA proves that they kept the wrong QB (Fromm over Fields) and that replacing both OC and DC with guys who don't deserve the positions is usually not a good move
  11. So Gable gets the Shorty name for his intro AND proceeds to go undrafted.... yikes seems like they could have just done 5 rounds and had Cesaro, EC3, etc. get picked instead of being FAs because neither side saw them worthy of being selected, thus totally de-valuing them. If they setup a storyline for someone who was undrafted to prove his merit I would get it, but we all know that ain’t happening...
  12. Correct, the $120 is just that box that says core set - I think the minis are numbered 101 - 214 plus the others in that same box. Anything labeled Options or Expansions are additional or replacement purchases you can choose. Basically you can back for $1 or $120 right now. The advantage to $120 is that is more money towards unlocking the locked exclusives and add-ons. As with all KS, you will be debited the pledge at the end of the campaign. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter. What will happen is you will get access to their backerkit where you will choose what you want to buy
  13. @Oyaji there is another Reaper Bones KS running in case you were not aware... $1 get-in price... core set is $120 but has like 120 minis in it already... plenty of add-ons The $1 will get you access to purchase core or any add-one without having to buy the core if you are interested... just an FYI since I recalled you mentioning in the past....
  14. Not that it matters but assume that is Shonn Greene, that fat RB that ran for a billion yards back in the early 2000s for Iowa
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