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  1. On 11/15/2018 at 8:30 PM, Control said:

    Wait how are these episodes “politically correct”?

    Apparently, some fans are reacting to the Rosa Parks & India episodes in a "Oh, we don't need a social justice lecture about how we used to be bad people" kind of way.  I don't have a problem with it myself - and don't have any sympathy for the people complaining - but apparently there's a contingent out there that thinks the show is too socially/politically aware this season. Guess the giant spider ep was more their speed.

    Anyone else see the report that both the showrunner and Whittaker will be leaving in 2019?  Think the website was some sort of tabloid trash-news site, so dunno if there's anything to that.

    Didn't really dig the Ker-Blam episode. 

  2. Ran a largish (around 9,000 runners total) 5 mile this race this morning.  Got outkicked down the stretch by a fat guy in a turkey costume.  Time was bad too.  Basically, I sucked, but I'm finding the race fairly motivating.

    Ok, the background.  Most every  year back in the 90's, I ran this same race and was usually in the mix with the lead pack through at least the four-mile mark.  Several years, I led at least briefly.  One year I thought I won and did a victory celebration dealie as I ran the last 100 meters - only to discover that the actual winner had led wire to wire and been out of my sight for most of the race so I forgot he was out there.  Oops.

    During the 2000's, finished 1st or second in my age group, but the past 8 years have seen a real downturn in my yearly mileage due to a chronic running injury that refused to heal and a general health problem that affected my training.  Virtually quit running several years ago and only returned to it as a fitness jogger.

    Anyway, hung around after the race with a few other guys remembering when we were fast (ie, not old).  Can't speak for them, but I'm itching to prove my competitive career isn't over.  Both the running injury and the health issue have resolved themselves, so there's no reason I can't go back to serious training.   Told my wife on the way home that my fitness goals for 2019 were going to be a fall marathon (would be my 23rd overall, though I haven't finished one since 2009) and winning my age-group at the Turkey Trot.

    Tomorrow's going to be an easy session on the stationary bike and some stretching.  I rarely stretch any more, even though i should probably focus more on stretching since I'm kinda old and have lost a lot of the flexibility I had when i was younger.

    After we eat today, I'm going to start working up my first formal training plan in over a decade (weekly mileage estimates, slow but steady mileage increases, Sunday long runs, speed work, etc.).  A couple of my friends are good masters runners (over 40), so I'll start picking their brains this week.

    Sigh.  This probably means starting some sort of weight training program.  When I was competing seriously,  I knew i should lift weights a couple days a week but didn't.  Don't feel like i can get away without doing it now that I'm pushing 50.




  3. On ‎11‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 9:11 AM, RIPPA said:


    Hopefully, she writes more books.  She's had three books published (a novel about a runner, a memoir about coming out as gay, and a non-fiction book about the death of a college runner and a look at the pressures young people - especially college athletes - are under).  She seems kinda wasted as a talking head at ESPN (or Fox, CBS, whatever).

  4. On 11/19/2018 at 11:00 PM, Johnny Sorrow said:

    I liked the evolution of Winn on Supergirl from goofy pal to agent of the DOA, but Brainiac 5 has been a huge improvement in the slot.

    LOl, I'm just the opposite.  I liked Winn in the first season when he was Kara's goofy, more-or-less platonic friend.  I really hated his slow evolution to SUPA HACKA and then to tech whiz DEO agent.  I was kinda rooting for the character (but not the actor) to fall into a pit of fire last season.

    Brainy's been an improvement, but it kinda annoys me he uses his image inducer full time even around people who know who he really is - presumably to save on the budget and the amount of time the actor has to spend in makeup.

  5. Neighbor's son was playing WWE19 last night while I was over for a visit.  Lol, while I was watching the kid play, he powerbombed his opponent off the top of cell (during a hell in the cell match) and put him through the announcer's table.

    Got a good laugh out of the announcers standing up and taking a step back, but otherwise continuing to call the match as if nothing had happened.  They completely no-sold the table destruction and the near death of a dude at their feet.  No idea if that was a glitch or what.

    Lol, it's probably the most realistic commentary ever in a WWE game.

  6. Lol, anyone want to try to sell me on PS1 pinball games?  I kinda want to add a couple pinball games to my retro games collection.  There are a couple cool Saturn pinball games I want to pick up (Devil''s Crush, Necronomicon and Devil's Crush), and the Dreamcast/PS2 gen got some good comps like the Williams Hall of Fame disc.  A lot of people seem to the Pro Pinball series for PS1, but the games look pretty bland to me and the reviews are kinda average.  Considering picking up a couple just to have something represented in my really large PS1 collection, but so far can't even talk myself into that.  

  7. 2 hours ago, AxB said:

    Fortnite has never existed in disc form. It's only ever been a downloadable game. Oh, and it's free (the Battle Royal version anyway).

    Physical copies of Fortnite don't exist?  I legit did not know that.  In fact, it never crossed my mind that something as big as Fortnite wasn't lining the shelves at Wal-Mart and EB Games.

