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  1. In a rough about-turn, and against my better judgement, I'm going to give S3 a go as it looks like it might actually emphasize plot over cerebral fuckery this time
  2. Arn's looked more impactful, but Jake's was just so much smoother and quicker and deadly looking and fit his persona to a tee
  3. I love how cynicism passes for insight these days
  4. There was a definite pervading atmosphere of melancholy. The death scene with his 'daughter' at her bedside was brutal but the bit that upset me the most was Dianne Wiest's monologue toward the end. Weird thing is, my theory of the film isn't what anyone else seems to think happened
  5. Love this. Let’s conveniently ignore his community work in Bermuda, the youth rugby team he set up there, piloting a programme to provide meals to impoverished kids in Malawi and setting up a sports facility there too for stuff that possibly happened decades ago instead
  6. Any of my UK brethren over a certain age probably remember Television X and the 10 minute preview... so hearing the Hardy Boyz music used for a porno advert one time definitely messed with my head
  7. That's all I know of it TBH. I vaguely remember Bret talking about it at one point, it was definitely 92. I've no doubt it was never going to happen and was just leverage talk though
  8. I just watched Synechdoche, New York for the first time and it has haunted me. Can't stop thinking about it.
  9. Finished Episode 1 of Kentucky Route Zero... It was very Lynchian and over before I knew it. Waiting a while before going on to Episode 2... or maybe I'll go back and play Ep 1 again as I played it purely linear and did no exploring
  10. I've never really understood which Trek happened when... I always assumed Voyager happened way after TNG but obviously not!
  11. You lot are nuts some time, of course JBL is deserving to be in the WWE HoF! company man one of the most over tag teams in the Attitude era great promo longest title reign in Smackdown history one of the big main eventers/characters of the Ruthless Aggression era (which WWE has suddenly started placing importance on) friends in high places philanthropist
  12. Not get all fantasy-booking but I'd love Shane Douglas to show up in NWA as someone's mouthpiece. He could cut a promo on how he tried to destroy the NWA when he trashed the belt but it just won't die, but THIS GUY is gonna get the job done. Fuck, you could build a whole stable around that idea
  13. Also, he beat McMahon in court which is the only real way to earn his respect
  14. Bad wrestler and worse fighter. I can get why he was the poster child of the worked shoot style (see Dean’s reply) but my god he was embarrassing in hindsight
  15. The look you don’t want to receive when you walk into a bar
  16. The miracle blade job. Still never figured it out. Tangentially, I rewatched that Race v Funk match on the NWA YouTube channel t’other night and I’ve no had how or where Funk bladed to lead into the stoppage. I kinda want to say Race hardway’d him like the pro he was
  17. Flair blading in that Fujinami match is still the most pointless bladejob I've ever seen, and that's saying something. Cheap and desperate tactic to try and inject some drama into a match no one cared for
  18. Was it Spain or Italy where Warrior came out of retirement to face Orlando Jordan? EDIT: what a fucking bizarre sentence that is...
  19. Are we talking about the Yellow Dog storyline here or something behind the scenes?
  20. I was thinking about this recently, what's the natural end or evolution of the current 'video game' style of wrestling? It can't possibly get any faster, the moves can't get any more impactful or athletic, the new generation of wrestlers have reached peak gymnast, so what's next? A reverse big bang where everyone becomes Johnny Valentine by 2040?
  21. I'd like to hear an answer to this. I don't remember Windham ever becoming 'a face' per se until this point. I suppose he kind of turned by proxy when Harley Race came out and aligned himself with Luger at GAB 91
  22. Too late/early for #terrytuesday but I suppose it could be #funkfriday instead
  23. I only watch old stuff. As long as they leave the archival stuff alone I couldn't give two hoots
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