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    I didn't feel like diving too deep into that. I assume Taz said something to set off Graves?
  2. 2018 NCAAB: MADNESS

    Wife is currently wearing a Marshall football jersey over top a white turtleneck. As soon as I decide we're not getting icy roads this morning, I'm off to the WVU fan shop to buy NCAA Tourney gear. War has been declared. Tomorrow will be ugly. Then there will be a basketball game in the evening.
  3. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    .... would have been one of the few viable ways to make an already bleak season bleaker. Seriously, I'm glad you people weren't around to fantasy book 1980's WWF. I don't really want to see Ricky Steamboat turn heel and take up a new gimmick where he literally sets babyfaces on fire. I was good with the story they told and how they wrapped it up. I felt like the narrative needed to be tighter along the way. Like TheVileOne said, they probably didn't need 13 episodes to tell the story. I would probably have been less interested in the season if they had built the season around a traditional supervillian dust-up. I'm fine with the antagonist basically being Jessica's internal angst.

    Edit: Oops.
  5. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES TALK (2018 & Beyond)

    This. Our college town has quite a few retro game stores - probably too many for an area this size. I was kinda gutted when a couple of good ones closed last year - probably put out of business by a new retro game store that - gasp - is actually organized and run intelligently. One of the closures was part of a chain, so there are still stores in the same chain within driving distance. The other one is a loss - a weird, unorganized retro game store/vhs-dvd-vinyl/pinball machines and arcade games/anime/whatever store that was run by a couple of burnt-out hippy types. Always fun to drop by and see what goofy rare stuff they had on the shelves that week. They were terrible businessmen, though. I'm kinda surprised they had an official closing complete with going out-of-business sale. KInda thought they'd just stop paying rent, clean out the store at 3 AM on a Sunday morning, and disappear. Also, I bought Taito Legends a few weeks back for the sole purpose of getting Elevator Action. Love that game. I'm so deep in PS2 games, I may never get around to PS4 games. Currently playing Pride of the Dragon Peace (never released in the US) and a cute platformer called Klonoa 2.

    I still don't know who the woman is. Google refused to help me (for that matter, not sure who the guy is? DDP. I guess?) Who's the guy in the pic at the top of the page of the teenager and his mom looking at a box of letters. It looks kinda like a young Baron Corbin. If not, I got nuthin'
  7. WrestleMania XXXIV

    American Bad Ass/Big Evil circa 2000-2003 was the only time UT was been one of my absolute favorites. Never really loved the gimmick and he was kinda spotty as a worker through the 90's. After he went back to the Deadman gimmick. I thought he was often great as a worker, but the gimmick drug it down for me. If they're going to trot him out one more time (hah, Taker will still be working WrestleMania 5 years from now), I'd prefer to see the ABA one last time. Of course, trotting out the American Bad Ass persona may just remind people WWE waited about 10 years too long to put this match together. I really need to go back and watch the WM matches with Michaels. Really dug those at the time and the build was outstanding.
  8. WrestleMania XXXIV

    Well, he has to ride something to the ring. You don't expect him to be able to walk that far, do you?

    I'll believe a New Gods movie is real when I'm in my seat murdering my cholesterol (and my colon) with awful cinema popcorn because my wife is afraid she''ll eat the tub by herself.
  10. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Would you want it to end positively? I mean, from a drama standpoint, the only way to salvage anything resembling a (mildly) happy would have been through bad writing and some completely out of left field deus ex machina twist.
  11. SmackDown Live is Viking Kronik - 3/13/18

    They could have six, if they'd built Becky or Bayley properly, and hadn't backed off Sasha after the brand split.
  12. SmackDown Live is Viking Kronik - 3/13/18

    She's been back on TV consistently after spending fall and winter in witness protection. WWE usually doesn't bother to be subtle in it's midcard booking, so I assume she's going to cash in her MitB briefcase at WrestleMania. Carmella running in after the match and cashing in on Asuka makes sense on a lot of levels. It avoids the pitfall of putting your belt on a wrestler who may go back to the other show after WM; it avoids the "Who will break the streak" problem, which is going to get problematic because after awhile fans will stop paying attention when Asuka wrestles Alicia Fox or some other jobber on tv (let's face it': Alicia Fox will not be the one to break Asuka's streak); and it sets up Asuka's next storyline. While I think it makes sense, I'll still be annoyed if they go in that direction. Not something that will drive me to watch the show.

    I hate to be a contrarian, but I don't think Winter Soldier is particularly great. I thought about going home when I saw it in the theater. I like the Bucky parts a lot. And I remember it mostly having good-great action sequences. Everything involving evil Shield is a turn-off for me. I'm fine with the concept, but the execution doesn't work for me. I thought it was largely a collection of thriller tropes. You can guess what's going to happen from the moment Fury meets with Pierce and Pierce asks him - in a significant way - if he's told anyone else. And, yep, attempt made on his life. Then of course, there's the return from the dead that's not particularly surprising, the small handful of people who fight off the entirety of Shield, and defusing the bomb replacing the computer chip with only a second or two to spare. Sigh. Just once, I want to see someone in one of these movies defuse a bomb with 31 minutes left in the countdown. I dunno. It just doesn't work for me. KInda want to rewatch it, but the Shield stuff talks me out of it. Age of Ultron has a lot of flaws, but I'd still put it above most Marvel movies.

    Don't take any pics with Big Cass. You might be disappointed.

    I don't think Roddy's chiropractor gimmick is going to get over.