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  1. 9 hours ago, BrianS81177 said:

    I'm telling you guys, one of these days you're gonna hear your doorbell ring and when you open it there's gonna be 2 big nasty samoans there who beat the shit out of you and as they leave say "Rippa says no more Seinfeld"

    Odds are high they'll be Tongans who tell people they're Samoan.

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  2. Has anyone owned one of the Nintendo 64 Funtastic series consoles?  Those were the consoles that came in various translucent colors - jungle green, grape purple, etc.  I'm assuming that, since the shells are basically clear plastic, they more or less glow in the dark when turned on and look rather cool in low lighting?  True?  I've been looking for an hour to try to find a video of one plugged in and still no luck.

    They series really doesn't appeal to me. but I have a feeling I'd like them much more if I saw one plugged in.  Any thoughts?  Wandering if I should snap one or two from eBay.

  3. Quote

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    I hate to sound like I have a stick up my butt.... but.... Dave is arguably the most influential wrestling journalist around.  Would it kill him to dress like a professional?  I'm struggling to think of a sports journalist covering any legit sport who would go to a live event looking like that,  And I've sat in the bleachers with some shifty looking baseball beat writers who dressed like they raided Capt. Lou Albano's closet (granted, they were also mostly functional alcoholics so professional dress was low on their list of priorities).

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  4. I haven't watched it yet, but I flipped by a few times last night and the giant rubber squid on the girl's back looked supremely cheesy.

    Honestly, having watched the whole season except for the NYD episode, Whittaker's performance works for me.  Almost nothing else does.  Really didn't dig the writing except a few eps in the middle, the new companions, the vibe of the show, the new enemies, etc.  Honestly, kinda preferred the Capaldi run by  fair margin and I wasn't terribly into those episodes when the y  aired. 

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  5. I like Tomlin a lot, but I feel like it might be time for him to go elsewhere.  He's been there 12 years now and the Steelers feel like they're underachieving the past few years.  Right now, Tomlin doesn't seem to be doing a great job keeping the egos in check and getting them disciplined.  With Ben winding up his career soon (and the recent whispers about no body missing him in the locker room ), maybe it's time to make a fresh start.


  6. 20 hours ago, sabremike said:

    Good news: Generalisimo Marvin has been deposed.

    Bad news: Mike Brown is still our owner so being a Bengals fan will remain hell on earth.

    Lewis recommended Hue Jackson as his replacement, so apparently the parting wasn't as amicable as the team portrayed it.  C'mon, Marvin, an NFL team employed you as head coach for 16 years straight without a playoff win.  The odds of that happening are slightly lower than the odds I'll see a unicorn this week.  Why do you hate the Bengals so to wish Hue Jackson on them?

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  7. 4 hours ago, Smelly McUgly said:

    I'm up again at midnight on the West Coast, playing video games and reading the board, so why not?

    To start 2019, two questions: 

    1. What are you playing now and how are you enjoying it?

    Christmas NiGHTS Into Dreams on the Saturn.  Really enjoying it.  The amount of bonus material and Easter eggs packed into what is basically a demo is astounding.



    What is your most anticipated gaming thing for 2019? It can be a new release, a old release that you plan to finally get your hands on, whatever. 

    Eh, I've got a bucket list of games I'm planning to spend $100-$1000 on sometime this year, but I think the things I'm looking forward to the most are: getting boxes and original manuals for the rest of my retro systems, collecting most of the hardware peripherals for the 32-bit gen consoles (Saturn, N64, PS1 mostly), and getting those same 32 bit systems hooked up to a CRT telly and doing whatever else I need o do to maximize the video quality.

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  8. So... I discovered Black Science yesterday.  Read the first two trades, liked them a lot.  I'm in for the duration.  Already bought trades 3 and 4.  Going back to the LCS tomorrow or Wed for trades 5-8.

    How's Deadly Class?  The tv series looks interesting, judging from the trailers.  Kinda assumed it was based on some graphic novel or comic series, but I didn't know till yesterday it was a Remender book.


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  9. 2 hours ago, AxB said:

    Nash called in sick to get out of wrestling The Giant on a WCW PPV, I think that was to be for a title. He said he'd had a heart attack but it was just a tummy bug. But legend has it Show was planning on using a Moonsault as his finish, in that match.

    That was Starrcade '97, and not for title  so far as I remember.  That was the "Battle of the Giants".  The Outsiders "broke" the Giant's hand, so he supposedly couldn't use the chokeslam.  Of course, that got blown off when Show did an interview and told fans he'd be bringing the chokeslam to Starrcade, so....

