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  1. DVDVR would have lost its collective shit over a "Booker T, Unrepentant Litterer" gimmick. Just saying'
  2. I happening to be listening to a gaming podcast as I type this (Axe of the Blood God, devoted to RPG's) and they just mentioned this.
  3. "John Gator-Chomp" is too good a name to waste on a pro wrestler.
  4. Just in time for my mixed tag Survivor Series team: Lance Storm, the Hurricane (Hems), Thunder, Lightning, and Rain
  5. I thought maybe Becky had gotten a role on Dr Who. Edit: Also, who is that in the unicorn Halloween pic? I can't id any one.
  6. Now I'm really curious about what D.Z. was trying to post.
  7. Man, the wife and i like The Good Doctor, but Richard Schiff's character somehow managing to have brain surgery without any visible sign of the incision or bandaging is driving us both nuts. They could have at least shaved one side of his head. That said, I'm enjoying the show. Gonna have to go out and buy the season one box set soon and watch it too. Freddie Highmore's performance is really good.
  8. I don't recall ever rage-playing my way through a game before, so today was a first. I hooked up one of my import PS2's and started playing the Japan-exclusive 2.5D remake of Adventure Island. It's a cutesy platformer. What could go wrong? Lots apparently. You have to eat a steady supply of fruit or your dude starves to death and dies, and.... my life meter drained so quickly that I was dying repeatedly in the first 60-90 secs. What. Da. Hale? I was coming unglued at the game after about 10 min of gameplay. Fortunately, I have plenty of other import options to play. I'll come back to Adventure island. Really, that Hudson Selection series is pretty damn great. Anyone with an interest in import retro gaming should check it out. It was a short-lived series of Hudson remakes of classic Hudson titles released for PS2 and GameCube. There's a fun remake of Star Soldier that may be the best shmup on the GameCube, a pretty ingenious 3D remake of Lode Runner called Cubic Lode Runner, and a 2.5 remake of Bonk's Adventure that I really like. Got a few new PS2 imports arriving in today's mail. A couple fighters (there were a lot of good fighting games re-released for the PS2 in the waning days of the console. A Last Blade compilation. Sure). Also getting the obscure namCollection - Namco import compilation featuring enhanced ports of a couple Namco PS1 titles - Ace Combat 2, Mr. Driller, Klonoa, and a couple others. Bought it mostly because of Klonoa (also because it's rare and obscure). Finally started playing Sonic platformers on the Genesis. Choice. Can't believe i waited so long to check those out. Our entire household has also become addicted to Parappa the Rapper.
  9. Watched Hotel Artemis late last night. I think.... it was 95 min long. I have no opinion one way or the other beyond that. It was very bland for a crime drama.
  10. Don't kid yourself. That's the theme every month.
  11. Nah, if it was vintage WCW, Chuckie and Rick Steiner would have had a match.
  12. Hogan's shit-eating grin at the end still cracks me up.
  13. The New Day-as-Brood dealie last night was actually funny.
  14. Fair point. I kinda forgot he's a jr. and even the Bucks are considered heavyweights. Still, the only guys in that pic I consider true heavyweights are Cody and Jericho. Omega is billed around 229, and that seems like it could be a tad generous. I did'nt really expect Marty to look shrimpy next to the Jackson brothers.
  15. They should have introduced Jericho for the match as "Buck and a Half". Missed opportunity. Also, is it just me or does Marty look tiny and skinny next to the rest of them?
  16. Lol, you seem a bit angry. Maybe Jinder can meditate with you for 30 min to work on that.
  17. PS1 was great for puzzler's. I would probably have picked No One Can Stop Mr. Domino or Devil Dice, though.
  18. Watched the DVD version last night and loved it. I had really low expectations coming in. Generally kind of "meh-ish" about DC animated movies and I've really disliked the last three DC animated shows I've watched (the Batman/Joker anime dealie, Superman/Doomsday, and the Ray). Thought Ray was really weak, and - like Constantine - the DVD is basically a compilation of the web series that aired on CW Seed. All that said, holy shit. Really enjoyed Constantine. Some of the imagery was nightmarish. Never expected to see some of those things animated for a DC cartoon. For that matter, I would have laughed if you told me three years ago that All His Engines would eventually be adapted as a DC animated movie. I'm a big fan of Mike Carey's, but All His Engines is mostly noteworthy for how far it pushes the envelope. There's some grotesque, nasty stuff in those pages. It's probably one of the least adaptable stories in the DC universe, but, yeah, they not only adapted it, they did a decent job of it. Not sure how I feel about the movie co-mingling so many Hellblazer stories into one (Mike Carey's gn, the original Delano run, Paul Jenkins much later run which revisted the Newcastle incident). I think I dug the movie a little more when it was a somewhat straight-up adaption of the Carey material. Throwing Nergal into the mix seemed like a needless change. Was legit thrilled to see JM DeMatteis' name in the credits. He's one of my favorite comic writers and basically my favorite writer up his funny/not funny JL run.
  19. I liked Master Race, but I felt like it was kinda lightweight compared to the other Dark Knight Returns stories. It was a fast read for me, and not much stayed with me. To me, it reads more like an Elseworlds book than a followup to DK2. I'd rank DKR2 above it myself, though I probably enjoyed Master Race more, if that makes any sense.
  20. Realized last night I've become a Sega whore. A year ago, if you had told me I'd prefer Sega consoles to Nintendo or Sony, I'd have laughed. But the Genesis holds up for me better than the SNES - yes, even the platformers - and the Saturn is probably my favorite retro console. It helps that I prefer 2D over 3D for platformers, fighters, and shmups.
  21. Cagematch says they've appeared on SDL five times + the kickoff show for Extreme Rules 2018.
  22. The female GM not being on the go-home show for the first women's PPV was mind-boggling to me. Honestly, the thing I hate most about Smackdown right now is the Bar being saddled with Big Show. Considering how many angles are being booked badly and how many guys aren't being used, that's quite an accomplishment. WWE has managed to finally squash Rusev Day. i have no interest in seeing any of those three on tv going forward. And I won't be too surprised if Aiden is literally never on my tv again. Poor Nak.....
  23. Really enjoying the first couple eps of Arrow with the new showrunner. Legends was fun. Doom-and-gloom Constantine and his pretentious dialogue felt like he was beamed in from a different universe (lol, the grim-and-gritty DCU proper). The first unicorn scene would have been hilarious if they hadn't given the punchline away in the trailer.
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