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  1. If these two were a couple, they'd be Bay J Styles. Anyway vote Bayley.
  2. I would say that to a lot of people doing flips and shit = super worker.
  3. I may need to re-watch it, but I think it suffered from a) being on such a stacked show and b) once the Disciples of Death won, it felt like a forgone conclusion, so I had a hard time buying the near falls. With that, coupled with the overall booking, I never felt like Puma was an underdog, I literally felt like he couldn't win.I also think that it's a testament to how great Mil has been that this is my low for him.
  4. Yeah Brock squandering almost dream scenario match-ups were my lows for him. Way more upsetting. Mesias is an interesting animal in that his lows are in ring, but I'm never bored by him. If we are talking just Mil, his low was probably Ultima Lucha. The Puma match was good, just below his work with Fenix and too much emphasis at showing how supercharged he was. I actually like the Ivelisse match more in a underdog type match.
  5. This is mean and you should apologize. Unlike rovert, I honor my no-contact orders.
  6. It came down to one thing. If I am bored, I am much more likely to put on Becky vs Sasha than a Nakamura match from the time period (and maybe ever). Also, Becky is very pretty and I hope by voting for her, she'll notice me and we can go get a milkshake or something.
  7. Sasha should and will win. So let's kill time by posting Titan vs Barbaro Cavernario matches and yell at people who won't watch them.
  8. Bayley makes me proud to be a wrestling fan. AJ? AJ uh...doesn't. Also he has a garbage tattoo of his own name. Y'all gonna support that?
  9. Mil's best match of the time period was better than Lesnar's Mil's low was better than Lesnar's low. Mil is a better character than Brock. Mil has a better manager/second. Mil is scarier. Mil has better pants. But by all means, vote Lesnar and be the most wrong.
  10. Things like this can effect opinion on a person. AJ called me a f*ggot a decade ago and I still can't get behind his work, no matter how good it is. I didn't really want to mention it because then I'd have to go into context and open up a can of worms about "heels" and such. Anyway, screw that guy.
  11. Add me to this group, too. I did the same thing with the DoD, so I should've known better.
  12. I think it goes Mil vs Fenix, Triple Threat, Cuerno vs Fenix LMS, Cuerno vs Fenix EP. 1 and Mil vs Ivelisse.I loved Mil vs Fenix and my knee jerk reaction is it's my MOTY, so far. I still wish they'd get rid of the chair shots to the head. It takes me out of the match when it happens. Otherwise it was an incredible and emotional story that will also set the stage for all the other stories.
  13. Now I'm curious because the lowest possibility is four behind Pentagon, Fenix and Mil. What five could be ahead of Puma?Cuerno, Mack, el Patron, Cage, and Jack Evans. And before you jump all over me, I am perfectly willing to admit that Ricochet may be better than them in some aspects, but in the context of LU I feel like all those guys fit their rolls far better. I absolutely will not jump all over you. I was genuinely curious. I will simply state, outside of Cuerno (whom I forgot), I disagree.
  14. Ironically, I am currently wearing my "I'm a Hugger" shirt. I guess here's another way I look at it. I love Bayley, but a lot of what I love is not just how much I like her and how good she is, but how happy I am there is a character like her that my six year old daughter can like. But if I could design a wrestler based off my tastes, it'd be Pentagon. He's tough, a dick, and just cooler than everyone else. I'm glad Bayley exists and I've gladly given money to watch her wrestle because of not only how good she is, but how important to me as a father and wrestling fan. Yet, I feel like I'm happier about Pentagon charging into my life and liting the world on fire. My daughter will find her own tastes, anyway.
  15. Now I'm curious because the lowest possibility is four behind Pentagon, Fenix and Mil. What five could be ahead of Puma?
  16. I am befuddled. This doesn't even feel close to me. I mean, I have been pretty pro-Brock this tourney, whether I voted for him or not, but I just don't see it. Just as Prince Puma he had work on par with Lesnar. Lesnar's best (vs Reigns) is probably better than Puma's best (All Night Long) but they're not that far off and Puma's matches were consistently better outside of the peak work while Lesnar's take a big grain of salt and an acceptance of long term storytelling and some hoops and jumps through ideas of kayfabe to make work. Now add in Ricochet and, man, I just don't see it.
  17. I'm aware, but I just can't really think about other wrestlers at the moment. How is Fenix not still in this thing? This board is the worst.
  18. AJ Styles hung out with Bad Luck Fale and Cody Hall. Asuka doesn't hang out with losers. Vote Asuka.
  19. Did he take out his phone at frequent intervals and show you pictures of women's butts completely unprompted? Nah, he did swear a lot and buy drinks and make fun of all the people hovering around Paige. But also, I beat him at a video game, and he wouldn't let me whip a tennis ball at him afterwards. Sasha was also there that night and she was really nice. Vote Sasha.
  20. I voted Pentagon because, shit I really don't know. I just thought "If I could watch one wrestler for the rest of my life" and then I picked Pentagon.
  21. I do love the shit outta that video though. "They called me, man. They called me."
  22. I can't say for sure that I voted for Mil because of the last two weeks of LU, but, uh, I may have.
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