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  1. I see value in Gargano as a tag guy. There really isn’t a veteran tag equivalent to TH2 on the babyface side to work with younger talent on Dark. Gargano and a guy like Roderick Strong if he becomes available would fit the bill there.
  2. Raw in particular is so oftentimes on the treadmill of “we have a show to do” and not strategic with its storytelling. Get through the show, get to next week, get through that show. Thus the operational treadmill of rematches and segments being done and redone over and over. Just filling the time because it has to be filled. When Vince IS strategic with his storytelling - and this is usually due to outside pressure, in this case losing the demo to AEW - he can do some good stuff. It’s fun to watch a Raw that doesn’t reek of “just get to the next show”.
  3. Bloodline/New Day at Survivor Series should be a MOTYC
  4. I have been wondering if MJF was doing the zero-effort cheap heat stuff ironically or if he wasn’t really that talented, and I think it’s clear that he really isn’t that talented. The delivery of the words out of his mouth signifies talent and gets people thinking “wow what a prospect,” but the actual nature of the promos tell me to get him off my TV. It’s the heel promo equivalent of flippy shit for the sake of doing flippy shit. It sucks.
  5. I, for one, hope it set the business back 25 years
  6. Darby turns on Sting? I love Andrade. To me he perfected and was the best example of the peak NXT main event style before it all went to shit. He’s so good at knowing when to slow it down and when to go warp speed. And similar to how it’s been a nice breath of fresh air for Malakai Black to bring that slowdown into the promotion, it’ll be good with Andrade as well IMO.
  7. Not a simple task in my opinion! Who right now in US pro wrestling has equal or more natural physical charisma than Sid? I'd say Asuka, Darby Allin, Big E, maybe a few others. You can't coach being Sid.
  8. I think Cage and Hobbs would have worked with the Fire and Ice idea we all threw around a while back. You could even run an APA deal where Taz took bribes from whoever's willing to pay for them to fuck guys up. I don't think Cage's ceiling as a singles in AEW is any higher than where he is now.
  9. He’s not WWE Big is he? Seems like he’s more or less Buddy Murphy’s size edit: well that’s a tag team I didn’t realize I wanted that would kick ass
  10. Dammit, why do the Creed brothers have to be in the wrong promotion? Because Dan Lambert managing THOSE GUYS with their Steiner Bros squash shtick are an infinitely better fit than Sky and Page in this role. As it is, I love Lambert but I’m not sure where this is going. Who is getting that heat here and how does that get resolved?
  11. Hook is trending, and I had no idea that the unwashed Twitter masses had such a developed palette for our great sport
  12. MJF’s promo definitely called for Pillman to run in fast as fuck and beat his ass Magnum TA style, rather than whatever that stand on the ramp smiling shit was.
  13. MJF’s 2021 Bubba Ray Dudley shtick really doesn’t do it for me. We are really doing “edgy insult guy” in 2021?
  14. At some point here soon they’ll have to do something with Hobbs’s #3 ranking (holy shit imagine a Miro match) and it’s gonna kick all the ass.
  15. Might I suggest dusting off the Eric Bischoff angle and putting Bivens in makeup as the preacher with the Diamond Mine leaving everyone laying, turning The Way babyface and putting some steam on the new group. "Did somebody say.......diamond?"
  16. They weren't all debuts, but closest thing I can think of is lights off -> RVD -> lights off -> Sabu -> lights off -> Lawler when Lawler debuted in ECW
  17. Oh my goodness that Creed brothers squash was so my jam. More of that please.
  18. I can’t get enough of notorious malcontent, grumpy asshole CM Punk just aww shucks having a good ole time while environmentalist, zen master, all around swell guy Bryan Danielson wants to MDK everybody
  19. If I'm AEW I'm done with big acquisitions unless a legitimate superstar like Rock, Cena, Brock or any of the horsewomen want to get involved. Otherwise I might add here and there around the edges (I have no idea what Jacob Fatu's MLW situation is, but that's a great example) while continuing to do Forbidden Door one-shot's as a way to maintain the element of surprise appearances. This doesn't include an Adam Cole like deal where a slam dunk fit (like, say, Montez Ford) just happens to free up due to corporate negligence. To use a baseball analogy, AEW is now past trolling the Rule 5 draft and waiver wire and can focus on premium free agents.
  20. So Cole's theme is a take on a theme that was a take on RATM That's a first right? It's like if Jericho's WWE theme was a ripoff of the Evenflow ripoff. Or if DDP's WWE theme (Really, Really) Smelled Like Teen Spirit I can't think of another second derivative theme (but it's probably so obvious I'm just blanking)
  21. Is Bryan’s 5 months the shortest time between main eventing Wrestlemania and appearing for another promotion?
  22. I don’t usually do all of the Extended Universe stuff but I just watched the entire media scrum and can’t recommend it enough. It’s infectious to see so many people so obviously happy.
  23. So on one hand I see the risk of last night’s booking resulting in Adam Cole maxing out at the Scott Hall or Tully Blanchard of AEW. There are a lot of similarities there (“Bay Bay” = “survey time”, Tully’s stooging), even if Cole isn’t the in ring worker Tully in particular was. But then again, maybe Scott Hall IS the best possible version of Adam Cole character-wise? And there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Like I’d rather have him stooging around and interacting with the crowd along with 15 minute matches than the 40 minute nonsense he was doing In NXT
  24. I can’t put any sort of best PPV list in specific order or whatever, but i mean my definition of an S Tier PPV is one where I have that buzz several hours later and can’t sleep while constantly refreshing Twitter and DVDVR at 2am. This was the first time I’d had that happen since WM30. Now all I really want is for Danielson to slum it on Dark against Angelico and all those guys to give me that much needed Finlay on WCWSN energy
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