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  1. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On


    I spent the money I was thinking about spending on a PS3 (or Xbox 360) on the ridiculously expensive, fairly rare controller for Steel Battalion. For those who don't remember (it was 15 years ago), SB is a realistic mech combat game that came packaged with it's own controller. Controller consisted of two control sticks, a throttle, a set of footpads, and about 40 buttons. Unsurprisingly, it was never used with any other game. I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out. Every time i think about getting a more current game console, I remember there are several hundred games I want to play or collect on old consoles (SNES-Original Xbox, basically) and I'll probably never get around to playing Yoshi's Island or Skies of Arcadia if I buy a next gen system.
  2. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On


    Lol, the most convincing explanation I've heard for the NFL's mandatory mid-week injury reports is that they put it out there to try to head off gamblers approaching players and personnel to get insider info. That said, I feel like there's a fair difference between most pro sports leagues' nudge-nudge-wink-wink relationship with gambling, and a public endorsement of the same. None of the pro leagues are ready to marry themselves to gambling. They are, however, mostly comfortable taking gambling as their mistress. Something about getting the milk without buying the cow....
  3. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On


    If Shawn had been involved, the barber would have been complaining to Shawn about his haircut (though he recently did get a haircut more befitting a middle-aged guy).
  4. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On


    I'd be afraid Roman would break my glasses when he punched me, and I'd end up with glass in my eye. I would make for a terrible pro wrestler. I would last two days, if I was lucky. Less if a wrestler tried to irish whip me (dude, I could pull a muscle doing that!).
  5. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    Yeah, I kinda forgot vinyl is making a comeback and you can buy vinyl in a few large chain retailers. Most of y'all are younger than me. If you think the 20-somethings don't know what a flip phone is, I'll take your word for it. Still didn't find the joke funny though.
  6. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    No, because I'd believe it if a young-ish person said they'd never seen a vinyl record. Flip phones were very common until at least 2010 (first iphone came along in 2007, iirc). I still see people with flip phones (mostly older people, admittedly). I know it was supposed to be a joke, but it was a lazily written joke that's already been used a bunch of times. I haven't taken a poll, but I'd guess there's a thousand funnier flip phones jokes out there. I didn't hate the Magnum trailer, but no plans to check the show out either. The trailer made the show look very generic, imo, without the charm of the original or Tom Selleck's charisma. I think a Magnum reboot can work and there would probably be an audience for it, but I don't know that there's an audience out there clamoring for an edgier, more violent Magnum. I feel like Magnum would work best with a slightly more lighthearted approach (take the same tone as Castle, maybe?)
  7. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I thought Murphy Brown was very good. Sharp, witty writing, a great cast, plenty of political commentary to use as fodder. That said, I feel like it might be a product of it's times. I'm wondering if it would hold up if I went back and watched it now. The trailer for the reboot really turned me off. Least favorite of the trailers I've seen, by far. It doesn't help that most of the cast looks to have aged badly in the past 20+ years (of course, they're the half of the cast that is still alive, so by that yardstick, they're doing great). Joe Regalbuto and Bergen looked less well than Tyne Daly in the trailer, despite being a little younger. Not sure building a show around 3 seventy-year olds is a great idea, but, hell, it's working for Roseanne. I felt bad for Grant Shaud. He looked like they put him in a fat suit and made him up to look 20 years older for am episode of Saturday Night Live. Only trailer I've really liked so far was God Friended Me.
  8. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On


    I didn't care for it at the time, but, in retrospect, I wish his pirate character - Jean-Pierre LaFitte - had gotten over. Sure, it was goofy as anything, but so were a lot of gimmicks back then. That's basically the charm of early 90's WWF. Edit: Also that pic of Tom Lawlor at the top of the page looks like what you get when you toss Sami Zayn and Curtis Axel's DNA in a blender.
  9. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On


    PCO had a really good run in International Wrestling Syndicate in the early - mid 2000's. Y'all should watch. El Generico and Kevin Steen were working most of the same shows (both guys were just beginning to get booked in the US and weren't really names yet).
  10. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    Hmm, maybe I did watch season 2. Dunno. In any case, haven't watched the show in years. Seems like i may have watched more than 6 eps. Did season 2 end with them going to some sort of government bunker/secret research facility? That's the last thing i remember plot-wise. That Rei trailer should be burned with fire. And why is every scene in the trailer badly lit? Did his wife take the light bulbs too when she left?
  11. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On

    Cobra Kai

    The first one was ok, from what I can remember. Don't think I ever saw the others.
  12. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On


    Lol, every time this thread gets bumped, I wonder if DC hasn't come to their senses and called the whole thing off.
  13. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    .... And instead it was four pink elephants with a bong. Common mistake when you're high.
  14. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On

    Cobra Kai

    Apparently this show has some sort of appeal I don't grasp...
  15. Keep Calm, Akira Hokuto On

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I know she was on Walking Dead. If she joined the show in season 2, I've never actually seen her in an episode. I don't remember who was on the show in S1 or what they did. I remember Ric was the focal point character, Sarah Wayne Callies played Rick's wife or something. There was a weasly guy named Shane who was Rick's partner or somesuch. There may have been an old guy with a beard. I think the exotic looking black woman with the sword showed up in the finale? Honestly, I probably know she was on Walking Dead because Cohan was on the cover of a couple fitness magazines my wife left laying around for like a year, and the covers identified her as "Lauren Cohan of the Walking Dead.:"