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  1. https://locusmag.com/2021/04/john-pelan-1957-2021/ Had no clue until I saw this posted at another place earlier
  2. I'm tempted to back it. But I know I would just open the figure. Then be mad I spent 24 bucks plus shipping on a figure that I opened.
  3. It is rare but the second shot has hit a few people hard. Both my parents got theirs with just feeling a little stuffy and their arm was sore. My girlfriend got her's and felt like she had a major head cold for 2 days. Me I got it and had 48 hours where I was sweating even thought it was 40s. Hurt all over and head was stuffed up.
  4. That is the footage I gave Ted Sr a copy of .... 5 years ago. He had never seen it. Found out months later thru Brett that Ted watched it and was showing everybody in the family the footage.
  5. Haven't seen the main yet. Just finished the tag with Midnight Heat and shit I never caught the other teams name.
  6. Midnight Heat feel like a pile of the local deep south teams made up of two 10+ year vets. The kind of team you see driving around in a t-top firebird blasting some Crue or Dokken. And man Howdy Price is great. He finally joined twitter recently and is a blast to follow. Hoping we can score a interview with him soon.
  7. Not from 2021,both are from 2016. But here is two matches with Kiera Hogan va Priscilla Kelly. Both from North Alabama lucha events. Was wrong the second here happened in Dalton GA.
  8. I enjoyed it more than the first Suicide Squad movie. Seems the Asylum made a cinematic universe out of their Avengers Grimm franchise. They did 2 Avengers Grimm films and Sinister Squad.
  9. And it works. My mother in law bought me a copy of Asylum's "Sinister Squad" for Xmas. THinking it was Suicide Squad.
  10. The tag match is from January. The singles match is from last year in October.
  11. Heather Monroe had a decent match against BIllie Starkz at the Tony Deppen hosted event on IWTV yesterday. She is officially living in Orlando now.
  12. Maggot Ass looking a bit evil on the back porch the other night. She was eyeballing me cause I had a bag of chips and after getting a few the other week she now knows the sound of a chip bag and will wake up out of a dead sleep and come running if she hears a chip bag.
  13. Yea had that happen to me. Seems unless someone can see my chest length goatee they had no clue it is me.
  14. And here in rural central MS it is rough. Once the restrictions were dropped at most 30% of the people are masking up. It's become second nature now for me once I turn my car off to mask up before I get out of the car. Gonna keep doing it. This past winter was the first one in 20+ years where I didn't have a nasty head cold every other week. I ended up with one the tail end of March. And that was more triggered by the weather and tempature going from nice to cold to nice again in a span of a few days. Plus now I got like 20 bandanas that I match up with what I'm wearing.
  15. Well with Katie Forbes she was discovered in a strip club. Hear rumors that Mean Gene use to pay for her to fly out and keep him company years ago. Wildkat ,Luke Hawx's fed in NOLA, trained Katie Forbes and Amiya Jade. Hyped the hell out of both of them. Then in her first match Katie botched everything. From what I can remember Katie only had 4 matches in Wildkat,before they just killed the women's division. Sometime after this is when Katie met RVD. Amiya Jade ended up working a bit for a few LA/TX feds. But I think she retired 3 years ago. We had footage of Katie's first match in Wildkat and it was so bad that we were paid to never upload it.
  16. Hit up the good comic shop north of me. The cheap bins hadn;t been restocked since I was there 5 weeks ago. So checked the cheap/clearence TPB shelf. Got for 7 bucks each The One-Rick Veitch King Hell printing Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book vol 1
  17. I forgot Katie Botchtastic Forbes worked a few matches in ROH. Blows my mind that she has never gotten better. Hell she has gotten worse since her start in Wildkat.
  18. Will Allday has been busy in TX wrestling. Between ROW and a few other feds in TX he is booked up for a bit.
  19. Yea I had to explain it to my parents. But then neither of them watched any sports in their life.
  20. Got my first dose a bit over a week ago. In MS if you are under 65 it is hard to get it now. Looked at all the things that might let me get it now,and the only one that I thought might work is "If you are a heavy smoker." They never said heavy smoker of what... So on my way to get it stopped at a local store grabbed a cheap pack of smokes and a lighter and tossed them into my shirt pocket. After getting it,got Moderma,I felt like shit for 4 days. Was describing the symptons I had to my girlfriend. "That sounds like a low grade version of the flu". Since I have never had the flu I had no clue. Going on April 14th to get dose two.
  21. Memphis wrestling is back on TV and they got DERRICK KING!
  22. Yea the first thing I asked Dustin Starr when we interviewed him before CWF Memphis started was "Do yall have Derrick King". And he of course said yes. They also got Precious but I doubt most people outside TN/MS know who Precious is.
  23. 10.TIE Christian Cassanova/Daniel Garcia-Cassanova is now in WWE land. Him and Garcia just had a great match at the last big Limitless Show. 09.Johnny Swinger-Impact He is the main reason I don't miss Impact each week. 08.Vladimir Koloff-Indies all over the deep south,No not the old dude. This guy was trained by Alabama Doink,don't hold that against him. And is one of the best in the deep south in the ring and on the mic. 07.Derrick King-CWF Memphis The best guy they have on the current Memphis TV wrestling. 06.Dirty Doug Wyzer-Limitless Wrestling How can I not love a dirty hobo that wrestles in a modified Ultimo Guerrero mask? 05.Bu Ku Dao-MLW Been singing Dao's praises since 2012 when I saw him in Powerslam and Wildkat. Love that he is on nationwide tv and they didn't make him change his name. 04.Rey Fury-Indies all over the south,Yea I know Rey is kinda unknown outside the deep south. Look him up on Youtube. 03.Jon Gresham-ROH The best thing in ROH this past year. 02-Danny Limelight-CWFH and AEW Dark/Elevation Solo or in a tag team Danny is just a blast to watch. 01-Nick Stapp-CAPW and Limitless Just had an amazing match on last weeks Limitless
  24. Nice that Impact's PPV buys are up. Sucks it is when their tv numbers are at their lowest.
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