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  1. Flo rida is confirmed John cena will induct.
  2. WM @ Fenway featuring Kurt Angle doing a moonsault off the green monster.
  3. He was very well protected up to Survivor Series, but it's a time-honored tradition for the MITB winner to job to everyone. It probably means his cash-in moment is officially planned. This is to get him ready for all his future losses as champ in pretty much every multi man and non title match he will be in and dq wins and authority assisted wins otherwise. I'm 100% sure he will be a title less face before the end of 2015.
  4. IRS is getting his face ready for the wwe films remake of maniac cop.
  5. Really? I was there and the match sucked all kinds of dick live. It went on far too long and Rodman was clearly In No Condition To Perform. I was too naive at the time to realize rodmans drunkeness but I do remember hulk wrestling what felt like at the time 90% of the match and making it at least a watchable spectacle
  6. At the very least Punk brought to light that the WWE has been doing what we know all wrestling companies have always done. Telling guys with serious injuries to man up and keep on going. Because if you don't well unless you're someone the boss like (IE. Reigns), there's no guarantee that you'll have your spot when you come back. Bret tells the story in his book when Dino Bravo shoved him off the ring and he hit the guardrails at the Boston Garden chest first and he broke his damn sternum and bruised his heart. He was back on the road I think in ten days because "well, there's no guarentee your spot will be here if you're out for say a month or two". Above all else that's the good that's come out of this punk thing. Maybe now guys won't have to fear wrestling with serious injuries just so they can keep their position. Nothing will change.
  7. Please don't quote that Stephanie pic anymore I'm gonna have nightmares. Whether it's the Botox or that she takes bad pictures or whatever that one in particular screams butter face.
  8. Yeah..every damn time. It's a fucking tour de force in acting, but goddam is it sobering and sad. Especially considering the travesty he just participated in in Russia. I said this on Facebook, the more I hear about Mickey, the more I feel he's like his chihuahua-carrying yellow gangster character in Once Upon A Time In Mexico in real life than any other character he's played... well, ever. If you didn't hear about it: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/574466/20141201/mickey-rourke-boxing-russia-fixed-elliot-seymour.htm#.VHyXLTHF8fY Has he been blacklisted from Hollywood again or something? Time is a flat circle He just wants his bird.
  9. He's not a one trick pony.He has many tricks and a great imagination. Doesn't make him a great director.Just makes him stand out amongst the terrible ones which their are alot of.
  10. The Daymon thing was killing me. Anyone else notice Vamp fighting with every bone in his body not to bury Morrison's entrance? He made some subtle comment like "Yea..he's so cool" in the most subdued tone of voice possible. The top of Konnan's head is starting to sink in to the bottom of his head.Really hope he doesn't still have his hopes up for one more run like he's been talking about on his show forever.
  11. I don't know about onwards but you factor in the 80's and all you can ever imagine is basically the bar fights from No Holds Barred with a bit more organization/booze/cocaine behind it. So Stan Hansen for sure..
  12. People are starting to compile the out-of-nowheres which has been great.
  13. You missed his promo in NY from a month or so ago when he came out and referenced Sinatra and Frank White(Notorious Big).
  14. What Jarrett failed to do was load his flimsy ones with ten pounds of cocai....flour/powder like new jack did imo
  15. Who the fuck wants something signed by Raven? Wrestling fans that happen to stop at that gas station?
  16. Am I the only one who thinks that looks like Tony Schiavone? I'm getting more of an Edward Norton.
  17. Tensai failed the second he took the mask off and every casual fan realized he was just Prince Albert with a tire track painted over his face.
  18. Triple H. I am not a moves guy at all but his offense has always been noticeably bland to me.Till he added Arn's spinebuster to his repetoire I cannot tell you one unique thing he did besides the pedigree and his terrible knee offense. Some may say that's makes him greater for getting by on nothing but I think alot of that was the people he had to work with like Michaels/Taker/Foley, the attitude era and actually being good on the mic which i'll give him even though he never sold me on anything he did plenty of others. Runner-up goes to Tommy Dreamer.
  19. Didn't see the whole show so I was wondering. Was their a reason or match that caused Angle to replace MVP?
  20. Still epic. Last time I heard a "mashup" theme for a team it always consisted of just cutting back and fourth from one guy's song to the other's every 10-15 seconds. Have they actually started mixing them together proper?
  21. WHAT ABOUT ME! WHAT ABOUT ALVAREZ! "How 10 wrestlers getting axed killed Bryan Alvarez's bday" Foreword by Vince Russo.
  22. When DVDVR was down, I hit up another board for Raw results/recaps and was amazed at the level of "Oh sure, WWE, keep on pushing John Cena when there's amazing wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler!" and "WWE is the worst, TNA is so much better, I love Mr. Anderson" stuff still out there. I thought a lot of that thinking had disappeared but it turns out DVDVR is just a superior board. A great point but their always gonna be the occasional Phantom Lord roaming around to remind us the mindset spawned back from the days of "OMG BENOIT is the greatest ever Triple H uhhhh Sucks uhhhh" still exists.
  23. I think he's been pretty great but MVP taking back to mic mid-sentence from him to plant the seeds for the group's end ONE WEEK AFTER IT WAS FORMED was bullshit to watch. I would had rather listened to King continue explaining how the group wasn't just put together over night instead of MVP spending more time squeezing in more outdated money power and respect song references.
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