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  1. I have a really short attention span. Why do you think I've stuck with TNA for over a decade? I keep forgetting how much i disliked the promotion the week before.
  2. TV

    Finished up Supernatural a bit ago. I... never thought I'd type these words, but I enjoyed the show this season. I wasn't a megafan during the Kripke era and have found every season since to be average to mediocre. Last couple years, I watched the first few eps of the season, checked out, and would watch a couple eps off On Demand here and there to see if it improved. I may be gullible (I am a wrestling fan, after all) but something about the way they played the finale makes me think they're finally going to change the game up a little. Hopefully, the deaths will stick because one of the problems with this show has been a reluctance to change the status quo too much. Crowley and Cass could be fun characters, but they've been treading the same water for way too long now. I dunno. Maybe I'm too optimistic. The celestial baby plot gets a shrug from me because he's just another variation of the same plot they've been doing for six or seven years now. I'll probably look like an idiot when the season finale is the deus ex god baby fixes everything with a hand wave 10 minutes into the fall premiere. And, holy god, I wish Jared Paladecki or Jensen Ackles could act. The last 10 minutes would have played better if the Winchester brothers could convincingly convey an emotion besides consternation. That said, even though I liked the season, if there was ever a show that didn't need to run 13 seasons (and counting), it's this one.
  3. It's a little depressing to think that Rosemary and/or Allie are going to be in TNA long enough for Rosemary to turn heel again.
  4. Flair should have tried to snap his neck with a chinlock!
  5. Maybe he was out celebrating his recent successful back surgery. Or maybe not.
  6. Or how little Vince cares about what Dar does.
  7. Cagematch.net indicates he's wrestled 24 matches since being released by the WWE. He's mostly billed as "The Big Guy' in their results. He legally changed his name to "Ryback", didn't he? I assume WWE had previously copyrighted the name. Anyone know how legally changing your name affects the trademark in a situation like this?
  8. Watched the show for the first time in a while. Regretted that decision, so it may be awhile before I tune in again. I like the Bucks, but everything about that opening promo was death for me. I've said before that I liked Scurll a lot when he first turned heel in Progress and actually acted like a heel, but the Party Marty character has never interested me and this weird hybrid of Party Marty and the Villain that he's doing in the US is grating. Marty playing to the crowd as the cool heel leading nWo Part 47 is not something I need to see. Cole's never really done it for me and his promo about how he's the biggest deal out there and they stupidly threw him out came off as delusional to me. Little Big Man syndrome. Am I the only one who thinks Cole really needs to bulk up. He always looks kinda skinny to me. I was nodding off by the time they got to Cody and Kazarian, but.... did I hear right? Cody cut a promo. I think he said that the reason he didn't have the ROH World Title was because the TV network was afraid to put the belt on a guy who wouldn't sign a full-time contract. Did I catch that right? 'Cause, if I did, wow, that's terrible.
  9. Since it came up in the Omnibus thread, some early photos of Arn Anderson: Arn was the only bearded baby in the nursery, wasn't he? Also found this on the ole' hard drive. Young Matt Bourne, looking an awful lot like Eugene (Nick Dinsmore):
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure Arn ever looked "young".
  11. I enjoy Dusty on commentary, but i wouldn't necessarily say he was good. He was capable of adding something to the broadcast, but often... didn't. I'd prefer him to Booker, as far as that goes. I mostly find Otunga bland and inoffensive. He's easy to ignore. Booker is more of a distraction and tends to actively annoy me with his nonsense catch phrases and such.
  12. It was actually published a few months ago. I prefer the softcover collections. The hardcover omibuses tend to be expensive and hard to store. If I was going to display my collection on a bookshelf, I'd go with hardcovers. As it is, a trade paperback is easier to bag and store in a comic box. Also, the OOP hardcover omnibuses tend to command ridiculous prices on eBay. I would normally prefer hardcover first printings, but I'm just not serious enough about collecting.
  13. NXT

    Pro wrestling is a lot more enjoyable if you don't try to apply unnecessary concepts like logic.
  14. Is the comment about Career Day a joke? Because I can't imagine how/why you would ask a pro wrestler who calls himself "The NiggaTaker' to speak at career day. Was A Pimp Named Slickback busy that day?
  15. I'm actually using comicbookdb.com to scan through the bibliographies of writers and artists I like, and see what else i should check out, Really helpful for finding runs you'd forgotten about. I completely forgot about the Namor run (didn't read it at the time) and I have no memory of him writing Iron Man for a couple years. I really enjoyed X-Men: The Hidden Years, fwiw. I really wish I had enjoyed Byrne's run on Doom Patrol (It was dire, imo). I love Doom Patrol's characters and concept, but I've never enjoyed a Doom Patrol book (not even Morrison's run, even though I like most of Morrison's output quite a bit).