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  1. Speaking of Golden Corral. Cracker Barrell is also terrible too. Always made me wonder about the food in Canada when people like Lance Storm and Jericho were always raving about how great CB is.
  2. They've shown a handful of Shaws already that are subtitle only. One of the Sentimental Swordsmen for sure and some other Wuxia films that never got dubbed. Didn't Miramax only have the rights 50 SB movies or was that just a rumor? Feels like El Rey is working directly with IVL since you never get any of the Dragon Dynasty/Miramax credits slapped on to the films and they've shown at least a hundred different SB movies. Btw Hi Neil, I remember you from the City on Fire mb but I have no idea what I use to post under just that I was the guy who ran "This is Gil too..." off with the stuff about using the term Wirefu if you remember that.
  3. These guys fall under the current criteria. 1. Did they spend enough time in Wwe to warrant HOF? No 2. Did they do enough outside of Wwe to warrant HOF? Yes 3. Are they alive? Yes Three, in and of itself can be enough but one of the others will clinch it. Most happy these guys are old enough that the only ridiculous fantasy booking related to this will be who inducts them and not matches thank god unless you want to see kids freak out when Robert's eye starts moving in a different direction then the other one which would be pretty great.
  4. The G as the handle of the mug would have actually been pretty clever had they actually made it look like it was the handle.
  5. The alternating Thursday blocks of LKL classics and then Chang Cheh will never get old for me but I would be happy if they spiced it up a bit more. SB had some great horror movies they could be showing on Friday's like Human Lanterns, Boxer's Omen, and Black Magic 1&2 just to name a few. Also the fact that John Woo classics like Hard Boiled, The Killer and A Better Tomorrow 1&2 and City on Fire have not played on this channel is hard to believe.
  6. Only thing I remember from XFL is the aforementioned HEHATEME and a guy who kicked field goals with no shoe on. People are always trying to figure out Vince but I think reality vs. perception is a whole lot different then the way people imagine or fantasize about his personality. Although I will say with all the weird stuff out there to glean from his personality that story I heard from some ex writer on a podcast about Vince spending an entire creative meeting explaining why Wild Hogs is one of the greatest movies ever is the scariest one of all.
  7. So Corbin eliminates Cena to make their Mania match and Bray wins to set up his match with Orton at Mania? Rest of the guys are in the usual IC ladder match?
  8. They could have called him anything and WWE would have fucked it up anyways because the booking wouldn't have changed. The fact that his name was always going to be some stupid pun like Titan or TBS should have been a good indicator of that.
  9. While we're throwing complete horse crap against the wall let me take a stab. Brock born same year as Mark Henry and does World's strongest man and beats him every time. Then what happens to Mark Henry??????UFC????PRIDE?????NJPW????XFL?????
  10. I really am just baffled by Brock/Goldberg. I mean Brock comes in and kills people and then Goldberg comes in and treats him like Braun did Enzo. I was expecting Goldberg to hit a pose next and all the guys just fly out of the ring from the sheer magnitude of his power.
  11. So many people I had no clue were actual doctors in real life posting in here... Fwiw I remember Lawler's heart attack and how the next day he was posting a picture online of himself at a Burger King eating a whopper. Doesn't mean he should be wrestling on TV again and what proof do we have Kurt Angle is clean and in a better place? Are we actually believing anything a wrestler will tell us now?
  12. Suplex City versus Finisher kick out city here we come.
  13. Wasn't a fan of "Big Mike" but Elgin's new gimmick might be worse.
  14. While Macho Man was taking steph to Jr. Prom a young Raven was out behind the building teaching Shane how to get high. Neither of these were a good idea.
  15. The LAW has thee worst call-ins ever and most of them are regulars. I seriously would be suprised if someone didn't call in thinking that Demolition were gonna return before New Day broke their record to stop them from doing so. Also Vince spent over a hundred million trying to make Linda a politician the last time around so if he really gave 7 this time then it was a bargain in comparison.
  16. They've used that song for a million things involving power. More people should be offended by that water scene where the black power ranger gets mad that the Asian guy gets to be the power ranger in a black suit. *shakes head*
  17. I read this as 100% pure sarcasm and I know i'm not the only one. HoF is a big whatever for me just as long as they keep him out of the ring, don't let him become an agent and if by some wild chance he doesn't know the performance center exists they pretend it doesn't.
  18. I recall in a Dudley Boys shoot , Bubba mentioning how they use to joke around about how eventually Paul E was probably going to ask Dreamer to let someone shoot him for an angle and Bubba does this great impression of Paul saying "Are you willing to take a bullet for ECW". Vince's car blowing up was at least absurdly over the top. Flair pretending to die on Nitro was complete garbage though. If you write for wrestling and can't find a way to be creative without killing the people your writing for you suck at your job.
  19. Can't wait till we all start fantasy booking Joe's first mania match for next year. Maybe Kassius Ohno will challenge the undertaker.
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