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  1. I’m out on the Codyverse. Coach TK my man, I get this is supposed to be some sort of meta high art thing where I, as the mark, get mad at Cody (the dude? The character?) because he continues to play babyface regardless of the reaction, because Cody is above you telling him to fix his shit creative. But, dude, you’re the boss and it isn’t working - so like, in real life, tell him to fix his shit creative.

    Its so off brand for AEW. Just stop.

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  2. Hangman is Magnum TA. I think I’ve seen that comparison once or twice but I’ve never realized how perfect it is. I’m excited to see what Magnum winning the belt off Flair and getting a run would have look led like! 

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  3. It’s amazing how Omega and Reigns had kind of lapped the field for wrestler of the year, and then here comes Danielson like a tremendous machine to close the year with 3 months to go. And he’s had incredible matches with both those other guys! 

    I’d like to think that “let’s go!!” hulk up during one of the final strike exchanges was Bryan Danielson, babyface character, but a big part of it is Bryan Danielson, dude, being geeked out as hell that he’s doing this right now.

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  4. 34 minutes ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    It certainly explains a lot about the Jags

    If he were booking the Jags I’d like to think it’d be on a laminated Waffle House menu that he holds over his mouth at gorilla 

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  5. I've always thought that following around El Hijo del Santo in The Wrestler-esk fashion would make a fascinating reality show. Legend, son of a legend, still going at 58 while doing pop up shows at

    *checks Cagematch*

    Leonardo's Nightclub in LA and Westminster, Colorado in 2021.

    Dude's career arc is just crazy to me. And now I'm thinking Coach Tony K needs to book Santo vs. Sammy for the TNT title.

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  6. I am loving all this and look forward to the joy and nostalgia I’ll have as I flip back and forth between both shows during the overrun on Friday night like I’m 10 years old again. That first Monday night TNA show with Hogan did the same thing for me, and that was terrible! Both Rampage and Smackdown are good shows and this will be awesome.

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  7. 1 hour ago, cwoy2j said:

    The best trainwreck of a match I've seen is the Nash/Steiner/Goldberg match from New Blood Rising 2000. You got the announcers talking about Goldberg having some kind of motorcycle accident and not being there. Then they talk about him being difficult to deal with. Goldberg running in and "refusing" to take the powerbomb and giving Russo the finger on the way out. Then you had Schiavone and Mark Madden talking about how Steiner and Nash had to improvise because the powerbomb was part of the "design". Then they put over Midajah for taking a powerbomb and talk about how professional Steiner was for "going up for the powerbomb." And don't forget that they did all of this after the Judy Bagwell on a Pole match, a miscarriage angle with Stacy Kiebler and Major Guns and a match where Mike Awesome pinned or submitted Lance Storm roughly 195 times but lost to Canadian Rules and Bret Hart came out after the match to endorse Storm.

    If someone was a new fan, they'd think all of that was just something I made up to be funny but nope, it was on a ppv that they charged people $30 for.

    Yes! That’s the one! That’s the summit of Vince Russo Bullshit. It’s incredible.

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  8. 5 hours ago, Craig H said:

    If this show were 75% backstage stuff and 25% whatever the fuck reality TV bullshit, then I think I could stick with this show. However, it's almost all the same reality tv bullshit that you've seen literally everywhere else.

    And the series doesn't make Cody or Brandi any more likeable, partly because of how fake as fuck the show is.

    Right. It’s so cookie cutter low-tier reality TV that I was convinced it was a Bischoff Hervey joint. Especially when Bisch himself showed up. This is right up their shitty run of the mill alley.

  9. 1 hour ago, Craig H said:

    Laughed my ass off at Cody asking if Arn was going to shoot him and Arn slapping Cody. The rest of that vignette was...not great? Cody is in the midst of having a very down year. It happens. Not everyone can put up 3, 4, or 5 WAR every year. If it were me booking this though, I'd be leading to Arn trying to break Cody to join up with Tully, MJF, and Pinnacle. Pinnacle would already be feuding with Darby. Then at some point you put Cody with Darby to get some shine back on Cody again and even have Darby slap the shit out of Cody and tell him to stop being a bitch and start fighting. 

    Cody Bellinger Rhodes

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  10. Tony Khan’s big announcements always crack me up in their lack of bigness. I guess it’s because we largely envision TK as “one of us” and maybe “above” carny promoter shit in some way, but dude totally pulls out the carny promoter bullshit from time to time. This isn’t even a criticism - it’s great. He’s a promoter after all.

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  11. Well in this particular case the Henry promo is a clear out as “well I guess I’ll win the match”

    Which reminds me of “he’s gonna TRY!” And man, someone called Best Friends + OC the mascots of AEW a few weeks ago and that’s spot on. If this were 2002 and I was making a Best Of AEW comp they’d be all over it. The heart and soul of the whole thing. 

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