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  1. That’s how you end up with Action Andretti. but for real, they did that with Top Flight-Young Bucks, and it was basically the year-long storyline for Skye Blue.
  2. I’d probably play video games and watch old sitcoms on Tubi.
  3. I mean TV ratings across the board on a Saturday night are lower than a Wednesday, right? I’m 52 years old and married and even I am doing fun social things then at least 30% of the time because I don’t have to work the next day. Wednesday night I’m unwinding with Dynamite after work and dinner before going to bed for work the next day. I’d bet the DVR +7. between the 2 shows has less of a gap than the live ratings.
  4. I’m fine with them when they are the “fighting champion” trope, with the very rare “heel ducking challenges” run. Didn’t OC have more title defenses in his year-long run than Roman has in 4?
  5. The booking made it pretty clear, as did the announcers, that it was all about Danielson’s feud with Eddie Kingston. Yes it was announced out of the blue but by the end of the match it was well presented that Danielson wanted to show up Kingston by beating one of his idols, followed by the low blow and disrespect angle. Just because everything isn’t spelled out in weeks of 15-minute long promos doesn’t mean there aren’t stakes or angles.
  6. Whenever I hear about great WWE booking all I can think of is that last bit and how just about all their champions are on multi-year runs.
  7. If Meat Madness is just Wardlow, Hobbs, and Archer then they need to change the name.
  8. Was Filthy Tom the goal, or are you still fundraising?
  9. Rampage was hit and miss, mostly miss for me. Trios was pretty messy, and seeing Penta meant the finish was a foregone conclusion. Komander did some cool stuff. Darius and Bryan Keith looked a lot alike, about the same height, same braids, Keith has a slightly larger build, but they matched up well. Sydal was odd guy out and Penta tried to kill him twice (pretty sure the apron botch rang his bell some and led to the springboard botch). Private Party don’t really interest me anymore. In my perfect world, Top Flight go back to tag team and chase the ROH titles they were supposed to win. Komander keeps doing cool shit. Not sure how to book Bryan Keith but I like him. Speaking of, you can see how 13 years on the indies makes a huge difference in Keith versus the super green Andretti. Guevara doesn’t apologize for breaking his idol’s face. Ok. I FFWD through this, Callis at this point draws a ton of heat for himself but is total death as far as angles. Why do we need Saraya’s brother? I guess she can be his manager. I don’t know, I assume this is for All In but I was under the impression he kinda sucks? Half watched the Bucks match. It is interesting how they’ve varied their style some to be heelish. Mariah May has superstar potential. Hot, talented, stiff wrestler, good at getting character across in the ring. Good match. I’m hoping they don’t rush the angle with her and Toni splitting. Would they actually run a Skye Bkue-Stokely match? Main was alright, I don’t care much for Hager but he was working hard and there were some good comedy bits. Of course, one of those involved the action in the ring stopping dead for over a minute which I hate. Figured OC would get involved, but also expected the mascot to be a wrestler. From what I’ve been reading, ROH would be a far better use of my time than Rampage recently.
  10. Doing the time honored tradition before following Andrade?
  11. Right after Wardlow’s promo, either Schiavone or Excalibur did the “just got word from Tony Khan” and it literally used the term “Meat Madness”
