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  1. Has Shooter done his excursion yet, because if not would love to have him around for a while? Wish I could catch the international feed of Toni-Windsor, felt like half the match took place PiP. I ffwd Cage of Agony, just can’t stand Brian Cage at this point. Love Toa and Kaun though. I feel similar about PAC. There were some nice counters to the Lethal Injection (I think that’s name of the handspring rope bounce cutter) though. Looking forward to Rosa-Deonna tonight.
  2. In the past, they’ve had Blood and Guts feature a face team with an unlikely ally (although maybe I’m getting this confused with Anarchy in the Arena) I just know they ran BCC with Kingston back when he hated Claudio, and then the same with PAC
  3. I understood Dustin’s “almost 6 decades” comment only because I did a similar thing where I’ve seen 7 Seconds in 5 different decades over a span of 34 years (first time in 1989, most recently in 2023, and at least once in the ‘90s, 00s, and ‘10s). But he’s a long way from almost 6 decades. I would’ve liked Garcia-Mayfair to have more time, and maybe Toni-Frost as well. Scrap the useless Premier Athletes squash and the Scorpio Sky promo and there you go. Is anyone the least bit interested in the return of Scorpio Sky? He hasn’t contributed anything of interest since Dan Lambert was there, and even that is arguable. Opening tag and closing match ruled.
  4. I’m cracking myself up imagining him storming away in a huff, walking his trademark bow legged waddle “strut”
  5. You may be right on that first part, and I know you’re right about the rest.
  6. And they’re often in the front row holding up multiple stupid signs.
  7. And the AEW women’s division improved drastically with Jade leaving.
  8. There were people online who saw that match and were arguing that Penta is underutilized and underappreciated because of xenophobia.
  9. I agree with you on all counts, just interesting to see the new pecking order demonstrated. And yeah, Private Party has been supplanted by Top Flight.
  10. @Zakk_Sabbathinteresting that it was obvious live. The crowd was pretty dead for a lot of it (to the point I’m pretty sure they added crowd noise in post) and I wondered how much was the poor match quality and how much was due to Alex Abrahantes not being there constantly spamming and pounding on the ring apron.
  11. That Rampage was pretty fucking terrible. Total dogshit match with Penta and Butcher, not sure what the dynamics behind that were but combine botched moves, bad selling, slow motion, and business exposing strikes and you’d get the gist. They should’ve pulled that match from the show and just shown commercials or Toni Storm. Lots of squashes. Fine for Dark/Elevation, maybe not for broadcast. Highlight was actually Max Caster’s rap, funny as hell and also managed to avoid being offensive. They may have planted the seeds of an Acclaimed split, it who knows. Only thing I can say is the internet may be tired of the Acclaimed, but the live crowds aren’t. Gates of Agony over Private Party was a bit of a surprise, although as a GoA fan (but not a fan of the CoA trios) I was very happy. I’m sure it’s all about the Learning Tree angle but I’ll take what I can get. Sloppy match though. Main event saw Deeb doing the Emi tea sip with the Paradise Lock and wrestling somewhat heeling, although the dynamics were still unclear. This was not super smooth but it was fine and the post match was great.
  12. I’ve been watching the first year of ECW TV and trying to remember everything that happened in that 2-3 month time span when it was local guys, WWE has-beens, and Eddie Gilbert and friends and then suddenly Paul Heyman shows up. I’m not too far past this part above, which dragged out over 4 weeks of TV with a couple of random matches thrown in.
  13. Plus, Rush is probably going to give him the business, even if he ok’d the racist stuff.
  14. Someone on Bluesky called MJF “Andrew Dice Friedman” and it’s fucking perfect. The MJF who talks forever and has lame, racist insults is back, joy...
  15. Hell yeah my fave Philly dickhead is back!
  16. They were on a Rampage or Collision earlier in the year and were fine from what I remember, definitely a step down from the guys like Mistico and Hechicero. But Esfinge looks cool!
  17. Johnny Polo was something like this
  18. Well shit, I actually not only have seen Rushmore a couple of times but I even played that character in a 5-minute “Swede” of Rushmore as part of a Be Kind Rewind contest.
  19. TK posted a gif of Jason Schwartzman from some movie (that I don’t recognize as I’m not a huge movie guy) saying “See? I’m not such a bad guy after all.”
  20. Rampage was solid, guess they wanted to make sure the Lucha Brothers got highlighted in LA. Thought Penta might have seriously hurt LardLad on the apron destroyer, it was a close one. For just a hot minute, I thought they were going to put Penta over but then Takeshita shut it down. My wife loves Timeless Toni Storm, she even went to the site to see how much that new Toonz figure costs ($30, so she said never mind). I told her she should look up how she looks without the glamour makeup, that she’s basically a Cali surfer girl and she was shocked. I know my wife saw her wrestle on TV before the Timeless character, but thought I’d share that anecdote about how great the character is. Also, an excellent, very giving match against Viva Van. Toni is very gifted at integrating comedy and character work while also kicking ass (sometimes literally). I’ve been a high guy on the board about Kyle O’Reilly for a while, and I’m enjoying this mini push, building him as a dangerous JTTS. This was a solid “MMA type guy takes out the big muscular guy” match. Main was fun stuff, I like Fenix’s wrestling a lot more than Penta and this had some great spots in it. The PiP work with lots of ringside action was smart, enough to keep the viewer engaged while not something where they’re having to stall to avoid a pinning situation. I commented elsewhere but Hechicero as part of Cage of Agony is weird. The Saraya-Harley promo was goofy and nonsensical. The Jericho stuff was unnecessary.
  21. Hechicero vs. Brian Cage for control of a midcard stable is not what we wanted when Hechicero shows up, Coach Tony!
  22. The core DVDVR folks definitely posted there, but you’re right it could take a couple hours or more to get posts through which made it hard to enjoy. I think one of the motivations of this board was to make an alternative?
  23. They do NOT need mixed tag titles, they need women’s tag titles.
  24. Weren’t you from RSPW/RSPW-M too?
  25. Also not a fan of Mercedes finisher but it did look like a great setup as a counter/reversal to the Code Blue
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