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  1. Purple and gold? Just 'cause.
  2. Eh, I feel like putting Braun in the class of Undertaker or Vader is probably overestimating him. LIke Brysynner said, a lot of it may be that he's programmed against Reigns. He's going to struggle against in the WWE formula, which is generally to rocket heel monsters to the top, job them out to the ace babyface, then struggle to keep the monster over. He's getting good crowd reactions, so they've got.... something with him. He hasn't really convinced me that he's going to be a good-to-great worker or that he'll be a good promo, two things that could limit his long-term success. I feel like he's probably the best big man right now in a down period for big men. Whether or not that's enough for long-term success, I dunno. If I had to guess, I'd wager his ceiling is well below Kane or Big Show's
  3. NXT

    Wrestled in Brazil for a year+ before going to NXT.
  4. Tanahashi. Lol, Brock still owes him a job from 2006.
  5. Oops. I didn't mean to imply that he was deceased or anything. I just haven't read a book Paul Smith drew in... years? A decade or more? I need to grab one of the Golden Age collections and reread it. Loved that book when it first came out.
  6. From CBR feature on superheroes messed up by drugs or alcohol: You know you're doing some bad shit when your 5 o'clock shadow is purple. Just say no, kids.
  7. If Paige had the coke, who had the Pepsi?
  8. I'm assuming the boat smuggling the cocaine shipment was almost in the harbor.
  9. I feel like the show will be canceled before they try moving to Full Sail (I guess it's rumored that 205 will go the way of Talking Smack if ratings don't improve before the end of the year). I watch the show, but everything about the way they present and advertise it screams "this is unimportant to me.". They're not making the show itself important. It's debatable whether they've done much to make the cruiserweight division in general important (aside from maybe Neville, probably not).
  10. Yeah, Clone Wars did nothing at all for me. Finished season one of Rebels and I'm about 10 eps. into season two. Really liking it so far. Interesting mix of characters and I'm liking adding old Rex and Ahsoka to the cast. Feel like this is vastly superior to Clone Wars (and probably most other Star Wars properties, for that matter).
  11. I did get a laugh of them doing a mock demonstration of what the refs do with the cage doors, with each ref standing there looking very solemn like he was guarding the President or something.
  12. Liked Becky/Charlotte. Their attempts to build up the rest of the women's roster aren't working for me. Women's division just isn't deep enough to support two shows. Lana's ring gear is really awful looking. Is that intentional? Punjabi Prison looks like.... it will be really hard to see the action. Hopefully, they keep the belt on Jinder. I'm not that high on him, but he's been something different and an Orton run doesn't seem all that intriguing at this point. Kinda hard to see Randy jobbing to him a third time in a row, though.
  13. NFL

    Is it really that hard to hold a couple interviews for appearance's sake, then hire the guy you were going to hire all along (granted, it wastes time and money).
  14. So should Greenie's new show be called Mike and the Mechanics?
  15. Eh. I don't mind alternate unis. I do wish they'd just call two of them "home" and "away". "Association" and "Icon" is a needless, meaningless change and will be hard to remember. There will actually be five uniforms for each team. Fifth design is going to be a throwback jersey.