  12. I haven’t even watched ROH in a year but I’m going to this show (the day after DEAN~! in Jersey).
  13. There’s also MEAT MADNESS~! although I expect that could end up on the Buy-In
  14. Opening match was good but not great other than the flashes of Claudio just going full on Hulk mode. It did its job of setting the table for some kind of big bloody gimmick match at the PPV. And PLEASE AEW stop with the unprotected head butts. OC-Bennett was fine but honestly in the lower tier of OC matches the last 18 months. Hager saving OC was weird but I guess it was Oklahoma and with no JR they had to have some kind of home state pop to wake that crowd up. Other than their resemblance, there was no connection between those two and hope it’s a one-off. We had one women’s squash and one women’s match that might have been the worst match not involving Jade Cargill, Brandy Rhodes, or Marina Shafir. Deonna comes out of that looking bad, they really need to give her a good opponent next week. They also need to decide if she’s a heel or a face. But I did like the overlapping on the ramp, that’s been a nice addition to AEW. Main thing I remember about the main event is Hook taking some really bad bumps. Like several landings that weren’t the usual flat back type, and one where I think he got knocked a little dizzy. Joe was his usual killer here, they have a dilemma where it’s probably Swerve’s time but Joe also deserves a longer run because he rules as a champ. I might be missing a match, if so it’s because it was forgettable. Promos were pretty good work other than Flair’s semi-intelligible pseudo-shoot. Sting and Darby had me feeling really bad, excellent work by Sting who was obviously speaking some from the heart. Ang-Ruby was sweet. FTR trying to issue a challenge only for BCC to confront worked well. Bang Bang Scissor Gang had some moments (but really really needs to wrap up). Garcia’s promo was solid, and Christian is just a master heel right one, but Garcia closing with “I’ll put you in the dirt next to him” was fantastic. And then there’s Wardlow. They finally gave him some personality and motivation. But also, dude, you have been openly been presented as a pawn for Adam Cole to use to get the belt, so in the end this means nothing. But I guess we will be getting to enjoy some BMMSM as a result.
  15. Renee was rocking a bit of an modified Zoot look as well with her high-waisted pants, gold chain hanging along one side, and the rose on her blouse.
  16. Yeah that whole match was sloppy and in slow motion, Rayne was rustier than a Cybertruck after a rainstorm.
  17. Oh wow! Hope y’all can get the Trustbusters Janes Addiction knockoff theme!
  18. The Discontinued Foods account on Twitter and Bluesky is a wrestling fan, especially 80s and 90s WWF.
  19. Bucks have been faces but with mixed crowd response at best. They got a lot of boos in Philly, but, you know, Philly...
  20. I listen to a classic R&B and soul station in Philly and 60% of the ads are for ambulance chaser lawyers and all I can think of is Fonzie doing that and then saying “Call Top Dog Law”!
  21. I guess Daddy Magic being from French Canadia is why he didn’t recognize the Canadian radio legend. A few years ago, The Evaporators were playing at South by Southwest and I went to one of their daytime shows. I was dancing so hard that eventually Nardwuar called me out and made me get up front and dance with/by them.
  22. Also, Claudio’s “When you’re good, you tell everyone. When you’re great, everyone tells you” was a killer line.
  23. Didn’t expect much from Rampage and so even though it wasn’t great it overdelivered, especially the random ass promos. Sammy-Hardy was reckless and sloppy, but I will say that the botched SSP was a little more complicated than just a blown regular spot. That said, if all Jeff got was a broken nose that’s good because it looked like he had a broken cheekbone and I was worried it could even be an orbital. They really didn’t need to have that GTH after that. I hadn’t even put together the history behind a Rhodes-Von Erich team up. Dustin did all the work, and I suspect the jobbers are students of his. I’ll never complain about seeing Dustin Rhodes wrestle. Aminata-Anna was MOTN. Anna has improved, Aminata has been doing pretty well on her run and I did like that this one wasn’t a foregone conclusion. They maybe could have leaned more into the Queenslayer against an opponent named Queen Aminata. We need an Aminata-Emi Sakura match now. Also loved how the crowd popped huge for Aminata’s big win. Main was chaotic in a not good way. I will say the Gunns have improved a lot over the last 12 months. Having an Acclaimed match without showing Caster’s rap is silly. I’m also now on board the “Acclaimed is stale” wagon. Just casually dropping Danielson-Jun Akiyama at the very end of the show is hilarious. I literally had to rewind as I had stopped paying attention and thought I was hearing things.
  24. The fucked up blowoff to the MJF storyline killed him dead. His ultimate babyface revenge moment turned into MJF being the main character instead, and a crowd feeling sympathetic for MJF taking so many power bombs and getting stretchered out...only for MJF to show up a day later on TV perfectly fine and “shooting” on the company.
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