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  1. Creating Bad News Barrett for a video game. Does he still use the short arm clothesline setup? He's transitioned it into a simple running elbow smash, hasn't he?
  2. Several wrestlers made the really dumb move of befriending Sting. Sting was a bad friend who couldn't be trusted. Sooner or later, he'd do something to provoke you to attack him, then turn around and convince the crowds that you were really the one who turned on him. If all you wanted out of life was to continue on as a happy smiling babyface, you had to stay away from Sting,
  3. Carter/Bays shopping the How I Met Your Mother spinoff to other networks. http://www.eonline.com/news/541762/how-i-met-your-dad-being-shopped-to-other-networks-after-cbs-passed
  4. I still think that, at some point, Nakamura was replaced by an identical twin with some charisma.
  5. Clearly, it's time to introduce her to Johnny B. Badd.
  6. Minor crime. I don't think that reveal would have gone over well no matter how they did it or what the angle was. By that point, Brutus was a shell of himself and shouldn't have been that far up the card. I've always assumed the company's sole interest in him was as a foH (friend of Hogan). Agree with the basic point though. Hogan's babyface WCW run was horrid largely because the heels were never allowed to get over on him, even for the segment (the cronyism was also an issue).
  7. I don't consider it to be all that similar. I don't really think it fits Reigns either, to be honest. Does he really need much of a moveset,. Edge never had much of one late his career. My memory of most Edge matches once he got past the E&C phase and began main-eventing is: brawl, brawl, beg off, cheap heel cheating tactic, brawl, spear (That's not a knock on Edge, btw. He was almost always entertaining as a heel. I probably like his stuff more than most.)
  8. Samoan driver, maybe? Kidding aside, I think a guy like Reigns could pull off the TKO well (fireman's carry into a cutter) and no one has used that in the WWE since... Test?
  9. Haven't seen Frozen? Nope, The comment about fastest transition from flim to tv made me wonder if it didn't have something to do with that movie (that and the ice).
  10. Any reason we should take Alicia Fox "quitting" seriously? If I was going to pick 100 people in the company that might be given a Brian Pillman gimmick..... Alicia Fox probably still wouldn't make the list. Fox's post-match dealie will probably be the only thing worth remembering from this show. I already had to think a minute to remember who she lost to.
  11. I'm thinking of subscribing to the network. Is there any way to see a list of what they have available? I'm mostly interested in WCW and the territories. Haven't heard anyone mention much from the territories, and all the discussion of WCW has been about PPV's and Clashes. Have they upped much from Nitro or Saturday Night?
  12. I'm more curious about why they thought slapping the "CSI" label on the show would be a draw. That ship probably sailed a while ago.
  13. Didn't watch it yet (I'm well behind), but I did catch the last scene. I assume I should know who that character is, but I don't. Anyone want to spoilerlize the cliffhanger for me?
  14. It's some poor parenting if you let your kid pick Jeff Hardy as a role model.
  15. Same here. I have zero interest in more Peter Parker/Spider Man stories. Also, my general opinion is that Slott's run on Superior > his run on Amazing.
  16. That is Drake Younger, isn't it? WWE didn't sign him as an in-ring performer? I assumed he'd at least wrestle in NXT.
  17. First two eps of Attack on Titan have been outstanding.
  18. The Crazy Ones was doing decently, I think, but it was a disappointment by CBS standards. Wouldn't have been shocked to see it go either way. The Mentalist getting renewed was a surprise, but I assume WB offered CBS a crazy low license fee. I think I worded my post poorly. When I said, "not sure if any of those had any real shot at renewal", I was referring to the last four, not Crazy Ones. Crazy Ones did well ok ratings, apparently, but was done by high expectations and big salaries/overhead. The other four shows were assumed to be DOA or never got much of a look (Bad Teacher has aired 2 or three eps. FWBL has had maybe 5 airings. Hostages was quite obviously not going to be renewed). Mentalist still gets decent ratings, I guess. Issue was softening ratings and rising costs, so, yeah, I assume CBS got a crazy good deal and the show will be cutting budget. They already sorta did that, getting rid of two original cast members (I imagine their replacements make quite a bit less). Kinda wish the show had ended, Not a big fan of the writing. The Red John dragged out way too long and lost all momentum (as usually happens) and it seems to have lost direction since they rebooted it as an FBI procedural. Simon Baker has generally given a great performance, and I hope he keeps getting work, but I've never liked the Jane character, I've always thought Jane came off as more shallow than tortured (which is the take I think we were supposed to get: charismatic guy hiding dark pain behind affable exterior).
  19. What is TNA's taping schedule these days, Seems like they're taping farther ahead these days. Did they stop doing live shows every other Thursday? (Haven't actually watched TNA in awhile, obviously).
  20. My feeling is that, if RF's version of events was largely accurate, we would have heard this years ago. Innocent men generally don't wait ten years before trying to explain and clear their name. Interesting read, though.
  21. SuperBrawl '94 was Flair's first ppv as booker (replacing Dusty). He had no interest in Garvin, but brought him back to fill Haye's spot in the match as a favor to Hayes (and it made sense to bring in another Freebird). Garvin worked Global after he left WCW in 1992. He retired when Global went under. He later said in an interview that he would have retired regardless. He turned 40 that year, and had earlier decided to retire when he turned 40 to become a pilot. Garvin used the stunner exactly once, in the SuperBrawl match.
  22. So.... remember about a year ago when "Triple H only wants to call up people when they have an angle or feud waiting for them"? Yeah, what happened to that. Seems like most of the call ups lately get called up without any clear idea what they're going to do with them: Emma, Xavier Woods, Rusev. Jury is still out on Paige. I don't have high hopes for Bo. His delusional heel act got over organically in NXT because they spent a lot of time trying to push him as a sincere heel. They hit a run where they brought up guys and gave them a purpose. Now they seem to just be calling up people to fill out the roster.
  23. CBS officially canceled The Crazy Ones. Also Axed Hostages, Intelligence, Bad Teacher, and Friends with Better Lives. Not sure if any of those had any real shot at renewal.
  24. Yeah, but the casting is solid. I wonder if they'll tone NCIS: NO down from the backdoor pilot. I enjoyed the two parter which introduced the New Orleans cast, but they went overboard trying to make everyone "regional". Seemingly every local character had some quirk. Forensics expert who played the keyboard to help him think. Dreadlocked female coroner who talked about crawfish and the like. Heavily NU ORLEENS accents. Parties in every other scene. It was a rather stereotypical portrayal of New Orleans.
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