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  1. Shit. I was struggling to catch Raw as is. Sure as hell won't be watching now...
  2. Who's playing on ps4? I'm gonna give the multiplayer a try this weekend
  3. Just got this and waiting on the install to finish. Not gonna read the whole thread just yet. Anything I should know before jumping in? How's the story and gameplay? And is multiplayer decent? I've never played any of the mass effect multiplayer before now.
  4. Well there's Cena giving Reigns a wet willy so that's kinda funny.
  5. https://www.fightful.com/marty-jannetty-has-been-offered-150-grand-do-porn-needs-your-help-deciding-if-he-should-do-it No words. Well some. What if he ends up in a three way with another dude and chick and winds up becoming the Marty Jannetty of porn?
  6. Well as a guy that was pre-diabetic and cholesterol that was close to danger levels, I am proud to say that since July 2016 I've lost 40 lbs(still don't know how the hell that happened) and down to 225. Cranking up that shaolin workout and stop binge eating(I'm looking at you Home Run Inn pizza) I'm feeling better. The wife has started exercising also. That whole trying to live to old age thing. I have a couple questions though. Does anybody know about Paleo? And is it true that Crossfit can mess your body up?
  7. FUCK FOOTBALL. Fuck it in its nfl shield ass. No Vaseline.
  8. Note to self. Got to catch a wrestling show in Colorado...
  9. Late playing but everything you heard about Witcher 3 is right. It's awesome. I gladly would've paid 60 bucks for this.
  10. Oh ok. Damn they still make those kinds of excuses though?
  11. Seeing all the fun you guys are having with this makes me want to wander the countryside as a redguard just for kicks...
  12. Is that remastered Skyrim worth picking up?
  13. At least y'all fan bases isn't waiting for Vick to come back and still wearing the jerseys. 9 yrs later...
  14. Thanks wwe. That was the best laugh I've had in weeks.
  15. Congrats Cubs fans. You deserved this one.
  16. Del Rio must be laying the pipe to get her to throw her career away like this.
  17. You have to keep watching. But the first episode is fine as far as pacing goes. It's basically introducing everyone to Cage and the rest of the characters. Therefore a lot of action wasn't needed. I know I'm probably screwing up how to say this but hopefully you get what I'm saying.
  18. Yes. Luke Cage is awesome. Can't really say anything else. Definitely worth a watch when you get a chance.
  19. Damn boxes. Since I don't know how to upload from mobile(or computer for that matter, how do I upload images btw?) I'll just leave this here: http://lastbreathgfx.deviantart.com/art/WWE-2K17-Custom-Cover-ft-James-Ellsworth-625627047
  20. Here's to a 9-7 Falcons season. Hell I'm optimistic. Onward to the Dome Sun.
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