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  1. They are doing super super deep discounts. Especially a place like Seibu Dome which isn't near anything really.
  2. Owned by G+ is the issue.
  3. Sign up to Wrestle Universe. https://www.ddtpro.com/universe/ They had the English feed as well. And yes the show was great. The last 4 matches in particular. Muta match started slow but was fantastic after the first 10 or so. Fujita-Sugiura was the match of the night.
  4. The performance matches are going to be promos/talk segments and a sprinkle of those joshi retirement stuff with people wearing their gear/makeup.
  5. It's just the once to promote the movie release on DVD.
  6. Loved the doing the bodyslams over and over
  7. Imagine the pop the Rock would have gotten if he was saving Daniel Bryan
  8. Does anyone have a list of the NJPW 80's in chronological order, want to start watching them all on the NJPW World network.
  9. Kenny Omega is so super safe with her, it's a testament to him as a worker how he gets it all over on so little. I wouldn't be shocked if the turnbuckle run was all the kid and looked 10000 times worse than it was.
  10. That Hydra career ending match was so awesome at the time.
  11. Tyson Kidd is awesome in this role. It's the perfect B/C show storyline for him. I don't know if it would translate to the main roster well enough, but it works perfect in this setting.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2gvEHgdONw
  13. I've been watching SNME on the network and I can't believe people gave Hogan so much shit. He tries so hard on these shows and has constant movement through the entire match. For a guy his size he does a lot more than most would.
  14. Just let people ask, brings up more memories and talking points.
  15. I liked super heel V. Every time she seemed defeated, turn and get more heat. On TV that's a hard thing to do without starting to get people rooting for you.
  16. The last scene was done perfectly.
  17. Miss Rosa's back story was soooo awesome. The whole payoff of the episode was amazing.
  18. I must say this, Hunter protected Daniel really well during the beatdown.
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