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  1. According to Barry’s RF shoot, because New Blackjacks weren’t being used, Windham asked Vince’s blessing to get Blackjacks booked in RWTL to get an extra payday and he allowed it
  2. I can’t believe one of my all time favourite poems has been topped by Rousey
  3. First I’ve heard of this, any more info? Regarding aborted Andre angles, was he supposed to make a return to face the Natural Disasters after Earthquake put him out of action or was he just too beat up?
  4. He could sponsor @OSJ‘s darts team and weasel his way onto it...
  5. That’s legit the only time I’ve ever been entertained by Jarrett
  6. god Fourtune was so cringe. A bunch of fucking dweebs in department store suits who looked like they were going to prom with their grandad. Aces and Eights on the other hand was the last great stable IMO.
  7. Just don’t mess up a spot or you’ll get Iizuka’d
  8. No Southside Jim I am not. I’ve just been around @BEN! for too long
  9. Said it before and I’ll say it again: BB might be the ‘better’ show but BCS is the one I enjoy the most
  10. I love how THE PERIL OF KIM is all anyone cares about now
  11. So when did the fanny pack die out among wrestlers? Cause that’s, what, 99/00?
  12. Same. I vividly remember asking for it for Christmas because I figured I was getting the most bang for my buck. Strike Force v Demolition remains my favourite match from the show
  13. Far be it from me to talk about wrestling psychology, but the thing that annoyed me about Orton v Edge was how every count was a 9 count. No need as it builds no suspense for those times when a 9 count is justified Enjoyed the two unique segment/matches, they really showed what new things you can achieve and present in the context of ‘sports entertainment’, but outside of the situation we’re in I don’t know that they can work as a regular thing with live crowd. That said, I see no reason why we can’t have Sting v Taker in this context now!
  14. @jaedmc I’ll be honest, it was a struggle to not vote Barry but that would’ve mainly just been for Windham
  15. Now this is the type of conspiracy theory I can get behind: He then went on to steal the show at 7... and I guess you could argue 8 (but to me Bret v Piper has that honour)
  16. Sooo... has old man Taker ditched the spooky stuff and reverted to Big Evil or is that promo a one off?
  17. Pay dispute coming out of WM3 according to Martel's RF shoot. Can-Am's weren't getting a 50/50 split because, y'know, Martel was not only senior he was also the better worker, the bigger name and the bigger draw. Zenk, being an ingrate who didn't realise how much Martel had done for his career, got pissed about that and quit. Tito got slotted in his place.
  18. He was part of The Rat Pack there, widely identified as the first stable in wrestling
  19. In other news, Bullet Bob is still an absolute unit https://www.twitter.com/WWEArmstrong/status/1242892922263134215
  20. I don’t get to see much 205 so Bryan working Gulak has been my first real exposure to him outside of the PowerPoint stuff he used to do. Loving what I see so far
  21. I wasn’t sure about my timelines as to whether his run was aborted due to Watts being fired or he just lost faith in him. I remember it being a huge shock and mark our moment when I saw the highlights of the win on TV, but no real follow up
  22. Okay, real talk. My new fantasy match is Minnesota High School vs West Texas State in a survivor series elimination match.
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