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  1. Wow. A lot of people showed up to vote incorrectly on Corbin/Omega. Kind of surprised at that.
  2. Not sure if I should post this in the specific show thread or not, but I'm just curious on people's opinions. Which match did you like more: Pentagon vs Puma vs Mil Muertes or Sami vs Joe? I think I'm leaning towards LU. I thought Joe Vs Sami was great, but it suffered a bit by taking similar beats from the Cesaro series. The LU match had a lot of spots, but it never felt like a spot fest.
  3. I like Scurll a lot, but I'm still pissed at that Ospreay match I posted in his thread. I'm gonna take a day and relax before I vote.
  4. I voted Mil because he's awesome and I don't think the Briscoes were even better than War Machine.
  5. I hated the Bucks for such a long time, but recently I figured them out. They are kayfabe in a post kayfabe world. They do the borrowed taunts and spam moves and add uneccesary flips because jerks like me will over analyze it and hate them. It's a brilliant twist on getting heat when people who are good at being traditional heels get cheers now from smark crowds. I think, if you're a Young Bucks fan, you should vote Pentagon. They want heel heat so you shouldn't support them. Besides you know what's better than a post-modern re-wiring of how heels should be? This asshole: http://youtu.be/tKXKl6K-J2U Vote Pentagon: It's What The Young Bucks Would Want and He's Better
  6. I'm going to need someone to paint by numbers me a reason why they think Owens Zayn 2 (a match where they walked around the arena and punched each other for 7 minutes) is in any way better than any of the three Balor Owens matches, because all three were excellent and Owens Zayn 2 was like half a match.
  7. Going with Balor's quantity over Sami's quality. Balor vs Zayn at Green Bay was awesome, but Finn had subtle heel Bullet Club Devitt mannerisms that made it really standout. I dunno if the match would've been as good with the roles reversed. But yeah, when Sami goes through I won't be heartbroken.
  8. I went Ambrose. Both had frustrating years in that I think they can be better than they were (and Dean is starting to turn that corner a bit) but I mainly don't want to get doxxed and yelled at by a gaggle of teenaged tumblr fanatics. It's a self preservation vote.
  9. All the bad stuff that Rusev was in was in spite of him being awesome. The tank, the fish, the monitor; two word statements that people can instantly remember. Cesaro is a better wrestler, but RuRu, man, RuRu.
  10. This isn't close and I will fight you for real if you don't vote Barbaro.
  11. Casas simply because they are both awesome, but I have no idea how long he can keep this up. I'm voting for him while I still can.
  12. Not sure if this is the same match as the one already posted, but let me tell you why I hate this match. The first three quarters of it is solid, with Scurll being a dick and Ospreay being this cocky gymnast type. But then it just devolves into this moves fest where absolutely nothing matters and is done to look cool. It's infuriating. If it was just a spotfest, whatever, but the fact that they chose to ruin what was shaping up to be a pretty good match with this bullshit infuriates me even more. Spotfests are what they are, but dont ruin solid character work and real dickish hate with that garbage. It's like when a good actor slums it in crap movies and puts in half effort. It's even worse than just someone like Kevin James sucking, because you know, he's supposed to suck. I like Scurll mostly, and am less familiar with Ospreay so I'm punishing him for this monstrosity.
  13. I like Ishii. He's fat and dumpy and I wish more wrestlers looked similar to him. Miz is better in ring than people give him credit, but he's still just kind of okay and doing wrestling moves. He's a fantastic dick, though.
  14. Busick does so many little things so well and Honma is just kind of silly to me.
  15. Voted Breeze. Not because he was better; but because he deserves better.
  16. In my pick 'ems. I filled it out less how I thought the board would go, and more how I thought I would go. I wanted to see what would change once I actually started voting and put real thought and study into it. I had Owens in my finals. My gut said Owens. Fenix had a better year. He just did. His matches were better, they were more unique and they mattered more within the universe the stories are told. Having really thought about it, I think Fenix might be my number 1 from last year. I'll have a hard time voting against him.
  17. I really don't like AJ Styles but his last year was pretty undeniable. If he were against someone I liked more, I'd probably spite vote against him, though.
  18. Reigns is a good ass wrestler. Hes boring as shit as a character, but he hits people pretty hard and has been in multiple good matches. I like Aero Star, but I think he's pretty far behind Fenix, Pentagon and Cuerno.This one was actually pretty easy for me and I love Lucha Underground more than I love at least one of my children.
  19. Brock is allowed to carry himself in a separate universe because dude's IN a different universe. Everything he does makes the most sense because everything feels more real. It feels in tune with how this idealized Brock Lesnar would actually behave. He is allowed to be a greater threat because he is a greater threat. Game plans stop being traditional WWE matches and start being a test of how you stop this guy because that's what would really happen if everything was presented 100% legit. He's a kayfabe blur in a land of Dolph Zigglers saying they have the best matches. He doesn't care about the best matches, he cares about hurting people. It's refreshing. What I think people ignore most often when they talk about Brock as a performer is the little things. Laughing in the Undertaker's face, stepping on Ambrose, the complete mauling the night after Mania, the original "suplex city" trash talk. He is not only this unique physical monster, he's got a unique personality. It forces people to pay attention. Hell, in some cases if they're not paying attention they get hit with a car door, but I'm digressing slightly. The man is a force of nature. He's the most special wrestler on the planet because there isn't a human like him on the planet.
  20. He thinks gifs are called giftsYou two deserve each other. If I get a top ten score and am the highest of the late votes can I be crowned the true champion of apathy or something? No, you misunderstand. Matt has been sending Sexy Star these beautiful flower and (on occasion) edible arrangements. They're really quite striking and impressive.
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