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  1. Grandmother Tyrell saying she was sick of walking through the gardens was great because it seems EVERY scene involving her so far has been in said gardens.
  2. Just saw The Ultimate Legend doc, what a great piece they produced. The part with "The little engine that could" reduced me to a wreck. Its sad that hes gone but seeing him that happy and he got closure on everything makes it that bit easier to deal with.
  3. Great documentary, highlights (that have been mentioned by others) for me were- the way him and Brie come off as so natural and a great couple, Seth Rollins grinning like a cheshire cat when Bryan came back with the belts, that hug with Sheamus and the way that Bryan acts like any of us in his position would-child like giddiness and nervousness because he is living his dream. I hated the way Cena came off in this, the interaction with Bryan at the HOF was bad enough but the way he tries too hard to come off as a serious, coach type figure just annoyed the hell out of me. Edit-Not gonna lie,there was something in my eye for Pattersons comments. Great respect.
  4. Burned through the first two seasons of Parks & Rec over the last 2 weeks, had heard that it didn't pick up until the second season so I kinda coasted through the first and most of the second season but I almost gave up on it. On the home stretch of the 2nd season now and from the possum episode onwards I haven't stopped laughing, hilarious stuff and I hope the next few seasons keep it up.
  5. They need to puy those masks The Shield have started wearing on WWEShop soon.
  6. I can't remember it but my mother said I was a Warrior fan when I was really young (first wrestler memory is Flair) I had a jumper and a Warrior toy so I must have been. Anyway,my heart really sank this morning when I was flicking through the sites and saw the news. I feel sad about it but it seems he had a blast at the HOF and even though it obviously wasnt a planned send off, it was a great one. RIP
  7. Wow, what a shocker. RIP Warrior. At least he got a great send off
  8. I think it could be, as Matt D said above-he might not be satisfied with it but does he have another big match in him? I dont think he does.
  9. Was talking to a buddy of mine at work today and he reckons that the ending of the streak could be the ending of him watching wrestling. Not that he was disappointed in how it ended but he said that The undertaker and the streak were the last piece of the era we grew up with (Montreal, Austin, Attitude era etc) and that now that thats gone it could signal the end of a few of the older fans walking around away from watching it on a part time basis. Anyone agree? As much as I love The Shield, Brock, Bryan and Cesaro I can see my interest in it dwindling over the coming months, ill probably see whats going on here and there but the end of the streak and seeing Daniel Bryan, who ive followed from ROH til now, getting to have his big moment is probably the peak for me.
  10. Strange question-Was the old woman seated in the front row (on the hard camera side) a relation of Takers? It looked like Michelle McCool she was seated next to/near.
  11. Watching Taker/Brock again with fresh/non sleepy eyes and its a better match than on first viewing,it suffers a bit because the crowd aren't in to it as much as the crowds for the Punk,HBK,HHH matches were but its actually a decent match I think. Taker looked out of it after the leg sweep on the outside and looked physically drained throughout the match. Its basically a squash match with a few hope spots for Taker thrown in here and there. Crowd doesn't budge for the first F5 probably because they thought that no way Brock wins and thats what makes his victory even better. Its complete and utter shock. Heyman was gold. Cole calls Taker the "greatest performer in WM history" at the start and then calls Brock the same thing when he wins which was a nice touch. In summary I think if the crowd was hotter, this match would get better feedback but that ending wakes them the fuck up. I will never forget watching the air just get sucked out of the building. Epic.
  12. Lesnars "oh ho ho, got you fuckers didn't I?" face after he wins is priceless.
  13. If you asked me before last night I would've said I would love a Punk return and a Sting segment/announcement but with the way last night went down all I want is a Bryan celebration and a Taker respect segment anything other than that would take the shine off of last night IMO. Edit;and some crowd shenanigans of course.
  14. Ive slept on it, well kinda (was thinking about that ending for a long time) and that maybe one of the best Manias ive ever seen, I remember being disgusted at shelling out for last years event but I would've paid twice for this. HHH/Bryan was fantastic, ill have to watch it again later but right now its up there with Shield/Wyatts as MOTYC. HHH deserves enormous credit for his work last night, did everything the right way. I wish The Shield got a more important spot on the card as a unit but I guess they'll get their big moments individually down the line sometime. The masks were boss!! Liked the story of Cena/Wyatt but it was awfully executed IMO. Stephanie looked amazing last night. Taker/Brock was a very poor match, you're watching the match and you're thinking that this has to be the last one because Taker looked awful (whether that was the intention or not) and you guys are right the novelty of the Streak wore off a long time ago, peaked at WM27, but ill admit that the Punk match is one of my all time favourites. Brock winning and the reaction was surreal,the way they shocked everybody needs to be applauded, no one saw that coming. My wording of this is going to be awful but stick with me here, Brock is a great choice to end the streak because as mentioned-he'll be able to carry the "burden" it wont affect him like it might a younger/inexperienced wrestler. I mean, if Taker somehow got past Lesnar and then was booked against Cesaro/Reigns/Ambrose/ whoever next year then you would know that its gonna end, this way the shock value is there and you cant buy that, hell nothing will top that in terms of shocking IMO. Cesaro lifting Show got a legit Holy Shit from me. The main event was awesome,nothing was overbooked and all the red herrings were very well done. As a 26 year old I never thought id be hopping around my kitchen with joy because of wrestling again but my god it was awesome seeing Bryan get the big win and the big stage, from ROH to the main event of WM30. Well deserved. I can't imagine there are many moments like that left in wrestling for me and if thats the last one then WHAT A MOMENT!! MVP of the night is D Bryan without doubt, but HHH is a close second and Randy Orton deserves major props too.
  15. I know a lot of people will say the same but getting to see Bryan Danielson, the guy who I bought countless amounts of ROH dvds for just to see him on them, close out Wrestlemania 30 is fucking incredible.
  16. It seemed to me (I dunno maybe I was half asleep) that even Cole, JBL and King were shocked by the Taker loss, that they weren't told to amp up the reality of it all. Anyone else think that?
  17. I feel like a kid again, damn that was awesome!! They made us wait and think it wouldn't happen with all the nearfalls and shenanigans but what a moment when Bryan finally got the pin! I dont know what to say about Taker yet but that was some shocker.
  18. Just ordered it, really pumped for this. Cannot wait for Bryan/HHH and to see how it all plays out and also what Austin,Rock etc get up to. Did I read somewhere that Sting was being teased?
  19. That video is outstanding. Mania has to end with 75,000 people losing their shit because of D-Bryan as World champ.
  20. Dont know if any of you guys saw it but they aired a great video package for Taker/Brock on the preview show here in the UK showing how Brock has destroyed the men that took Taker to the limit (HBK,HHH) and saying that time is catching up with the Deadman. It seems too little too late, the match has suffered big time in terms of how Brock has been booked but hopefully its a show stealer like many of Takers WM matches have been
  21. Burned through the first season of Hell on Wheels at the start of the week, got through 10 eps in about 2 days- it was enjoyable, flawed in places but stuck with it because it was so damn addictive to me. Then,I started the 2nd season last night and its like a totally different show everything just seems thrown together (more than usual). Has anyone else thought this or is it just me? On a positive note Dominique McElligot (Lily Bell) is sooooo hot.
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