    In related news, Holy F***, do I feel old right now.  Stay where you are.  I'm going to go get a cloud so I can shake my fist and mumble at both you and it at the same time.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Mike Campbell said:

    The same reason that book stores are having trouble. It's easier and more convenient to download.  I don't know about the PS4 or Switch, since I have the Xbox One. But, I can buy a disc and still have to wait for an installation process. And, even after doing it, the disc still needs to be inserted to pay the game. Why deal with all of that, when I can just download the whole game onto the console?

    So, for current gen games, you can bypass the physical copy altogether and just pay for a digital download?  I had no idea the marketplace had gone three, though I'm not surprised.  I kinda thought that digital downloads were basically only a thing for re-releases of older games where the publisher probably didn't want to spend a lot of money on the physical discs and packaging (I can't imagine a reissue of Conker's Bad Fur Day would sell well compared to, say, Fortnite.).

    As I've mentioned in the Games forum, I'm strictly a retro gamer.  The original Xbox is the most recent console i've bought and I'm currently mostly buying/playing/collecting the PlayStation/Saturn generation.  Not really up on current gaming trends. 

    But, yeah, if the games market is following the movie/tv market into digital downloads, I can understand why a chain store like EB is starting to struggle. 

  9. The wife and I almost always go out and run around in the middle of the night to hit the Black Friday sales.  Sometimes, we meet up with other couples.  Honestly, I kinda enjoy it.

    Walked into the local Barnes and Noble today for the first time in a while and wanted to pitch a fit.  In my absence, the store decided to reorganize.  The record and DVD section which made up the back third of the store got moved forward.  CD and DVD selection seems to have been gutted.  Vinyl section is now much larger.  I can live with that.  Back of the store is now "puzzles and games" which means a wall of those Funko Pop things, Harry Potter collectibles, Dr. Who, pop culture t-shirts, etc.  Ugh.  I also noticed more bric-a-brac on tables in the aisles and the Young Adult section - which was sizable anyway - has gotten even larger.

    Ehhh.... I'm of two minds about this.   I mean, on the one hand stores do what they need to get people in the doors and push merch out the doors, so can't fault them for that.  And it's not like B&N was only selling books anyways.  Their CD/DVD section and coffee shop say hi.  Still, as someone who has a valuable book collection (about 1,000 titles - mostly on running/swimming/triathlon/etc, lots of imports, lots of rare first edition, lots of signed books) and thinks e-readers are the work of the devil.... I WAS NOT PLEASED!

    Next, some one will tell me EB Games has shoved their game sections to the corners so they can pile Funko Pop dolls and Hot Topic tees in the middle of the store.  Wait... wha....

    (Actually, I can understand why book stores can't make a go of it just selling books these days,  I'm a lot more mystified as to why a video game store can't make a go of it these days.)

  10. On 11/12/2018 at 8:53 PM, AxB said:

    And someone was complaining that nobody was posting in the Dr Who thread. TWD kills the main character, than unkills him and says they're making spinoff movies with him instead, then the show jumps six years into the future (thus giving away spoilers for the aforementioned TV movies. The bits where he's trying to escape and return to his family, he fails in that), makes it clear that quite a lot happened in those six years, and nobody gives a shit.


    On 11/13/2018 at 9:04 AM, AxB said:

    Yes. It's basically a new show incorporating some old characters. Judith Grimes is 11 now, and before Rick got kidnapped he got Michonne pregnant, so she's now a single mother to two kids.

    Also, that young boy who was in the Kingdom, he's been adopted by King Ezekiel and Queen Carol, and is now being played by the older brother of the kid who played him to begin with. And their older sister played Carol's daughter Sophia back in the early days.

    They also have a deaf character now. The actress who plays her seems lovely.

    Whut. Da. Hale?

    Nevermind.   This sums up my feelings when I read the episode summaries to see what they did with Rick.

    Image result for kill it with fire gif

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  11. I'm not blown away by the season, but the writing's been alright.  Didn't like the first three eps much, but have enjoyed the last three more.  I liked both the India episode and the Rosa parks ep, but can see why some people thought they were too politically correct, especially coming right on top of each other.

    I really dig Whittaker in the role.  She's been far better than I expected.  Still hate her costume.  Just put her back in the suit she wore in the premiere.  She looked great in that.

    Pretty meh about the companions.  Like Bradley Walsh's character, but that has more to do with the character being played by Bradley Walsh than anything about the character.

  12. On 11/13/2018 at 12:01 AM, Brian Fowler said:

    Mike Franseca's response to Stan Lee's death: "Who cares?"

    You can get such scintillating opinions for just $9.99)

    To be fair, that's going to be a lot of people's opinion when Franseca passes.

    Starting to enjoy the Golic and Wingo show.  Been listening to an hour or so most mornings lately.

    Get Up has actually gotten worse, imo, since they dumped Beadle.  It seems to have no identity, direction, or identity of it's own.  Utterly generic.

  13. God, I love the 32-bit era so much!  Great games and it scratches pretty much every itch I have as a collector and a player. 

    I'm going to neglect pretty much every generation through the end of 2019 and spend a helluva lot of money on CIB Saturn and PS games, with some N64 thrown it.  I kinda want to get into the Neo Geo, but the catalog doesn't excite me and there are plenty of other ways to throw my money into an expensive hole.

    Currently playing; Rayman (the original).  I love the colors and look of this game.  Kinda sad it went 3D even though I like 2 an awful lot and 3 was rather fun.


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