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  1. I thought the same thing. Right now AEW could legitimately do the South Park “seals with balls” bit with their top 10 faces and their top 10 heels and it would produce a hell of a program. It’s all on fire right now.
  2. “Best PPV” continues to trend, which seems like a good thing and led me to this beauty
  3. Shit man, I even forgot Ricky f’n Starks and Hobbs in my depth charts post. Just straight up forgot about them (even after thinking to myself “hmm, the heel side seems a little thin…”). That’s how loaded this roster is. It’s crazy. Love me some Bunkhouse Butch
  4. Adam Page beating Kenny Omega for the world title is THE AEW storyline since the birth of the company. It isn’t going anywhere!
  5. My God the AEW Depth Chart right now Good guys: Danielson, Punk, Hangman, Allin, Mox, Christian, Kingston, Jungle Boy, Jericho, Sammy Bad guys: Omega, Miro, Cole, Black, Andrade, Pac (tweener), MJF Jesus H Christ I can safely say (especially with Jericho likely going away for a while) that any combination of columns A and B I am all in on. It doesn’t even matter. Everyone is over!
  6. Can we also give Mikey Ruckus props for crushing every theme? I mean dude is a tour de force
  7. “I love pro wrestling” - Tony Schiavone
  8. My immediate reaction is that this was the best PPV I’ve seen in 20 years, with WM30 the only contender in its sphere
  9. Not sure anybody in modern wrestling nails their character like Kingston does. I don’t know why he bothers changing out of his Timberlands in between the bodega and the arena.
  10. I think Lana’s great but I kind of hope she never shows up. I like Miro talking about his wife as this sort of mystical diety in every promo and, I dunno, seeing the woman behind the curtain in the flesh kind of takes some of the magic away
  11. I’m just here for Powerhouse Hobbs’s Scott Norton gear upgrade. Yessir.
  12. or my personal favorite, Kings Hawaiian Road style
  13. Seems like far more matches than their usual PPV format, unless I’m just way off. Stacked for sure.
  14. Not a WWE guy at all but I’m sort of confused by the “more Mark Jindraks” takes. Aren’t Big E and Bianca Belair far more recent and relevant examples of what they’re looking to produce?
  15. It’s a small thing but MJF’s use of “bud” as his go-to vocative sounds off to me delivery wise (whereas Mox’s use of “dude” is some good shit)
  16. I am here for Big Bubba Drake. Or maybe Eli Hughes. Angry Amish Eli?
  17. All these year later Paparazzi Productions is one of the 3 or 4 best things TNA, Kevin Nash or Alex Shelley ever did.
  18. Wouldn't mind Walter/Sheamus. Dudes just lay it in.
  19. You can definitely sense the transition in the air. Cole out, Walter I presume out (purely my speculation but I could see a “move to the US or else” edict), Kross probably out (I mean where would he go from here?). Joe makes sense as a guy you can trust while you deal with the shifting sands. Whatever era of NXT you call this, this is probably the end of it.
  20. Great way to put it. There is like this spectrum of pro wrestling talent, and on one end of that spectrum you have Lance Storm who has note-perfect physical execution of individual moves but fails at putting coherent, emotionally-connected stories together. Then on the other end of that spectrum you have John Cena, who is awkward and unathletic and just generally janky in the physical execution of his moves, but 100% "gets it" and knows how to tell stories and connect with people in the ring. Chris Daniels being another name on the left. CM Punk another name on the right. Some are excellent all around at both of course (Danielson, Guerrero).
  21. Interesting to compare the last two nights. There’s a difference between “these legends are here because they want to work with our stars” and “step aside, kids, the legends are here and they are the stars”
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