    Anyway, the rumor was that Nash got chest pains from some wacky meal and claimed it was a heart attack to get out of the match.  Eric Bischoff has said that the real story is that Nash got chest pains, went to the hospital, and underwent tests that showed he had suffered a heart attack.  Supposedly, the tests recorded a false positive due to a combination of indigestion and "Nash's leg day".  Eric, you had me up until you said leg day skewed the ECG.  

    Bisch also claimed Nash notified them beforehand that he couldn't make the event due to the medical test findings.  I'm fairly certain Meltzer said something different at the time, but I'm not digging to verify that.  Bischoff is both a noted liar, so Dave's probably at least somewhat more reliable.

    I vaguely recall Nash claiming heart problems to get out of a PPV match in TNA, but I don't remember the specifics, so I may be wrong about that.

  10. 2 hours ago, NikoBaltimore said:

    A couple years ago he no-showed an event and made up some story about passport issues (this was all in the US) 

    He no-showed a AIW show in Cleveland in January 2017 then claimed he was prevented from boarding the plane because of President Trump's new travel policy (?) and the fact  that he had an unpaid speeding ticket (??) and didn't have his passport (???).

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  11. 2 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

    Here is the WWE video on Top RAW moment

    8.) The Balor Club (Balor, Anderson and Gallows tagging)

    7) Bayley and Sasha Fight (the time that was supposed to be Bayley's heel turn that never happened)

    5) Ultimate Deletion

    Lol, anyone else notice that they didn't capitalize on at least three of the ten?  Balor Club got a huge reaction.... so, of course, they immediately dropped the idea.  Bayley-Sasha built to nothing and took forever to get there.  Matt Hardy's run seems like a missed opportunity.

    Some of the other stuff came to nothing, but was due to things outside the writers' control.  Future Shield reunions seem like a bad idea, considering how star-crossed they've been so far. 

  12. Rippa's a wrestling fan.  He has a lot of experience telling content providers to go to hell on a weekly basis.

    Came across a strange gaming website while I was searching the net for reviews of Tenma de Jack, an obscure PS1 platformer loosely based on Jack and the Beanstalk (the goal of the game seems to be to climb a giant beanstalk).


    Basically, it's a gamer's blog devoted to reviewing obscure games.  Really, really, really obscure games.  Like, I went through 60 entries in the PS1 section and knew a bit about maybe six games.  And I've spent a fair bit of time searching the internet for obscure retro games to add to my want list.  Basically, this is a fascinating site for people who think Hardcore Gaming 101 is too mainstream.  Many of these games are obscure even to people who dabble in obscure games.  If you're familiar with 70's Robot Anime Geppy-X or Moon: Remix RPG Adventure and think those are too mainstream, well, go outside and play.  You've spent far too much time researching games.  Get some sunlight, son!

    When you come back in, look at Lunatic Obscurity.

    Fair warning: Almost all of the games reviewed are PS2 generation or older.  Mostly older.  And virtually everything on the site is a Japan exclusive.  And my initial impression is that a lot of these games are obscure for a reason (ie, they're not good enough to get talked up by import gamers).

    Hell, the dude regularly reviews Net Yaroze games.  First time I've come across Net Yaroze reviews.



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  13. So is anyone else here really into console porn?

    Er.... i mean..... retro hardware.  Yeah, that's what I meant.

    I'm increasingly more interested in collecting hardware.  Truthfully, I'll never be hooked on playing video games.  i play some, but I get more enjoyment out of collecting retro games than I do playing them.  Playing is the least interesting side of the hobby for me.  I'm fascinated by the process of game design and I enjoy researching and obscure and little-known games.  And it turns out I'm really into the hardware.

    At the moment, I'm more willing to spend a lot on hardware - particularly if it's boxed with the original manual and inserts.  I own about 30 retro consoles (10 different systems ranging from NES to original Xbox).  For most of the systems, I own both a US and a Japanese (J-NTSC) console.  And I'm starting to pick up rare variants.  I own a couple of the limited edition metallic PS2's released in Japan, the limited edition of the white Saturn console that was only available in Japan at Christmas (in original box and packaging), the really rare Saturn with the Sonic insignia on it (a Toys R US special in Japan), a PS1 Net Yaroze development console, etc.

    Buying peripherals - light guns, PS 1 mouse, fighting sticks, the 3D Saturn controller - has become a higher priority for me that actually playing games - especially if I can find said accessory in the original box.  I have a couple of the Saturn 3D controllers around, but I bought another one this morning because it was the Japanese Nights into Dreams bundle with the original box and packaging.  

    At the moment, my main priority isn't to buy games.  It's buying a working CRT TV (or, more likely, a couple) and figuring out what I need to do to optimize the signal on the retro setup.

