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  1. UGA proves that they kept the wrong QB (Fromm over Fields) and that replacing both OC and DC with guys who don't deserve the positions is usually not a good move
  2. So Gable gets the Shorty name for his intro AND proceeds to go undrafted.... yikes seems like they could have just done 5 rounds and had Cesaro, EC3, etc. get picked instead of being FAs because neither side saw them worthy of being selected, thus totally de-valuing them. If they setup a storyline for someone who was undrafted to prove his merit I would get it, but we all know that ain’t happening...
  3. Correct, the $120 is just that box that says core set - I think the minis are numbered 101 - 214 plus the others in that same box. Anything labeled Options or Expansions are additional or replacement purchases you can choose. Basically you can back for $1 or $120 right now. The advantage to $120 is that is more money towards unlocking the locked exclusives and add-ons. As with all KS, you will be debited the pledge at the end of the campaign. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter. What will happen is you will get access to their backerkit where you will choose what you want to buy. You can buy the core set for $120, the expansions for $50 each, the options for their prices listed, all plus shipping. You choose everything you want and it will tally your cost for you. Then if you backed for $120, you will already have $120 credit toward that cost. Otherwise, you will have to pay the calculated amount and then in like 18 months they will start shipping and you will receive. A long time to wait, but the core set for $120 for at least 120 miniatures is the best price per Bones mini you are ever likely to see, including ebay deals. Hope this helps.
  4. @Oyaji there is another Reaper Bones KS running in case you were not aware... $1 get-in price... core set is $120 but has like 120 minis in it already... plenty of add-ons The $1 will get you access to purchase core or any add-one without having to buy the core if you are interested... just an FYI since I recalled you mentioning in the past....
  5. Not that it matters but assume that is Shonn Greene, that fat RB that ran for a billion yards back in the early 2000s for Iowa
  6. In case any of you are Fiasco RPG fans, KS has a card version. The traditional RPG can be a great time for gaming groups -
  7. Picked up Star Wars Outer Rim recently, as I was looking for a light game set in the SW universe to play with my 13 year old and my wife... haven’t played yet but looks decent enough. Finally got my hands on the Edge of Extinction expansion for Exodus: Proxima Centauri and so glad I did. Adds asymmetry and improves the game ten-fold. A few Kickstarters have arrived but have not tried them... looking forward to drunken games of Throw, Throw Burrito though lol
  8. CoC really is one of the best RPGs ever made. The SAN (sanity attribute) deterioration and death rates can make for some incredibly good games, win or lose. I also have Delta Green in PDF, which is great too...
  9. Yeah that is what I have been doing for weeks now... with shows basically every day (my Universe is Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW, ROH/Impact, NJPW on Mon-Sat with PPV Sun) just spend a ton of time modifying every single show from default...
  10. That doesn’t sound correct, in general. Perhaps recommend that he refers to some WOTC-created content for assistance with details, such as names that seem more acceptable, cohesive story design and stakes that get the players invested and add real risk? he can apply lessons from their content to his own creations to deliver a more engaging campaign for you players.
  11. Ok there is definitely something I am not doing right - in universe mode if I let the CPU auto-book shows I end up with things such as a PPV opening match being a Brock vs. Reigns singles rivalry match while the main event will be something like Peyton Royce vs. Dana Brooke, in a non-rivalry match. Anyone have any advice on how to set universe mode so the CPU will book show lineups that make sense from opener featuring lower card talents through mid card matches through main events featuring main eventers? Thanks in advance for any advice/assistance!
  12. For the Gloomhaven players, the Forgotten Circles expansion is reduced from $40 to $33 today on Amazon...
  13. Feel like I am with the consensus. Riddle/Strong was excellent. Matt has that RVD stoner charisma and can go. Roddy was great here. The ladder match was ok to me, but Ford is awesome. Expected Lorcan to be a bump machine in this match personally. And still after this much time HATE typing Oney or Lorcan. Just the worst name. Dream is the man but the result felt like a foregone conclusion. Breeze at least got to show he can go a bit. Liked Bayzler vs Io even with the obvious transition off the magistral setting up the finish. Agree Bayzler should have been called up eons ago - figure the only reason she is still in NXT is that Shafir and Duke are too green to go up with her? The main was typical overbooked main. Totally expected that and got it of course. I like Cole but the Panama Sunrise is lame, convoluted and then , when ultimately not the finish, just sigh-inducing. As someone else said, no idea where you go with Gargano from here. After the presumed rubber match, maybe fake an injury until Ciampa can return for DIY on main roster (or Main Event since tag teams go nowhere)?
  14. Section 16 row T for us... ... presuming we survive the craps tables to make it to the show.
  15. @jaedmc heading out for Vegas and Double or Nothing weekend but will sign up for one of the sessions when I return next week. Looking forward to it.
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