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  1. "Door is open" huh? Then somebody needs to brick that motherfucker up then.
  2. "Ronda hold the title up." That shouldn't have as funny as it was.
  3. Is it wrong to think that Roman could possibly eat a couple F5's?
  4. Bummed as all hell. Kofi should've won that.
  5. So Cena is channeling Gary Busey now.
  6. Happy New year DVDVR! To everyone in my neighborhood making sound like ww3 out there...fuck every single one of you. I'm pretty sure some of those booms are 12 gauge shots...
  7. Has Raw always had a crap load of commerical breaks?
  8. The "Fuck Yeah! Socks!" stage of life is pretty sweet. Got the wife a couple vacations to take next year SF, and Dollywood. While she got me socks, all the Witcher books, and fairly decent sized bag of Christmas oregano and other things. Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, and Happy Holidays to everyone at DVDVR.
  9. Dragon Quest 11 is fun as hell. I bought it the other day and haven't put it down yet.
  10. I might be the only one but, I want Dean's pimp coat. It'll go great with that Buick 225 I saw the other day.
  11. Yep I laughed at him calling a kid stupid. Yep I'm going to hell. Now where are my gasoline draws...
  12. Pissed/Asshole Dragon is the best Dragon. All those games of roshambo finally caught up with AJ.
  13. Thought I was gonna have to kill Black Belle but turns out I had to ice a bunch of bounty hunters. Fun times. Saved saved some mexican chick from imprisonment promptly got gunned down by like 7 or 8 other people. Not so fun. But I did manage to free her. Also there's gonna more fools winding up on the wrong end of my six shooter if they don't stop popping off at the mouth...
  14. Started at 11. Now it's 1:23 with no end in sight. What have I done???
  15. I have no self control. I swore I was gonna wait a month to get this but then I saw a clip of someone getting their head blown off at close range...and now my wallet is $60 lighter. Damn you Rockstar.
  16. Spear leukemia through the wall Rome. Get well soon. On a side note, does anyone else feel like shit for booing this dude for all these years after finding out what he's been dealing with?
  17. Cena is/wanting to make movies and working this show could hurt that. Bryan gives no fucks about rocking the boat and seems to be the conscience of WWE. I could see both not wanting to work this show.
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