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  1. The only time I even turn on the TV in hotels is to watch AEW or the NFL.
  2. I was going to check for you tomorrow given that I am in a hotel (shocking I know) but you got your answer. edit to add: I myself am not a waffle fan unless it’s chicken and waffles. If I’m eating sweet breakfast it’s pancakes and I need eggs and a protein too.
  3. I'd rather watch 10 hours of Home Run Derby where no one hits a home run than I would 10 seconds of Power Slap. I hope it fails even more miserably than its start, so I never have to see another commercial.
  4. Hoping soon enough the question will be moot.
  5. So, was the whole Saudi rumor a test balloon floated by Vince or someone else in WWE to see what the public reaction would be?
  6. Was tipped off (via Instagram of an old Texas/punk photographer) of an online zine archive with some downloads of some US punk zines. Slash is probably the biggest name in the archive. https://www.circulationzero.com/
  7. Speaking of (although two of the variants already sold out), Trust Records dropped their pre-order for their reissue of the Walk Together, Rock Together ep. https://trustrecordscompany.com/products/7-seconds-walk-together-rock-together-yellow-w-black-splatter-lp
  8. My wife has an ileostomy and she uses a pillow designed to fit over seatbelts for people recovering from surgery. It can fit on the harness or the lap part. Of course, if the problem is closer to the buckle area, that probably wouldn't work.
  9. How about Bandido/Takeshita to main event the buy-in show? And I'm not just saying that because I won't be able to afford the PPV (OK, maybe I am a little bit). Also, I'm really trying to think of a third young lion "free agent" for the Bandido-Takeshita trios. Guys like Yuta, Moriarty, and Garcia are already claimed, AR Fox isn't really a young lion and he's also claimed. I'm not very high on Action Andretti. Someone who would be a complementary style, someone who could be the main mouthpiece for promos.
  10. Sigh, I would really be into this.
  11. I agree, I didn’t get to set up to tape the most recent Battle of the Belts and would like to see the matches after the Acclaimed-TNAHoles rematch.
  12. Thing is, didn’t Top Flight have a more competitive match with the Bucks just a couple of months ago? Not to mention having just gone blow for blow with Mox and Danielson and Mox and Claudio. All that build deserved a match where they finally get to look like equals rather than just being able to seize a flash pin.
  13. It’s funny that the comedy and shenanigans finally sort of detracted from what could have been another great OC match. It never really hit a stride. I’m glad Top Flight got the big win but I’m pretty annoyed that the Bucks got to dominate so much and make it seem like a fluke rather than an earned win. The powerbomb/nosedive (or whatever) combo was boss. Hoping Dante was just selling and didn’t actually hurt his knee on the jump to the floor/superkick. Didn’t hear a lick of Hangman’s promo, sound was awful. Starks looked good and got to show a lot of character. Hager served his role well. That’s about all I have to say about that. Bryan-Bandido was amazing, spoke about it above. Nice change of pace for Bryan, elevated Bandido. Loved the fighting over the Romero special. Also both of them are strong and fit AF, some crazy core strength moves. MJF stunk it up again, although I missed some parts. Yawn. Brian Cage just isn’t for me and I’m not looking forward to that match. Couldn’t hear most of the Saraya-Toni-Shida backstage, but it definitely was telegraphing the heel turn. Toni wrestled the match heel, which works since Willow is now a solid fan favorite baby face, and Toni really put her over. Post-match sealed the deal, although I half expected Ruby to turn as well. What will probably happen is a tease of another “outsider” for everyone to expect Mone, only for it to be Ruby turning...and then Mone shows up as the fourth. Main event was a lot of fun. Darby is so gifted at selling a body part. Lots of innovative offense and big moves. I would enjoy more of Kushida, and it’s also nice when Darby isn’t having to totally be David fighting underneath against Goliath but instead gets to show some mat skills.
  14. I think I liked Bryan/Bandido more as well because Bryan got to do some stuff he wouldn’t normally do, whereas Danielson/Takeshita was more them throwing their stuff at each other and seeing who broke first (which I also loved). I probably got more caught up in Bryan/Takeshita because of my major Lard Lad fandom and the joy of seeing him elevated, but Bryan/Bandido reminded me of Eddy vs Benoit.
  15. Bringing Ruby in to that right away is interesting then.
  16. I finally got around to watching this and good lord y’all WERE NOT KIDDING. That was better than about half of the Rampage episodes. Tons of character shown by the wrestlers, even in the squashes. I think this can come across a lot better on the YouTube matches than the broadcast shows. Juice is excellent until he talks, and then he reminds me of Sean Astin’s character in 50 First Dates. Ruby and Willow tune up for the street fight. Emi Sakura takes a damned DeathValleyDriver to the floor for a YouTube match. Diamanté shows a ton of personality. Likewise, Tay lays in some stiff kicks while Anna clowns. So good. The Ethan Page and Party Hardy shenanigans had me LOL. Ethan singing “I hate you Zay” to their theme song, and then Zay getting him back during the match with “I literally hate you”. Letting Ethan be a narcissistic goof just might be the thing that gets him over. And then that main event. Wow. There were many, many moments where I could convince myself they were shoot fighting. Some of the stiffest elbows, knee lifts, and throws I’ve seen. Athena’s character work was out of this world, she really deserves Jade’s spot IMO. Easily the best Shafir match I’ve seen, maybe because it could be stiff and sloppy and borderline uncooperative by its nature.
  17. Lord, and I thought Texas A&M and their whole "tu" thing was dumb. Then again, they literally include that "insult" in their ridiculous fight song.
  18. I imagine that particular plasma spill is a candidate for a second edition of his book.
  19. All the young stars of Toryumon! Magnum Tokyo was the biggest in WCW, but we got Cima and Suwa too!
  20. i like the ideas here but honestly 80s WWF all it would take is him to come out and save HulK Hogan from someone and then do an interview with Mean Gene about how he’s changed his ways.
  21. Cowboys vs Brady, a proverbial meteor game for me
  22. it reminds me of an old (like at least 20 years) Walmart commercial where the gist was some woman who would always go to Walmart when she had to travel so there was somewhere familiar.
  23. Wrestling-style wise? Because they’re the shaved head tag team. I remember them having a ton of buzz early on and then years later I saw a photo and they had turned into the hillbillies.
  24. Is there an Applebee’s in Times Square? I haven’t set foot in there since it was reimagined as a Midwestern tourist destination.
  25. Underground Kingz will forever be an appropriate name for Bun B and Pimp C. Bun B is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, unless your favorite rapper is a tattooed face TikTok trapper.
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