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  1. Mox is beefing up and it's great. I look forward to grumpy old man dad bod Mox coming in to drop dudes on their head after spending the morning mowing the lawn in his crocs with socks and drinking an ice cold High Life.
  2. I do like the “Mark Henry leaves the both to go to the back then interviews the competitors live just before the main event” thing. Adds more big fight element which is always welcome.
  3. I’m sitting here watching the media scrum and seeing former poster Punk and former poster Coach TK cracking on former poster Bix after creating the best wrestling moment in a long time is just sort of surreal.
  4. While the main event is likely safe, I think that given the overall euphoria over last night there’s some real risk of ‘AEW’ and ‘CM Punk’ chants hijacking the show. Vegas is more a casual town though so maybe not. Good thing they are in Philly or Brooklyn tonight.
  5. We are talking about AEW’s biggest card ever and right now there is no Mox, Baker, Jericho or Hangman. The depth of this roster and the fact that *everyone is over* is just crazy
  6. Sooooo Bucks/JE in a cage, Miro/Kingston, Andrade/PAC, Christian/Omega and Punk/Darby? In front of that crowd? Goodness.
  7. I definitely get the vibe that a surprise on top of the surprise could be coming. We know that Danielson, Jay White, Bray Wyatt, Stroman and/or Minoru motherfucking Suzuki could all be in play. Shit, it’s exciting!
  8. When QT started talking about "being plugged into the back" I thought he was going to bring out Stroman to confront Big Show
  9. Speaking of Punk If we accept HITC 98 as Jim Ross’s best piece of work ever, and the end of Bash at the Beach 96 as Tony’s (and I do on both), Punk’s entrance at MITB is Cole’s, right? He nailed it.
  10. I saw “The worst Fire Emblem is better than the best Paper Mario” which is just goddamn bullshit and Thousand Year Door is a top five all time JRPG
  11. I can’t tell you exactly why but Angelico walking out living his best life hitting the Bernie lean is just my favorite thing
  12. From the gear to the promos to Kenny’s facial expressions, it’s obvious that they are going for a Globogym vibe. It’s working IMO.
  13. I’m impressed she took Amtrak from Orlando to Penn Station
  14. Angelico just did the sickest cutter sell I might have ever seen in the Dark: Elevation man. Jeez. That will be GIF'd.
  15. I never even thought of Sammy/Miro but hell yes to that
  16. Who books feel good moments better than AEW? That Fuego segment was fucking awesome.
  17. Sorry buddy. On this one, you’re…on your oooooooown
  18. I can get down with this idea where Omega loses both the AAA and Impact titles via shenanigans and then works himself into a shoot (brother) demanding a “clean” match with Page for the AEW, which he loses clean in the middle due to lack of Elite interference.
  19. Adrian Street. The idea of a Goldust gimmick that works British style sounds amazing but I’ve seen basically nothing
  20. The Christian TNA matches are all good but need to be watched with some context in my opinion. He’s well established now as one of the best 15 minute TV match guys in the past 20 years, but that template didn’t really exist until this TNA run and his return to WWE, the big ECW run and later years. He wasn’t that guy for the vast majority of his first big WWE run (there are exceptions). So the TNA Christian matches will feel like “Christian matches”, but that was all before this was a well known thing. YMMV.
  21. Count me into the group that thinks Christian is getting stretchered to end this show with the announcers selling “what does this mean for All Out?! Tune into Dynamite to find out!” as they close This would also lead nicely into Christian’s heel turn on Jungle Boy upon his return. “I was out there getting sent to the hospital, and where were you?!’ type thing.
  22. Thinking of who you put Miro against at the PPV and it’s interesting. After Christian, you’ve got Jungle Boy and OC, but I don’t think you’d want to feed either to Miro right now for fear of them getting a “choker” vibe (neither one can really JUUUUST LOSE a big match again). I presume Mox will have Tanahashi (though Mox/Miro would rule). The other guys on this plane of the card are mostly heels (or Darby, who we all presume will be busy). Eddie Kingston maybe?
  23. Pac / Andrade and Omega / Christian, while not top level main events, are just my jam. The All Out card is off to a good start.
  24. Both Rampage and next week look great. Fun crowd today but not a very memorable show
  25. Looking forward to Rotunda joining OC, Trent and Chucky T as ‘The Friend’ Clay Hyatt
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