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  1. Is the Dallas show going to end up on their YT channel?
  2. Can you imagine saying that about a divas match 10 years ago? Even 5 years ago?
  3. I knew Bayley was going to have to cheat, as dominant as Charlotte was. I was expecting her to do something to get DQ'd, perhaps. But this works. It's cowardly and sneaky and gives Charlotte something to hollar about for a few TV eps.
  4. I have only watched Charlotte/Bayley so far, as I have been working tonight. But I have some time now and might watch a few matches. With the beatdown Charlotte was throwing, I am glad they did the quick cheating turnaround. I was starting to get nervous that Bayley might start earning sympathy from a crowd who were mostly booing properly. It's one of the difficulties in Charlotte working Face. She's bigger than everyone, and she immediately goes to an angry place when wrestling. That said, I do enjoy me some Charlotte beatdowns. I don't know who it was that reminded me recently that Bayley is a delusional heel, but tonight she demonstrated it beautifully. I loved how she went through all the motions in her entrance, and the crowd (apart from a few folks along the rail) were having none of it.
  5. Captain Kronos

    Hair Metal

    I have been listening all afternoon to Hair Nation on Sirius XM. It's like going back in time to high school and playing Z-Rock.
  6. Duke has a good look, which is probably why I briefly crushed on her some years ago. Is that Kairi Sane with her? I had forgotten she's so very tiny.
  7. Old thread, but the site has been crazy slow for me for a couple of days now.
  8. I seem to have developed a crush on Alexandra Paul, 27 yrs too late. Yup, I am watching Baywatch on Hulu, starting with season 3 (AP’s first season).
  9. Terry Gordy, Alabama 1982 "I take a lot of pride in what I do, and what I do is good. Because I know what I'm a-doing when I step out in that squared circle." I want to start calling everyone "Cool Breeze" now.
  10. Muraco vs Windham, Florida 1980 There is nothing about this video that is not awesome. In 5 min, they tell a whole story.
  11. So far all I have seen is that every Vader mask you purchase comes with a free Chris Cruise head inside it.
  12. Continuing to make my way through the All Nighter. Almost 2 hours in, and every match is superb. I’m really having a great time with these. Flair v Hogan at Halloween Havoc 94, in the cage, was great fun. They look like they were stiffing the hell out of each other, and the crowd was super hot. And that’s before Sherri got involved.
  13. Has there been any talk about making these ppvs available on Blu-ray? Or at least for digital purchase from iTunes, Amazon, etc?
  14. Just watched the Road to TNT first two eps. Very well done, especially the second one. That Guevara vignette made me interested in this kid and his Cody match; it felt so genuine and old school. Heck, I think he even talked about “pro wrestling”, which sounds a lot more old school than it should!
  15. I like John Cena in movies. I like Peter Capaldi in movies. *ducks behind couch* I am kind of over Nathan Fillion.
  16. I've only seen the trailer, but it does look delightfully messed up.
  17. Cornette also really liked the Toni Storm match. But my favorite description from his review was "a guy who looks like a potato with arms and legs". I believe he was referring to Dave Mastiff.
  18. I am not familiar. I will keep it in mind, thanks!
  19. It was Keaton's greatest performance and probably would have won any other year, but he was unlucky. Redmayne's performance was just downright brilliant.
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