    I'm kinda glad my gaming interest ends with the PS2/Xbox generation.  Releasing consoles in multiple colors and lots of limited editions only really became a big thing with the PS2 and later.  I hate to think how many different PS3's and 4's I'd own if that was my thing.,

    So, yeah, console porn..... Anyone else into this?


  14. Cyborg?

    I'd probably be a lot more interested if the team seemed to be staying closer to the original group.  Shoehorning Cyborg and Crazy Jane in doesn't do a lot for me.  I'm actually more bothered by Crazy Jane than Cyborg.  Using the Morrison run as source material would probably result in a trainwreck.  If they were going to add in Cyborg, throw in someone from the Kupperberg/Lightle run.  Not much use for those IP's and they're mostly unknown/unexplored, so you can alter them for tv without drawing the ire of comic fans.

  15. 8 hours ago, Death From Above said:

    That was a lot of words that boil down to "well, that's, just, like, your opinion man" and I'm gonna let most of it slide except for my favourite of myths.

    RE: "Old games don't need patching and were bug free"

    To be clear I think this is one of the greatest games from one of the greatest eras, but man.)

    Yeah, I was in a bit of a mood this morning.  Work-related.  Sorry.  I probably should have just said I thought there were a lot of good newer games, but I still preferred old and left it at that.

    And, yeah, old games are definitely buggy.  For some reason, that annoys me less than it does with newer games.

    In other news, the mailman brought me a Japanese PSone - boxed with original manual and inserts - and a white Japanese  Sega Saturn - also boxed and with original manual and inserts.  The white Japanese (it's really a very light gray/tan, I think) is one of the Christmas models they released with NiGHTS Into Dreams.  

    I already own Japanese PS1's and Saturn's (though not these exact models), but having them boxed makes me kinda happy.

  16. 15 hours ago, Death From Above said:

    Yeah well if you think there are no good games being made anymore I really can't help you, but as long as you're having fun. As someone that has lived through basically every generation of gaming save pre-Atari, I can't really imagine what people find so great about the N64/PS1 era at this point, but clearly it has an audience.

    Yeah, no, there are plenty of good games being made these days.  There may be more good games being made these days than were made back in the 90's.  Certainly, games today will probably hold up better graphically.  It's more that there were plenty of good games made in the mid-90's or before, and I don't have to deal with a bunch of issues that will sap my enthusiasm.  

    Somewhere in the past 15 years, the industry shifted and I find some of the shifts off-putting.  I don't really want to have to subscribe to an online service in order to be able to use my console fully.  I don't like the idea that development cycles are so short that publishers release badly busted games with the idea that they can fix bugs, add modes, improve the game, etc. as the months go by.  Hand in hand with that, I don't really want to fool with multiple gigantic patches for games.

    I really hate how prevalent paying for additional content has  become.  I'm an accountant and generally pro-business, but I feel like the current status quo of the industry is to nickel-and-dime gamers for content that often should have been in the game to begin with.

    Beyond that, there's the matter of personal preference.  I'm a collector and a physical media guy so I really am not much interested in digital games and online play is a secondary concern for me.  I also think, once released, content should be available to future players so I really don't want to hear that a useful update is no longer available for my Xbox game because the game is 15 years old and Microsoft took the server offline and stopped supporting the game a decade ago.  PS2 generation had it right.  Let people host content privately in the from of downloadable files.

    I find the graphics in most games.... sterile? Charmless, maybe?  Sure, PS4 looks great, but I'll choose an attractive 2D game with hand-drawn sprites over most life-like PS4 games.  Nothing wrong with either.  Just personal preference.

    Anyway, a lot of the stuff about the current business model in gaming strikes me as tedious, not enjoyable.   I look at Street Fighter V and think " sure, I'd like to play that.  But would I enjoy it that much more than Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Saturn?  Darkstalkers 3?  Street Fighter III: Third Strike on Dreamcast or PS2?"  Probably not.

    I feel like it's mostly PR that games have gotten that much better in the past 20 years.  Sure, better graphics and advances in processing power have opened up some genres, but are fighting games that much better than they were in the mid-90's or mid-2000's?  Platformers?  Puzzle games?  Shmups?  For that matter, is PS4 God of War that much better an adventure than Ocarina of Time?  It looks nice, but I dunno that core gameplay has evolved that much.

    In the end, it's just personal preference.  Whatever you consider fun, man.  But there are an awful lot of Saturn/PS1/N64 games I'm itching to play.  I want to play Breath of the Wild and PS4 God of War too, but nowhere near as badly.

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  17. 19 hours ago, Death From Above said:

    I don't understand why people put up with Street Fighter's shit beyond the nostalgia value when some other actually still good fighting games are getting made.

    Lol, that's basically my opinion of modern gaming as a whole.  "Why the F*** would I put up with that when there's a few hundred PS1 and Saturn games I want to play?"

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