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  1. Are you watching this on 2x or something? Sammy’s whole deal played out over the first episode not sure how you missed it. Jericho did an interview on TV explaining how he scouted P&P for the group. Otherwise I’ll agree on every match not having to be some epic 20+ minute battle. The moves thing I also agree on but I think your just going to have to get use to it at this point. I think eventually we’ll get more interviews and such but this company knew it was going to be under a microscope and is trying to avoid any misfires or anything for people to jump on so they are not taking as many chances YET.
  2. I miss the spot where a dude gets up in the corner and just punches the guy ten times while the crowd counts along. Simple yet effective, the last person I remember doing it regularly was Booker T.
  3. I don’t think he had a ton of fans to begin with and for a lot, the racist stuff was just what they needed to fly their I hate hogan flag at every chance. Some of these same people still push the whole Heenan never liked Hogan bullshit after being worked on commentary by The Brain their whole lives.
  4. I see what you mean now. Shit is just getting confusing.
  5. Wwe had to deal with ACH at some point though.Mercury and Whitmer are done with ROH and the sooner they stop talking about this the sooner it can just go away for ROH so the only option they have is to never shut up about it.
  6. Nah the dude was punching Punk in the back over and over. Look closer it’s the little bald twat behind the guy that gets hit. Memory serves me correct he even went on Twitter and bragged about it after the show.
  7. Oh fuck off. Is their anything people won’t twist or spin to support their narratives/agendas nowadays? Place is turning in to Reddit.
  8. Ok you got me on this one. So almost 20 years and I’ve gotten all these answers to account for MAYBE one years worth of good shit if I’m being generous. The cutter list goes like this- 1. DDP 2. Kanyon 3. Orton He is the poster boy for riding a last name of someone that came before him that was infinitely better. If WCW worked as hard at making Erik Watts a star I’m sure after 20 years we’d be able to piece together more then just a decent year.
  9. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing.
  10. Fuck Randy Orton. Someone name me one thing Randy Orton has done that’s significant in like almost 20 years of a career now besides being able to generate a temporary mass cure for insomnia every time he appears on TV.
  11. Gonna spoiler the shit out of this photo leak. Anyone interested in the leaker’s version of the ending lmk and I’ll spoiler box that too. And no i’m not referring to the “Lucas is back” or fictitious test screening scores and changes crap being pushed around.
  12. Is the baby another Yoda as in another one of the species or the actual Yoda?
  13. “Now after we take this pic your gonna want to lay underneath that glass table over there and i’m gonna show you what really makes me Boogie Woogie”
  14. Four hours?? Holy shit. Someone send this clip to Scorsese. As for Woo, good job to the WUM’s on finding another director whose opinion is at an all time low for relevance to keep this imaginary battle going.
  15. If the Snyder cut removes all of creepy face Superman then I’d probably watch it. Otherwise having Batman’s suicidal intentions fleshed out and increasing the run time an extra hour by adding 50% more slow motion doesn’t interest me.
  16. I gave up on Scorsese once he switched to the Irish. One good movie in The Departed which was just a remake of a better movie and he just won’t give it up.
  17. He can put a ring in his backyard and wrestle with Mike Kannelis and the rest of the guys who just signed multi year deals who are bound to repeat this trying to give your notice on Twitter trend.
  18. Sting rules. Also the fact he still hasn’t got rid of the soul patch cracks me up.
  19. The entrance and attire is cool but then he’s in the ring with crappy jeans no shirt and badly thinning hair it just looks terrible.
  20. Perhaps this was an attempt to babyface turn an airplane full of wrestlers to the internet fans. Worked for me and screw Rollins past this company cannot stfu about some form of social media so much I cringe when I see it used in the same manner AT ALL in any kind of other media so just to try and tell anyone anything about it is like fuck off.
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