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  1. Will you stop? Signed, Gorilla Monsoon
  2. Bayley needs new ring-gear to go with her angry persona.
  3. Those last two panels, with Pete sitting on the side of the bed? Ouch.
  4. I can live with that. It's no worse than following a team simply because I happen to live in the same town.
  5. I want a couple of new teams to follow this season. I am considering the Rams and Chargers. Will I regret this choice?
  6. Now all you're doing by talking about THE WITCH is reminding me that we don't seem to be ever getting AT-J as freaking ILYANA RASPUTIN, and I am sad sad sad.
  7. Ric and the Ref booth "Wooooo'ing"?
  8. Can we do a crowdfund and get Mick's teeth fixed? There's "trademark look", and then there's "I can't look at the guy anymore". Those teeth have X-Pac heat with me.
  9. @RIPPA mentioned in another thread that those two shows have been taken down, but we don't know exactly why.
  10. I can't find The War To Settle The Score (or The Brawl). Have they been taken down already? I am trying to behave and not have to elsewhere for this stuff. . .
  11. Does Vince own the whole SMW library? I just don't understand why they don’t put out more of it. Does Cornette have some kind of say?
  12. This episode of PTW with Rude, Piper, and Heenan is well worth the 30 min.
  13. This week’s ep is a big step up from last week’s, which basically had the unexpectedly decent Ohno main and nothing else. This time we get the excellent tag main, a nice Devlin match, and some good setup for feuds with Nox and with the British Rules match next week. (I loved the hype segment with Regal, Brookside, and Nigel.) Happy to see that the crowd is responding properly to the Imperium. These days, it’s no guarantee!
  14. Where is this? I would be interested in reading it. (and if you tell me it's Whedon's Astonishing, then I obviously need to re-read since I appear to have forgotten it)
  15. Supergirl, Book 2 Peter David I don't know yet how the rest of the series will be. But 20 issues in, this is everything I could want in a comic book. Alternately funny and dark. Well developed heroes and supporting cast. People who respond and react like human beings. Great fight scenes. A connection to wider DC continuity without having to be there all the time. Surprises. God. Angels. Demons. Mysteries. Emotions. Realistic family and relationship issues. Racial and sexual diversity without it being a thing (looking at YOU, America Chavez solo series). Terrific artwork - heck, even some Greg Land before he learned he could just trace Victoria's Secret models. Damn, this is good comics.
  16. I can hear it in Evans's voice. I might be tearing up already. . .
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